Skip to about 0:55 in to see what Ellen thinks of her new Google Glass she bought. Though I think the bit with the giant pencil was more amusing.

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Ellen pokes fun at Google Glass one-day sale to public


Knowing her massive loyal fans watching her show daily, she basically ended Google's little chance of successfully selling Glass once it becomes retail.
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So was Oprah, but a positive mention of a product of her show was an enormous gain for companies.

That said, Ellen's demographic probably has zero overlap with Google Glass'.

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Probably explains why she's worth over $250 million.

Looks like a lot of bored housewives right there.

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There are a lot of bored housewives, and they do a LOT of shopping.

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Not to mention Ellen is fairly funny and has a bugger demo then just "bored housewives"

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If Ellen knew what Glass actually could do she would be promoting it for free as a great hands free device, after she made a bunch of sextapes with her partner Portia first. Too bad she didn't understand these are really for testing and developers as part of a beta program.

I'm guessing this is her way of sending a message to Google to send over a box full of them for her and her staff. I was invited to explorer a while back, but can't afford and justify $1500, when it's as much as a mortgage payment. If they were $500 I'd consider it though.

Yeah, I mean, all those housewives really saved JC Penny.

Her idiocy will probably boost GG. She's irrelevant to real, useful life.

If you really think that one person has this much power to create or destroy a product then this person needs to be hired to advertise!

No one can cause the market to flow this powerfully as a solo. Besides, every late night douche will be doing this same type of joke. Except Craig Ferguson because he's not like other late night douches!

And, she was danged funny there on that one, and you all enjoyed it too!

Oprah's favorite things. Enough said to make your statement null and void. At least Ellen made them look like how the rest of the world sees people using Google glass. I love tech, but these are ridiculous at any price.

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I don't know one of Oprah's favorite things, therefore, it's right back and stated. One person has not the power to create and destroy a market.

I think you need to look up the word "hilarious". She's more irrelevant than anything else.

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Sorry, reflex reaction.

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Ellen is among the few daytime talk show hosts that are genuinely funny. It helps that she is incredibly humble and kind-hearted.

Any publicity is good publicity. Ellen & Glass in the same segment? Yes, please!

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I bought d google glass.... and sum dude in saudi will pay me 4000 dollars for it....not bad

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It must be our lucky day because I've just found out I have an uncle in Nigeria that has died and left me some money. Great news

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Its ebay bro.....buyer and seller protection. .....will be donre through site as soon as my glass comes

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Did you give them your Google account info when ordering Glass? Because they were "disabling" Glass sold to other users previously. You might end up with a very angry buyer if they won't work once he tries to log in.

The only decision in my life that Ellen ever had, or ever will have, any effect on was the decision to get rid of all the TV sets in my house.

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Just goes to show you Google Glass doesn't have a chance of going any further than it already has. The general consensus is that it makes you look foolish and now an object of ridicule.

If you actually own Glass, you probably will find it pretty funny whether you like or dislike Ellen. It's probably the first thing in a while that actually made me LOL!

are you sure that isn't Owen Wilson? They just like each other.

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I feel like people who are so anti glass or against wearables in general are just like all the people who were anti computer, or anti television, I wonder how many of you were the people who made fun of "that big shot with his fancy cell phone"

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Yea, I can't imagine any self-respecting individual using them in public but, to each his own.

With Jokes like that and a show like that no wonder people across the pond think middle america is thick, its not even funny to obvious and poorly done.

All she did was mock the product and made her look just like the middle america bored house wife demographic who is scared of technology / terrorists / bacteria and wrinkles.

The world needs less of her

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Spot on and funny video. Folks need to get a grip, its either going to sell or it isn't. Stop acting like it's the end of the world because people are making fun of this. Geez....

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The funniest thing is how she is mocking a prototype of augmented reality technology right after getting an applause for basically using a virtual eraser on a virtual sketch board.
It's sort of like a guy around the turn off last century sending a telegram pissing himself laughing at the site of some idiot installing a telephone.

Or maybe not. Better analogies are welcome.

LOL, funny! It's an over the top characterization, but a pretty good representation of how most perceive actual Glass wearers.

Was that making fun of GG or showing how stupid and ignorant celebrities really are.

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Of course. Ellen's a comedian and should not be taken seriously. At least, not while doing her day show.