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We've got another fall CTIA event in the books. By most accounts, this one was pretty much a snoozer, even more so than the other "apps and enterprise"-focused events of the past. Hopefully the non-media folks got more out of it than we did. Up next is the Oct. 24 U.S. launch event for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. And then ... Nexus event? Let's hope so.

And now, with apologies to SI writer Peter King, some things I think I think:

  • We finally can post directly to the Android Central Google+ page from the Android app. It's not perfect -- having to log out first, then log back in, and then choose which page to post to is a bit of a chore, but it's better than nothing.
  • Along that front, we're going to start posting more event photos there -- of things other than phones and tablets. We've started with some of the fun things from San Diego last week. See if you spot any old friends.
  • By the way, we banged out a quick podcast on Friday, rounding up what we know about the LG Nexus stuff. It was kind of nice to not do it live, and to not worry about video. But we'll be back to our normal selves this week.
  • I'm officially excited for a new Nexus. Yes. Even if it's LG. And maybe especially because it's LG. Like Jerry wrote last week, folks need to let stuff go¬†sometimes. But, hey. It's your ulcer. Not mine.
  • We're finally spitting our headlines onto App Dot Net. (That's Twitter for those who hate Twitter.) I'm on there as well. Just cross-posting from Twitter, though.
  • I finally got some face time with the HTC One VX. If you're on AT&T and are in the market for something a little cheaper and more traditionally shaped than the One X, give it a look-see. The qHD resolution looks surprisingly good on that thing.
  • Finally got to play with the RAZR M as well. Not a bad little phone. Also not true "edge to edge."
  • Will we see a tweaked Nexus 7 before or after Apple's Oct. 23 iPad Mini event?

Enjoy your Sunday, everybody. It's back to work on Monday.


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From the Editor's Desk: Some quick hits


"I'm excited that LG is making the next Nexus" he says with sake bombs on his breath and memories of a Korean vacation in his mind.

... and yet another week away from my wife and kids.

... and some experience with the Optimus G, and the knowledge that LG's as capable as anyone else of manufacturing a perfectly great smartphone.

Hopefully you didn't think my jealousy would stay on Twitter :-P

Also I am STILL not over the G2X, maybe it stings so much because it had so much potential. I really hope this goes well for them because the specs are damn fine.

Did you forget about the Asus Padfone 2 announcement? If you didn't see the sneak peak that Bloomberg had of it you should check it out. If it has the storage options the Nexus will surely be missing (64gb and/or micro sd slot), then it will make my next phone purchase that much more difficult.

Nope. But I also didn't forget that the first Padfone barely made it out of Asia. (Not that Asia's a small market, but you know what I mean.)

I can understand if you're not excited about it but you didn't even mention it in your upcoming events. Lots of Android enthusiasts are interested in this device. So do your blog a favor and maybe put it on your schedule of things to report about next week. It might lead to a few clicks.

I agree with this. I'm a huge fan of Asus's hardware and I think the padphone is a cool concept. I think maybe if some western websites would talk a little more about it maybe more western users would hear about it ;)

That may be true. However, it means nothing if the phone doesn't make it to other regions and markets. No sense in reporting on a phone that your audience has little to no chance of actually getting and using.

Perhaps the first one was something of a "toe in the water" move for ASUS.

I use my TF300 all the time and wonder if this is a format that fits my future well. Having two hardware modes to cope with can cause a few glitches when using a Transformer, so I wonder how that will play out with several modes?

Perhaps the issue with this class of device in America and (to some extent) Europe is carriers. How would such a device fit in with their subsidised device & contract pricing model?

Sorry Phil, I'm not interested in that LG Nexus. I would pick the Padfone 2 over it. Now that's a phone that's pretty bad ass.

Cool, but since the majority of the world isn't going to see this thing, who the hell cares? Yeah, it's an awesome idea, true. I'd love to have one! But after seeing how asus treated the first padfone, I've sort of resigned myself to the fact that it's not really going to be relevant with the exception of a few markets.

Also, I think the prospect of a new nexus (along with all of the implications)outweighs such a niche device. Not that it is by nature a niche device, but I think asus forced its hand.

I don't know about most Android enthusiasts but after living with the now hugely irritating HTC Sense for the past 2 years, and having experienced the beautiful stock Android Jelly Bean on my Nexus 7, I am ready to jump on this LG Nexus (4?).

Despite the micro sim, the lack of micro sd and the non-removable battery....I can get over all that simply because it will have plenty of horse power for my needs, and most importantly I can't wait to have Google's Android as my phone OS :)

....all I hope turns out better at launch is the camera quality as it doesn't even look as good as my mates SGS2 shooter, lets hope it can be optimised through drivers/software or a whole new sensor altogether.

I agree with everything you wrote. But you also may want to consider the Asus Padfone 2 as an option. Its rumored specs are comparable to those of the LG Nexus, and the manufacturer overlay is barely noticeable.

"I'm officially excited for a new Nexus. Yes. Even if it's LG. And maybe especially because it's LG. Like Jerry wrote last week, folks need to let stuff go sometimes"

Which part of IT IS ABOUT THE WEAK SPECS can't you get? I've hear a little LG hate but a lot more disappointment in the specs...

Non-removable battery?
8 gig?
No SD?


If you seriously expected a Nexus to have an external sd card slot, I feel very sorry for your extreme level of stupidity. Also, highly doubt 8 GB will be the only option. As for non-removable battery? How is that an issue? I hardly consider a quad core s4 pro and 2 gb or ram to be "weak specs".. That absolutely obliterates every thing currently on the market. Quit whining about miniscule crap.

+9000 I've never seen so many people whine about the specs of a phone, especially one that hasn't been released yet. Get a different phone if you don't like the specs, or keep the phone you're using : problem solved.

+9001 I wish people would wait till an official announcement before making judgements on the what, where, when, and how a device is going to be released. *cough*padfone*cough*

I expected that since it didn't, it would have more memory... if it had one, the 8gb would be more understandable...

My point was that I don't care who is making it... my problem isn't that it is an LG device as the author claims...

Those things don't actually bother some people. Not to mention Google has been moving away from SD cards since the GNex and the 8 Gig is probably just for the dev model of the phone. You should probably take a step back and relax, go outside, get some fresh air.

Non removable batter does have some advantages, but I won't even bother.

To everyone crying about the non-removable battery there is a function that comes with it.

Wireless Charging.

This seems to be built-in and not just an aftermarket treat.

The Razr M has no side bezel so it's as "edge-to-edge" as any phone can possibly be without having an exposed glass edge on the sides. The tiny bit of material on the sides is the frame of the phone. Exposing the glass would surely lead to chipping and cracking.