Distro 107 with Phil Nickinson

Learn a little of what makes an AC Editor-in-chief tick

This week's Distro, a contemporary tech publication put out by the folks at Engadget, is one you'll not want to miss. Tucked away along with the reviews, editorials and news of the week is an interview with a man we all know and love (mostly) -- our own Phil Nickinson.

Available as a .pdf file or in popular book stores like iTunes and the Kindle store as well as having a nicely done Android app, Distro is something you'll probably be wanting to read each week anyway if you're not already. But this week is just a little extra special. Learn more at the source link, and you can grab the app at the Google Play link above.

Source: Engadget (HTML); Distro 107 (PDF)

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gumpty says:

App does not play nice with GNex. [sadface]

zeismb says:

Doesn't play with S3 well either

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Marc11218 says:

Not compatible with phones

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FortTech101 says:

I know right!

StealthDroid - Working in the Nexus Lab

Oskiee says:

Phil, why are you so gorgeous?

Marc11218 says:


Let everyone know that it's for tablets only.

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leroyky says:

Enjoyed the article, however "booze" should've been the #1 technological innovation! =)

popologuy says:

What makes Phil tick? I would guess his cutey pie daughter, his pretty wife and Krispy Kreme doughnuts, not necessarily in that order...

nighthawk700 says:

If you go to the PDF, Phil starts on page 66. (to get there faster...)

outlooker says:

Not compatible on the Nexus 4?

A895 says:

Not compatible.

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The Stig CA says:


Did Engadget tell you they were going to change that pic when they put it on their website for Friday the 13th? Looks like Jason is about to slice you up in their pic. Very creepy.

Love the article, btw.

Deegan says:

Engadget fans are ripping you apart in the comment sections Phil. We still love you here keep up the good work my man!


Haters gonna hate.

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Why are people hating Phil? I usually don't pay attention to posts and web politics, but why so many hate Phil on Engadget so much?

Sideload link from engaget.
http://www.engadget.com/2011/12/21/engadget-distro-available-on-android-... plays tore said not compatible, but loaded up fine anyway. :-)

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Well if that cuts off for you, http://goo.gl/sxKiY maybe that one won't. LOL.

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NoNexus says:

I just downloaded the PDF from the source link.

First, booze should have been the first on the list.

Next, at least sense is pretty good, Samsung should have taken its place somewhere on there

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nokia4life says:

why did you all remove the jason vorhees in the back ground those of us that go wayyyy back know that on friday the 13th for years engadget always had the little jason figure show up in pictures on post its pretty funny put him back phill

VAVA Mk2 says:

Just read the Q&A on Engadget. Good stuff, Phil.

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pac0naut says:

Just saw it pop up on my nexus 7. Congrats Phil!

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_X_ says:

Nice article it was very short though

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