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I should really know better than to actually say "I think I'm done traveling for the year" out loud. Because here I find myself, in Palo Alto, Calif., once again. In the same hotel, actually, that I stayed at for Google's Honeycomb event back in 2011.

What the hell am I doing back in California, on the tail end of the Thanksgiving holiday? You'll have to wait a few weeks to find out.

But for now, a few musings from today's trip at 40,000 feet.

  • Today was my first flight since we've been able to use our phones and tablets during takeoff and landing. It wasn't exactly a transformative experience — it just had a better soundtrack for a few minutes.
  • I'm enjoying the beginning of our "Through Glass" series. Look forward to getting some guest writers involved as well.
  • I got my Google Wallet card this week. Not exactly sure why I need a prepaid credit card to go along with my regular credit cards and my debit cart, but whatever. It looks cool.
  • Getting my (usually but not always cute) daughters to record cute little holiday greetings might be more fun than doing regular podcasts.
  • Don't forget that the Moto X is on sale this Monday. As much as I love the Nexus 5 — and I do think it's a hell of a phone, just one with some software issues at the moment — it's hard to beat this deal on the MX.
  • The Android Central app saw more than 10,000 downloads in its first few days of availability on BlackBerry World — which is pretty damn cool to see. It'll be interesting, however, to see if the spike of traffic we saw in those first few days holds up at all. I don't expect it to be anything like those first days — and the holiday weekend skews things in the other direction, for sure — but, still. I'm happy we finally got the app listed. 
  • We've also submitted the app to Samsung's app store. We'll put the word out if and when it's approved.
  • I'm finally catching up on the second season of Homeland. I'd forgotten how quick and easy Google Play is for TV shows. And unlike Netflix, of course, you can store them for watching offline on flights.
  • Also caught most of Pacific Rim on the flight this afternoon. Not a good movie — but still way better than any of the Transformers.

OK, folks. That does it for this round. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. The December holidays will be here before we know it.


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From the Editor's Airplane: Is this year over yet?


The sequels were awful, but the first Transformers was way better than Pacific Rim. That movie flat out sucked.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

I thought it was a decent movie. Then again, I'm "easy," when it comes to movies.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Haha same here. I'm probably one of the few that doesn't mind I spent money buying it.

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The transformers sequels may have been mediocre, but at least they didn't constantly break basic physics constantly like pacific rim did.

Transformers defied basic physics on a number of levels as well. However, at least Transformers didn't claim the dinosaurs were kaiju.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

The first one was funny in its own way. After all it was targeted for those who have the humor of 16-30 year olds. Though now that I watch it, i feel like there were a lot of cliches

Am I the only one around here who liked all the transformer movies and pacific rim?!?! The fights in all them are in a word, awesome. Transformers DOTM had the best action scenes involving robots ever.

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Only someone with a hyperactive brain that can process 60 FPS in their entirety can fully appreciate the fight scenes of Transformers.

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No note about Paul Walker? This, to me at least, is the most upsetting celebrity death of the year.

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Ehh, the last few F&F were far better than the rest. But he's one of the few celebrities that I was legitimately sad over hearing about his death.

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I cant believe this is true man! How are they going to finish the FF7 without him??!

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They'll probably write his death into the script somehow. That's the only way I can make sense of it. Either way, I'm for sure seeing it.

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It's not the first time the actor of a main character has died while the movie was still filming and they were able to finish the movie. Anyone remember the movie "The Crow"? It really depends on how many scenes were left for him and what not. I can think of a few actors off the top of my head that died while the movie was filming:

* Brandon Lee
* Heath Ledger (he was filming another movie, "Imaginum" or something like that, when he died)
* John Candy (although, he died the night after filming his last scene)

But other deaths, such as Marilyn Monroe and River Pheonix, caused their films to be scrapped. We'll just have to wait and see.

The only thing worth mentioning about the death of Walker is the irony of him dying in a car accident. He was a crappy actor, his death is no more worthy of mention than any other mediocre human being.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Damn, that's tough. I actually liked the Fast and Furious movies. But, I do agree: death is death, no matter if the person is a celebrity or a "commoner."

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He was a good person, who donated to the charity and helped people in the Philippines,he had a family, he suffered a terrible dead.

He was a good actor (not the best,, and maybe you didn't like his movies, but he deserves alittle respect). Also is sad the death of Roger Rodas, who also died in the accident. And everyone that died today.

