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Update: Sources tell Android Central that these images are not of a genuine Nexus device.

The photo above is one of a pair of pictures doing the rounds this morning, claiming to show a future Sony-built Nexus phone. The images appeared on Picasa today, tagged as "Nexus X" and "Xperia Nexus." EXIF information shows the photos were taken on a Galaxy Nexus on Oct. 13 and 14. The front face shows no branding whatsoever, while Google and Sony logos adorn the rear. Along the side can be seen three gold pogo pins and a microUSB port.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice a few anomalies with the image above, and the photo of the front face, which we've included after the break. First up is the odd bulge around the back of the device, and the strangely faded Sony logo. There's also some odd artefacting throughout the photo, particularly around the USB port and the Google logo up top -- hallmarks of possible Photoshopping. Then there's the fact that the front face shows a home screen where the Google Play Store icon is not labeled, and there's no persistent search bar up top. If you ask us, there's definitely something fishy going on here.

And then there's the fact that we're pretty sure the LG Nexus 4 is what's next from Google, and that Googlers are currently testing that model rather than any Sony creation.

In any case, let's suspend disbelief for a few minutes and entertain the idea that this is genuine. If so, we'd guess it's either an abandoned prototype or some future Sony phone in a dummy case. Certainly, the exterior doesn't match any Sony phone we're familiar with, though it does share a few design traits with the Xperia S and Xperia Ion. We know from briefings with Sony and other manufacturers that they often produce numerous prototype designs for future hardware, so it's possible that's what we're dealing with here. We also wouldn't read too much into the fact that it's running vanilla Android, as manufacturers must use this as a starting point when building their own UIs.

In any case, we'd suggest you don't get too excited about what we're seeing here. It's not impossible that we might see a Sony Nexus at some point in the future, but if we do, we're pretty sure it won't look anything like this.

Check past the break for the second, equally suspicious photo in this set.

Source: Picasa

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Dubious Sony 'Nexus X' photos appear online


Why can't it be a Nexus phone?

Google supposedly has 5 or 7 (I forget the exact number you reported) Nexus devices in the works. Why can't they have two Nexus phones so people have choice on the design?

1. Nexus 7 Wi-Fi
2. Nexus Q
3 & 4. Nexus 4 phone (by LG ) most likely with HSPA and LTE variants
5 & 6. Larger 10' tablet in both WiFi and cellular
7. Oh and most likely a Cellular version of the Nexus 7

There ya go.

Putting a :) at the end of your comment doesn't necessarily mean you are joking. For example:

I hope you get AIDS :)

(not directed at you just making a point.)

Wasn't Google supposed to be releasing five Nexus devices on the last quarter? And what about that possibility of a "Nexus Certification" program for manufacturers?

None of that would make this "Xperia Nexus" more legit, but I wouldn't discard it (or something like it) just yet.

I'm instantly happier with this phone.

If its not real its good that it gets press so Google and LG can see the difference when someone gives a hoot about how the nexus phone looks rather than creating a bland phone.

Please be real, Please be real, Please be real, Please be real, Please be real, Please be real, Please be real, Please be real, Please be real, Please be real, Please be real!

No massive, ugly, unecessary bezel. There is a GOD

I'm seriously hoping this is for real. Until someone holds it up on stage though, it's just a rumor. A wonderful, heart warming rumor.

Edit: zoom in on the Google logo in the first picture like Alex says. Looks very Photoshopped.

I'm telling you, LG Nexus isn't going to sell next to Sony and HTC (of course if HTC is next) Just imagine.... A Nexus that looks and feels like the One X!

Now that I've calmed down a bit...

Its very possible this could be an old prototype and if so to label it with a big Google logo wouldn't be too strange as it traditionally would be kept internally rather than out in the public and a big logo keeps things simple to recognise.

The image does have odd features and you could get lost trying to discern what is real and what isn't real in these shots but I can't help wondering about the screen with its software buttons all underneath that reflection. The level of photoshop skill isn't the best but if you were to go down that road why leave the play store logo so obviously tampered with?

Just a thought to add fuel to the fire. Fingers crossed there is more than LG at the nexus helm.

Lets see an avalanche of nexus contenders!

First pic totally The curved bulge at the back bottom makes it look twice as thick as any phone currently on the market!

As for the second shot...not saying it IS a 3rd party launcher, but Nova let's you remove text labels from the icons and also eliminate the search bar.

