Dungeon Keeper

Classic PC franchise rebooted for 'strategy building and tower defense' title

EA and Mythic Studio have announced that they're bringing the classic strategy/god-game franchise Dungeon Keeper to Android and iOS devices later in the year, in the form of a mobile reboot. The PC original, which debuted back in 1997, saw players building an underground lair, attracting evil minions into their service and doing battle against the forces of good.

The mobile version is a "strategy building and tower defense" title, which may disappoint those hoping for a true portable re-make. Nevertheless, all the various components of Dungeon Keeper seem to be in place, including favorite minions like the bile demon, horned reaper and dark mistress, and various traps, rooms and spells.

From EA's press release —

"As the hands-on overlord of your very own subterranean lair, design a devilish dungeon with expertly laid tunnels and traps, unearth treasures, and collect and command minions in a battle to dominate the ever-expanding underworld.  Invade other players’ dungeons and unleash the powers of the Hand of Evil™. Your opponents will tremble in fear at the sight of your army and the force of your spells as you lay waste to their defenses and destroy their dungeons!"

Check down below for more screenshots. Dungeon Keeper is set to hit Android and iOS devices "this winter."

Source: EA

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Mayoo614 says:

Well it's EA so one thing for sure is that you won't see Google Play Services integration. Hope you like Origins.

Still looking forward to it. I've yet to find a tower defense that keeps me playing for more than 2 weeks.

hodan says:


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Hand_O_Death says:

What do you think the chances of BF4 being on Steam will be?

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BuddyLee says:

Winter is coming

You're a wizard.

I was going to say that.

Jeff_Skalski says:

No Origin. Google Game Services day 1. I know shocking. ;)

glazedfaith says:

Oh great. Another franchise for EA to bleed with IAPs

Dan Katz says:


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vegiisan says:

This needs a PC reboot, tis one of my favourite games.

Tchrin says:

You should check out War for the Overworld which is precisely that (and EA have said they're ok to do it).


betsuni says:

*edit* Nevermind, think the screenshots are being blocked for me.

fuzzylumpkin says:

"There's that smell again..."

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tramsay09 says:

EA doesn't like Google play services for game saves

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paddy087 says:

Yes. One of my favourite games. I hope they will use Google play games though, however unlikely...

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stompkins#AC says:

EA, sweet... I can't wait to see how many IAP's they can cram in to destroy this classic like they did to PvZ.

Katipo says:

EA & IAPs.... the first thing I thought also. I loathe the way they implement this model.

salah sabir says: