Motorola Flipout

It seems as though the Motorola Flipout could be a little more alive then we thought last last week. While we still haven't even had an official announcement from AT&T about this device, it appears to have surfaced on eBay. Interesting thing about this auction is that the price, $388.88 is probably less then we will see the device for at full retail from AT&T, if it is released ever, so if you are interested in this device you don't want to miss this deal! [eBay via Engadget]

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Coolaaron88 says:

How do these things end up on Ebay lol

dwt10 says:

i love the giant "DO NOT COPY" on the picture

jelly roll says:

Wow just wow someone order one then review it before It's released please

jimmy#AC says:

I saw these listed the other day, they are out of the UK. They are quad band (850/900/1800/1900 Mhz) and will work on any network, the problem is the 3G will only work with AT&T (900/2100).

sookster54 says:

Please refrain from buying this piece of crap. :)

With AT&T there's other better choices of phones than this.