UK carrier EE is experiencing some widespread downtime this evening, with many customers reporting they've been unable to connect to the network since around 7pm UK time. Curiously, the issue seems to be SIM-specific, with some accounts with multiple SIMs seeing an outage on one, but not the other. EE says it's aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

The 4G-centric operator isn't the only major UK operator to experience service outage recently — both O2 and Three have experienced similar problems for the past year.

If you're on EE, hit the comments and let us know if you're affected by today's outage.

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Kurt Colbeck says:

EE customer here. Can confirm that I have been stuck with 'No Service' for the past hour or so.

scooby007 says:

EE customer. Mu phone has had no network since 7pm amd also my mobile broad is not working

charlas says:

No service in Cannock on my phone from about 7pm

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Ee customer here. Been down for me since 5.30pm!

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Dissident26 says:

For me they're shit most of the time and I'm in London. So no, haven't really noticed any downtime.

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3Dee says:

No problems here in the far south east of Kent...

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rwalford79 says:

If EE is down, does that limit to GPRS/EDGE, HSPA or LTE or all three?

Alex Dobie says:

Everything's completely dead for me. Richard says he's been knocked down to GRPS where he'd usually have HSPA or LTE.

mintvilla says:

Everything is completely down for me too. My g/f who is sat next time to me with the same nexus 5 is perfectly fine. I'm on 4g ee, she's on T-Mobile full Monty package. Very weird...

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jwyche007 says:

Good thing you have that extra phone up to your ear then.

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Paul Mellish says:

All down for me Alex and Richard in Kent. I told its a P1 outage and people have been called in.

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Alan Creasey says:

I'm with EE and have had no signal since about 6:30pm. My wife however, also on EE has had and continues to have a signal. Can't explain that.

HZD says:

No issue here on their 10gig plan, rocking 32mb a second on last speed test ( nexus 5 )

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Anon8154066 says:

All is fine way way way up here in the far north of Scotland :-) apart from the lack of 4g and LTE connectivity but that is a separate issue

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Thank fuck for wifi

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Warrenisit says:

Hahaha... Fuck is such a good friend.

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Indeed lol

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expired says:

Not good, First I find out Ovivo have gone bust (Just ordered 2 sims from them for my aunts after getting my mum one a few months back! 40quid gone!! Hopefully paypal will help me out :() and then I have no network from EE grr

Taz89 says:

No service here, no edge or anything, frikin vexed and better get some discount for this bs.
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Mike Watling says:

2G services only on my HTC One, with intermittent 4G. No service on my iPad Air. Southwest England. Been like that since about 7pm

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charlas says:

All 3 of mine back up now.
The_ape on an N9005

gavgreen says:

Only lost my data services, didn't even notice until I saw this article (thanks to WiFi). All working fine now on 4G after a quick aeroplane mode toggle.......... Until next time anyway.

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