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In addition to the quad-core HSPA+ version of its upcoming Galaxy S3, Samsung will launch a dual-core variant with LTE connectivity and a Snapdragon S4 chip for LTE markets outside of Korea. Reports from The Korea Times, which match what we’ve been told by our own sources, indicate that the the quad-core Exynos/HSPA+ version will see broad international availability, while the Snapdragon S4 model will launch in other countries with LTE, including the United States. KT reports that inside of Korea, Samsung will offer a CDMA/LTE model based on its own quad-core chip, though we haven’t been able to verify this specifically.

According to our sources, LTE radio compatibility was behind the decision to move to the S4 chip for the international 4G version of the Galaxy S3, and this makes sense if you look at the differences in LTE frequencies between the U.S. and Korea (and much of the rest of the world, in fact).

So it appears the situation will be similar to that of the AT&T HTC One X, where the manufacturer opts for a dual-core S4 instead of a competing quad-core chip, for the sake of LTE connectivity. This is nothing new, however -- we saw a similar situation last year with LTE variants of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II, which used Snapdragon S3 chips. So once again it’s a choice between LTE and quad-core. But despite “only” being a dual-core chip, Qualcomm’s S4 is based upon the newer (and speedier) ARM Cortex A15 architecture, compared to Exynos’s A9, and we’ve already been impressed by the chip’s performance in the HTC One S.

Be sure to keep watching AC over the next week, as we rapidly approach the Galaxy S3’s London launch event.

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via: The Korea Times


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Dual-core Galaxy S3 to be offered in some territories with Snapdragon S4 and LTE


I'm definitely going to pass but I might buy it just to sell it because my upgrade is coming up soon. Make a little cash.

I'm a happy owner of a Bionic and I sure as crap wouldn't trade it for a Gnex....a Razr Maxx however...
Anyway sucks to be you I guess :P

Well that's quite upsetting... But I'll make a final decision once the Samsung Quad-Core is bench marked and we get some idea of its battery life.

different hardware/software. Not a good comparison imho. Something like the onexs4 vs onext3 would be a little more credible.

I'll wait until the S3 is released to compare its smoothness against the evo lte.

Technically the One S S4 should be even higher than the One X with the S4 so I don't understand why that would be a little more credible.

I'm fine with this.

BGR is reporting that Verizon will get the SGS 3 as well as a Galaxy Note competitor from HTC.

Looks as if Verizon will strike hard again. They usually get the best phones anyway. Between that lineup and LTE and my unlimited data, I'm going to be smiling ear to ear with these two upgrades in my pocket.

"Verizon usually gets the best phones..."

Not in my opinion.

When ATT was getting the Atrix, we had to wait for 7 months to get the outdated Bionic.

We didn't get the S2 or Note at all...

All we have gotten is the Nexus, which was new software on outdated hardware. I would have picked the S2 any day.

And don't say the Razr. Motorola is terrible.

The Atrix? There is no phone with at&t that is
better than the Razr. The main reason people do not like Motorola is because of the lock bootloaders. The build quality and radios are better than most other competitors.

I love my Atrix, but name another great phone that came to AT&T since then besides a hand full of S2 clones? Verizon got the G-Nex, Razr, Rezound, Razr Maxx, and Droid 4.

AT&T has the Vivid, Gs2, Skyrocket, Note, both the atrixes and now getting the One X(l)
Att knows whats up..
-They might also get the Gnex later this year.
---Atrix 3 soon

I think a few devices you just listed are variations of the same hardware. Namely the Razr, the Razr MAXX and the Droid 4. Two of those only differ in battery capacity. It's not as much variety as it may seem to be.

I read it and all I could gather was that you bought into the Galaxy SII hype really hard and got your panties in a bunch because Verizon didn't get it, even though if they did, it would be stuck on slow-as-molasses 3G.
Its hard to even wrap my head around the idea though, because the Razr is just a faster device in my experience in day to day performance, and the Nexus doesn't give up much to it either. eh whatever, it's all just opinions anyway I guess

Not sure if trolling if you honestly think a Razr is just as fast as a Exynos powered GS2. Its not even close, don't kid yourself. Its no hype, the exynos powered phone is still the fastest android phone to date. It makes the Galaxy Nexus look slow by comparison.

Well, hmmm lets see... I'd say they're about even with Sprint. I don't count ATT because their service. While Verizon has better service than Sprint, Verizon nickel & dime's people for money and they WILL slow your data down if you heavily use your phone, even on unlimited, and I have 2 friends that this has been done to. Quite frankly, Verizon is too expensive to not have their phones possess some tangible advantage. Best phones? Lol wouldn't say that... Most expensive? Fact...

Great... Get the Nexus or wait for the SG3? I am chomping at the bit for Monday. I need to know when, what provider, & how much!

Looking more and more likely that I'll be picking up an HTC One X. The SGS3 isn't feeling like a flagship phone to me; rather, it's starting to feel much more like an incremental upgrade a la the iPhone 4S.

