US Cellular HTC Merge

Yeah, it's only a dummy unit, and we've already crawled all over the real thing. But this is UC Cellular's HTC Merge, folks. And that means that ... it's the same HTC Merge we've come to know and love ... on US Cellular.

We are a little surprised that there's no USCC branding on the front of this dummy unit, but it does appear on the back (pictures are after the break). Otherwise, same ol' phone. The latest rumored release date is May 31 -- and USCC hasn't come yelling that it's incorrect (it's happened once before), so maybe there's a little more truth to this one. Stay tuned.

Thanks, anon!

US Cellular HTC Merge

US Cellular HTC Merge


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Dummy units of US Cellular's HTC Merge arrive


Still love the look of that phone/kb - just scratch my head every time I hear this poor forgotten orphan being kicked around from carrier to carrier. I don't see Bing ...

You won't see Bing since it's coming from US Cellular, that would have only happened if VZW would have released it when they were originally planning on it since it didn't get their "Droid" branding.

This was supposedly released for Verizon users 2 weeks ago. I still have yet to find this Verizon Merge at any third party retailers 2 weeks later. Is there any indication as to when this device will be available to purchase because I'm starting to get skeptical.

That weather widget is hilarious! 64 and sunny in December in Chicago? Apparently this phone is magic...