Everybody deserves a little of respect, except maybe people who think like you, or the people who say its roger's fault, because that makes no sense, it was an accident, shit happens.

I don't like fast & furious movies, but shame on the people who call "mediocre" other persons they don't even know.

His performance as an actor was mediocre. At best. Period. That doesn't make him a bad person. But being an actor doesn't make him anything special either.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

I think its tragic when anyone dies actor or not but "His performance as an actor was mediocre. At best. Period" Is a little bit of an understatement

Well sure. I could Have said he was a shitty actor who couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag, but the guy is dead, no harm in understating just how bad an actor he was.

Also, the safest bet of the year: It was the driver's fault. The likelihood of having a single car fatal accident without the driver being at fault is probably pretty damn low.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Lou Reed is rolling over in his grave. Although, he was much older and had lived more than Walker. That all said Mr. Reed gave us more.

I am very late to this party but last night I caught his last movie, HOURS, kinda by accident.

It was a decently done dramatic role. I have spent 2hours doing worse things... Check it out sometime

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Blasphemy Phil!

Pacific Rim is a fantastic movie!

But I respect your different opinion, that I do not agree with :)

"you'll have to wait a few weeks to find out" may mean that there could be a release of Glass to the public coming up?

I know you know something we don't, but no harm in guessing right?

Posted via Nexus 7 (2013)

Possible. I wouldn't bet on it though. Not looking forward to an Android watch in general.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

I don't know. I haven't really been impressed with the crop of Android smartwatches currently available.

However, Google introducing a smartwatch at the right price point could entice me to buy in.

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I haven't been impressed with the crop of smartwatches either, but I don't think that's a manufacturer issue, I'm beginning to think it's just the nature of watches. They aren't going to be able to do much without making a HUGE compromise on size/form, functionality or battery life (not to mention price). Then there's the simple fact that a smartwatch requires two hands to operate

I was hoping it would be an event for the Nexus 10. But, seeing as how the Nexus 5 didn't have an event, that thought flew out of the window as soon as it was conceived, lol.

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Nexus SmartWatch...

I'll take the watch before diving into Glass.

Can't wait to see someone wearing Glass , with a Smartwatch and a phone on their person. With a Smart Wig.... :-\

Posted via Nexus 7 (2013)

Seems more likely it's a Mobile Nations thing since Rene's away as well. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with! :-)

Who thinks this is for a super secret smartwatch from you-know-who....just saying

posting while eating gummybears in your girlfriends bedroom

Its the nexus watch......
Or some smart shoes...i would love some smartshoes...i know your listening google

posting while eating gummybears in your girlfriends bedroom

No, but Rene would. And, he would have Phil come along because they're "homies."

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You say, "Through Glass," and I assume you're talking about Google Glass. (But I know you're really making a Stone Sour song reference.) ;)

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Sorry! Movies on Google Play is not available in your country yet. We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible. Please check back again soon.

Sigh... Getting real tired of that. Puerto Rico is a US territory, we're governed by (mostly) all the same darn laws, we get the same cable channels and movie releases, etc. I can understand when stuff like Voice isn't available (even Hawaii and Alaska don't get that AFAIK), since it requires some backend...

We still don't have Navigation enabled, even tho the island is fully mapped and live traffic is even working. Probably some technical bugaboo... Didn't have paid apps on my first tablet for like a year (had to tether to a Sprint phone and then they'd show), another technical glitch, we're in like an eternal grey zone of legal issues and technical snafus, specially as far as Google is concerned.

/rant off

So vote on statehood and we can pretend your a closer Hawaii.

/got nothing

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

I like the Google Wallet credit card, I like how clean and simple it looks on the front. No name or numbers!! You can link your bank account to it and use it as a debit card as well. :)

Pacific Rim was unmitigated garbage, somehow managing to have worse characterizations than the worst of the Transformers movies. (Looking at you, "Jiggabots.") I saw some guy saying he bought 12 copies as gifts. In a just world he will have a dozen fewer friends.

Posted via sheer force of will on my Nexus 5!

I love Google Play for movies and TV. I just wish it would make use of the external SD card. My note 8 keeps running out of space because I don't have enough room to sync too many episodes down. Really wouldn't help me at all for a long flight.

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