A simple universal dock with a few neat features seeks crowd funding

Well-made and nice-looking universal docks that work with a variety of devices are hard to come by, and the folks at FUZ Designs are hoping to solve that problem with a Kickstarter campaign to make the EverDock. The goal of EverDock is to provide a single docking solution that can work with any phone or tablet by providing a basic stand that can incorporate with any cord and connector of your choice.

The dock, which is made out of solid aluminum, has a channel underneath that can accommodate any plug, including standard MicroUSB, Apple Lightning or 30-pin and other similar multi-pin proprietary connectors from other manufacturers. The EverDock also takes advantage of micro-suction technology, meaning that the dock will stick to almost any surface and let you easily remove your phones or tablets without the dock moving.

If you choose to back the project on Kickstarter, you'll have a variety of options. The cheapest way to get in will be with an "Early-bird Special" at $39 for a silver EverDock or $59 for a silver EverDock Duo (that holds two devices). Upwards from there, you'll find options for two and three packs of EverDocks and EverDock Duos in a variety of color options as well. As for timing, assuming the project is funded FUZ Designs expects to ship the EverDock by the holidays.

You can find more information and a full description of the item at the source links below.

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EverDock wants to be the one charging dock for every device you own


Dont you worry about that. If you click on the source link they show an HTC One sitting perfectly center on the dock even though you can clearly see its USB port set off center.


How is that a fail? Wireless charging is great and a cool thing to have, but a direct charge is faster and more efficient. Don't like it? Don't buy it.

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It would be a huge fail to try and make a "all device" charger and ignore wireless standards (which would require no ergonomic additions).

He didn't meant "for all your iDevices"!

According to their kickstarter page:

-- "EverDock: iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4, iPad, iPad Mini, Android Dock" --

See!!!!!, it says Android! just look after the 6 Apple products

It also comes in:
- Silver
- Space Gray (black)
- Gold
EverDock kickstarter even states they have gold colored bases, so you can match it with either your iPhone or your HTC ONE Gold versions

Keep in mind HTC owners:
- HTC ONE Gold has its match, its aluminium painted in a color not as gold looking as your U$D3000 (aprox.) real gold covered phone.
- HTC calls black, black (not Space gray, that's a marketing name apple gave to the black colored versions of their hardware)
- HTC ONE in red has no match, neither the upcoming Blue version (at least until iPhone 5C users ask for them).

Not a Android fanboy but common on, this product is designed mainly looking to attract Apple costumers, don't disguise it as an universal dock in here, in AndroidCentral, this is dock/stand for Apple products that also supports micro-USB.

It's nice and seems practical for those with phones that have charging ports at the bottom and to some extent on the side too. If it wasn't so expensive (just a piece of aluminum and micro suction cups starting at $29!!!) I'd buy one myself

Also don't be lead by the fact that their kickstarter page has their promotional pictures of the dock with an iDevice docked on 12 occasions and only 1 with an Android device.

PS: not counting the animation (2 iDevices / 1 Android)

If you had taken the time to read the details it says "byoc" bring your own cable. They also provide adapters and specifically say that it will work with the Apple lightning charger or the 30 pin charger cables. As for wireless charging, it has already been stated that it is slower and in my opinion more of a hassle than a convenience. All that said I'm all in with the EverDock combo 2 pack for 199. I think this is a great solution for anyone who has multiple devices with different types of charging ports. I had been looking at (I believe its called the idock) this charging dock which can charge up to 4 devices at once but it appears bulky and it costs the same as the EverDock would. BTW the idock does not have wireless charging either.

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Useless for Sonys flagships then because of their on the side covered by a flap ports. Seriously Sony, I don't care about waterproof that much, I just want a standard micro USB at the bottom. Damn lack of perfect phone to replace my Nexus 4...

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Useless for Sonys flagships then because of their on the side covered by a flap ports. Seriously Sony, I don't care about waterproof that much, I just want a standard micro USB at the bottom. Damn lack of perfect phone to replace my Nexus 4...

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Not here.
I just bought a wireless charging pad for my Galaxy S4, and I can use it for all the devices I own from now on.

What's the big deal here? It's just a stand you rest your phone on that has a hole to attach your charger.

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Till now all the smartphones I've got charged from the top.

TOP - Sony Ericson Xperia X8
TOP - Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700
TOP - Motorola RAZR XT910

My family got mostly side charging ports and only one from the bottom

SIDE - Sony Ericsson Live w/Walkman WT19
SIDE - Sony Xperia U
SIDE - Motorola i867 (IDEN)
TOP - Nokia Asha 302
SIDE - Nokia C3
BOTTOM - LG Optimus G 975

From the ones charging on the side, only the Sony Live WT19 has the port in the middle, all the other ones have it almost in the corner.

So not so universal after all (maybe suction cupping it up side down or side ways :p)

With all that said, I like the design a lot, specially the double one, but it's just a piece of metal plus micro-suction-cups, not worth $29 or even less $59 (and that it's just for early adopters), nowadays I wouldn't go north of $25 on a dock that doesn't supports wireless charging, as it is a feature I'm looking forward to have on my next phone, and had on the Spica with a minimal hardware mod using a cheap Palm Touchstone kit

I already have a universal dock it will take any cable you want any device you want in a plethora of colours and runs in at about 5 bucks, but it's a build it yourself (building blocks/lego) I even glued window suckers to the bottom of 6 blocks and works a charm. Who needs to pay 60 bucks? If you have a bit of imagination anything is possible & usually at a fraction of the price. I have even done docks out of tree branches but those I usually give as gifts to friends exs.

I really don't understand this.

I got a dock for my Galaxy note for about the same price. Actually less when you counted my discount from my work. It has more functionality as it includes audio out.

The Samsung Universal dock for tablets I have seen for $25 on Amazon.

There are some interesting possibilities, like taking a MHL adapter and putting that inline for video/Audio Out. But those only start to look good if a similar device and functionality wasn't already easily available, and in allot of cases it is.

I would love this to work with my Nexus 10. But it doesn't look like they will support the POGO cable.

I like this and went ahead and backed the two color pledge (getting a silver and a black one).

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Hard to be sure from the website, but it looks like you have to supply your own cable and charger. If so, this is really a stand with a cutout for power cord. It looks nice, so it might still be worth it for some people, but it seems disingenuous calling it a dock unless it comes with connectors. (Like if a laptop docking station had holes for a laptop's ports instead of built-in connectors.) But maybe I misunderstand the design.