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EASA follows the FAA in allowing gate-to-gate use of personal electronic devices

Following the recent FAA rulings in the U.S. the European equivalent, the EASA, has also now approved the use of personal electronic devices for all stages of flight. Providing everything is turned into airplane mode during travel, you'll be able to use devices such as your Android smartphones and tablets gate-to-gate once airlines have adopted it. 

Bulkier items such as laptops will need to be stowed during taxiing, takeoff and landing, but smaller devices can remain in your hand and in use. The guidelines are expected to be published by the end of November, and here's hoping the European airlines adopt them with speed afterwards. 

Source: EASA via The Verge


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European flights get the green light for electronic device use


I just experienced this on a trip to Switzerland from the US. All legs of the United Airlines flight allowed small device use start to finish.

Well, I'm going to still give the stink-eye to people who are using their devices during take-offs and landings.

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Why ? I really can't think of anything I need to pay attention to during takeoff and landing except maybe my conscience :)

I fly regularly Sydney <--> Melbourne and (apart from the security checks) it's like a train commute. Same airline, same plane model, same area on the plane (my exit is either immeadiately to my left or to my left and back one or two rows), etc. Maybe it's time we started letting science back into our lives :)