The myTouch 3G commercials just keep on coming. This time we have a pretty comedic spot with Dwyane Wade showing off his myTouch 3G and Charles Barkley interrupting and doing his all around Charles Barkley thing in the background. We've always loved the chemistry between these two amazing athletes and are happy to see them talk about an Android device. Plus, anytime you can get Charles Barkley on TV, you have to keep doing it.

Can anyone spot what app Wade is using?


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Dwyane Wade Shows Off His myTouch 3G With Charles Barkley


Spending a lot of money on celebrities to hock the myTouch.

Hey T-Mobile, how about spending that cash to get us some high-end phones????

What the name of the black leather tennis with white sole, D Wade have on in this commercial?? Anybody know??