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The Economist app hasn't been the most visually appealing out there, but it was always at least functional. One of the main usability gripes facing the app was a nasty bug (or two, or seven) that caused some serious battery drain if you didn't look out for it and force close or reboot. Now that's no way to code an app, and today its been updated specifically to fix the battery issues. Unfortunately, the app still uses the legacy menu button configuration, which really shouldn't be around in modern apps anymore. Plenty of other developers (big and small) have removed it, and we think The Economist could do the same.

The app is of course most useful if you've committed a bit of money towards a yearly subscription, but there are still some free portions available if you want to get a feel for the content. You can find the app at the Google Play Store link above.


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The Economist app updated to fix battery drain issues


If only it fixed there blame America for everything wrong in the world style of reporting. And yes I realize its a UK publication.


The economist is probably the most politically balanced magazine in the world (in this right wing nut job's opinion).

Great magazine, crappy app. The audio of stories is pretty sweet though.

Bleeding heart liberal here, and I, too, have to disagree. I read The Economist religiously, as it is truly one of the single most balanced and unbiased news sources around. When the Economist takes a "side" on anything, they make a statement about it(rather than making thinly veiled implications), and they tend to do so based on facts and sound, expert opinion, not based on any "party platform" or political hot air.

That said, the battery life issue wasn't the most important part of this update, the fixes to scrolling and interaction were. Previously on my Galaxy S3, I'd have to swipe my finger maniacally all over the screen to get an article to scroll (and, unlike most written journalism today, The Economist's articles are long and worth reading). Now, they scroll on the first flick.

It's not the world's greatest app, but it's much improved!

Whoa buddy!! Easy with the crazy talk. The field of legitimate news sources/journalist is thinning faster than my hair. Thank god for the economist. BTW they do take a steaming crap on European leaders/countries too.

Just out of curiosity what would be your source of legitimate news, anyone can answer also.

Financial Times
The Wall Street Journal (Business/World news ONLY)
New York Times
Bloomberg (Also used to be BusinessWeek until Bloomberg bought them, I can't explain it)
The Guardian
The Washington Post (Selectively and just in the App, not the website. I don't know why)
MIT Technology Review