A Nexus that looks and feels like the new One X+. That would be great, a phone with plenty of int memory, great camera with killer specs. Why does the Nexus phones all have to lack some what I think is very important parts. The writers on this site all seem to think that it's OK to put out a less than great phone because it is all the software. I completely disagree, the customer is paying for the entire package and great hardware is very, very important. If the new I-Phone was released with lousy hardware we would rip it apart, same goes with the new Nexus phone. One freaken phone a year, give us a phone we can be proud to own. I will keep my SGS3 and happily run the latest and greatest CyanogenMod Rom. I have owned every Nexus phone to date, IMO the best one is the Nexus One which I still use every so often because it feels so good in the hand. Make me a 4.3 inch Nexus One with killer specs and keep the track ball, damn I would be thrilled. Come on Google make us proud. Android Central should do everything possible in their power to encourage Google to make great hardware instead of always giving them a pass on their lousy hardware. I must agree the latest release of Jelly Bean is the best OS in the world, but I would love to put that together with killer hardware and you would not be able to keep them on the shelf.

HTC really is making the best phones now.. Last year was terrible on them. I agree with you on the One X being the Nexus. Im waiting to see what google says at the end of the month. If I don't like it or its that ugly LG Nexus I think i'm going to jump on the One X+. I won't be losing out on any updates because I will be keeping my GNEX and switch phones as needed. It's really unfortunate that HTC, Sony or Moto wasn't chosen, instead we get LG. Alot of the people on the forums are acting like the Apple fanboys. I say this because its gotten to the point where they will accept and buy any Nexus phone no matter what it looks like and what it's lacking. I could be wrong and this is why I said i'm going to wait till the Google announcement. LG kept the same front as the GNEX but made the back even more plain and ugly. Looks like a black slab glued on to a pretty front.

Trust me, I agree with you. But, this isn't Google's intent. Google is not trying to go for the best-selling, most consumer-friendly device out there; that's everyone else's job. Google makes Nexus devices as a reference point for ALL Android manufacturers and it's automatically the best Android phone software-wise because everything is optimized for a Nexus device. Also, Google is not in charge of hardware.

This thing has the docking pins. I'd believe this is the Nexus vs the LG one.

Though it'll be the first time a Nexus has the USB port at the sides. Or is that microHDMI?


I want an xperia nexus so bad....all you haters can suck this!! Get your hands on an xperia and tell me their hardware isn't stable as hell!! I challenge all you haters! I loved my xperia so much...and at the time I had it everyone was raving about the samsung when it was time to upgrade, I bought a nexus s 4g. Yeah, samsung's devices are great....but my xperia was better ;) If it had full aosp support like my nexus s then I would still be using that thing!! Try finding another early 2010 phone that had an 8MP camera. Hell that's still the standard in late 2012...2 1/2 years later!!

Go Sony!!! Prove all these haters wrong and give us a nexus that KILLS every one released so far :)

I'm one of those that hopes for a range of Nexus devices. Moto could make one with a slide-out keyboard. Sony could make something curvy. HTC could make something like the One X. LG could come out with quality that they haven't really pushed here in the US (internationally, LG has some nice phones out--especially in Korea--we just don't see them in the USA).

Those are my nexus-y thoughts.

Well, at least this has traits of Nexus versus the "LG Nexus" (pogo pins, Google instead of "with Google"). Too bad the 'shop job sucks. To add to the already mentioned issues, graininess isn't thorough and the perspective seems a bit off on the back of the phone.

The one thing I do believe about the photo is that the second one was definitely taken by the GNex. That's about the quality I get in that kind of lighting.

If that wasn't the ugliest piece of shit I've seen in a long time.... thank god for the update AC, I'd be embarrassedto say i use android

yea, the back of this fake Sony Nexus looks like a Sony Remote Control for a TV - that bulge looks exactly like a battery door for a remote. Just sayin... *crappy fake*

Coloration along the entire back is just completely off. Google logo appears to have been cropped in - pretty ugly striping all the way across the back of the phone.

That first photo is one of the worst PS jobs I've ever seen, as soon as I saw it I could tell it was a shop job, ugly as heck too

Sony would need to be focusing on getting their own textile range up to scratch before doing jobs for external customers, hence fake.

I hope there is an upcoming Xperia Nexus. This is obviously a prototype, similar to those analogues we saw before the Galaxy S III arrived. Some of them looked a bit similar to this one.

Since AOSP has been built for the Xperia S, the logical next step is the Xperia Nexus.

I have high hopes for the Nexus Certified program to and I hope that Google won´t disappoint us at the end of the month.