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EE, the UK's largest mobile operator, and so far the only one to boast 4G LTE services, has begun offering SIM-only 4G plans. Prices start at £21 per month for a 500MB allowance, going up to £36 for a 5GB data bucket. All contracts run for 12 months, and include unlimited calls and texts. EE's SIM-only prices are substantially more affordable than its 24-month, phone-inclusive deals, though obviously you'll have to swallow the extra cost of picking up an LTE-capable phone off-contract.

Today's launch follows a brief delay in the roll-out of EE's SIM-only plans, apparently due to additional network testing requirements.

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EE launches SIM-only UK LTE plans


Am I the only one who thinks that the name and logo of this new company is ridiculous? Everything Everywhere? Plus the logo looks like a couple of ecstacy pills or something. I mean come on.

It _was_ called Everything Everywhere for a while -- I believe it now simply calls itself 'EE'. So if you thought 'Everything Everywhere' was daft... :-)

It's not rocket surgery! They provide home internet and mobile internet, pre pay and contract over two networks and they are part of a plan to supply internet to the most remotest parts of the UK. They currently don't do my house keeping, my tax returns or deliver party girls rock stars and drugs on demand but who knows what the future holds so "Everything Everywhere" isn't so ridiculous As for the ecstasy reference I doubt its still on there radar as that drug came and went in the 90's.
Anyway I digress what's wrong with aiming at the youth market who have many more years left in them? Not that I think they have of course but if people are discussing your brand its better than not being worth the conversation.

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint what does it matter they either mean something or nothing either way to some they will have great services and to others they will suck.

Question: A shoit in the dark I know but would there be any chance of the Verizon DNA working on EE Mr Dobie

Not a chance. The VZW network is so different that 4g networks aren't cross-compatible. Hopefully, in Europe the 4g phones will be cross-compatible with all EU networks.

Yes, agree 100%, the whole thing is ridiculous, the fact that they are the same company, use the same network, but still have different plans for orange and Tmobile is ridiculous, the logo is ridiculous, the fact that EE were allowed to roll out 4g before the other companies have had chance to bid, allowing a monoply is ridiculous.

Or with 3 you can get near-4G speeds for £12.90 a month with unlimited internet with no fair use policy and tethering included. And that's on a rolling monthly contract.