Sooooo....unless Sammy does something phenomenal with their industrial design, screen technology, and materials, why would a US based user choose the S3 over the One X?

Historically their designs have been plasticy, glossy, black, and full of removable pieces that create seams. But who knows, maybe this time they'll surprise me.

Sprint basically advises me not to get a Sprint phone in my area bc of the poor coverage yet I have a EVO 4G and will be getting the LTE on release. I have never needed a fast network outside of home. I don't think many people really utilize the faster speeds in LTE areas. But I would still rather have LTE available to me, that's for sure.

True, and I'm not in that camp. Beyond 1% power users, really not many will think those things are deal killers.

Yeah. Sammy better show us some camera that can kick ImageSense's ass. Or else this year will be Evo 4G LTE all the way. No better CPU, no better design, no better camera, and no kickstand. Sprint is going to be very happy again this year.

If you're choosing to bring up designs PLEASE don't pull the Evo LTE apologist card. That is an ugly phone through and through.

Compared to what? It looks like a child designed it. All it shows is anyone who approves of the back on that device either has bad taste or is pretending it's better looking than it actually is so they don't feel any remorse for purchasing it.

Perfectly said. That's the ugliest phone I've seen in a long time. The One S and One X are much more attractive.

Ummm, yea they coulda did better with that phones design... Kickstand? Lol... Most people put cases on their phones, due to the fact that if you drop it once, forget about replacing the screen because these screens on a lot of these new phones cost more than the deductible... The kickstand is foolish and a waste to me, unless they're promoting people to not use cases... Drop this phone, and you will be paying $100+ for the sake of having a readily available kickstand... Might as well by the Otterbox Defender and get the protective case and media holster... In the end, the phone is for performance, not to look cute with lol...

You're the only one that is making an ass of himself by assuming.

You can be right, but how do you know you're not wrong? On top of consuming %20 less than their previous flagship processor, they have a new screen that is suppose to consume %20 lass than their previous screen which consumed an additional %20 less than some previous displays.

So we don't know which device saves more battery. Lets just wait and see before we assume and make an ass out of ourselves.

It's funny you say that as Captain America is my favorite hero. I'm currently wearing the shirt where he screams "You think this letter on my head stands for France!"
It's the Ultimate version of Captain America though as the real Captain America has a different personality.

No you're not not you have to think that Google is going to probably start to make us of quad code inb5.0and you always want to try to stay ahead of the curve.

The inclusion of LTE with a quad core chip was the main thing that set the S3 apart.If it has physical buttons, no LTE with quad core, an HD screen that isn't "+", and a camera that isn't significantly better than the S2's, then I will be disappointed. This is Samsung's one chance to truly blow past the iphone, hope they don't screw it up with a lame sequel to the S2.

I'm really finding it difficult to either wait for this, or just get an HTC One X with an S4... There's 4G LTE where I live. AHHHHHHHHHH! The agony. I'm getting so tired of my Captivate.

You can always cancel a preorder if the SGS3 announcement blows you away. Announcement is May 3rd, One X is out May 6th. And if you preorder from Amazon, Radio Shack, or Target you only pay $150.

If Samsung had managed to get an LTE Quad Core Exynos chip out to the US at this point, I would have been very surprised. But, I knew this would happen. Some people expected Samsung to disregard the laws of physics! As I said so many times before, some folks are gonna be very disappointed.....

I think its safe to assume that the GS3 will have a 12 mp camera. But I still see no reason why I should wait for this phone over the Evo LTE, which is the phone to beat this year.

no quad core for US. At&t,well that stinks! ill stick with the Gnote, or my G2. I see no reason to upgrade to the next Samsung product! ill sit back and wait for 2013, thanks Samsung for saving me money$$$

He said "... inside of Korea, Samsung will offer a CDMA/LTE model based on its own quad-core chip"

So only supporting Korean CDMA/LTE frequencies.

I think it supports the GSM/LTE frequencies in Korea.

LTE isn't part of CDMA, its part of GSM and shouldn't be referenced as CDMA/LTE.

If the specs are about the same as the one X and it has Expandable storage I'll take it over the One X.

Hopefully on AT&T, we'll be able to compare choice of One X vs GSIII vs GNEX (unlocked). I might actually prefer a little smaller screen (4.3") if was on GSIII, as well as the expandable storage.

"Jasper" any one? Rumors have been going around about a Sammy phone with a S4 on VZW could it be the SGS3 variant?

No way this phone will be better then the EVO LTE on Sprint now. The screens alone make me want the EVO for sure.

They should just wait until the Quad-core S4 with Adreno 320 is released. Other than that there is no point in getting an S4 version of the GSIII over the One X.

I'm looking to make the switch to Android and was leaning towards the One X but was waiting for GS3 announcement. How are the cameras on a Samsung? Will the GS3's cam be better than the One X?

Yeah I'm moving to T-Mo prepaid for $30 a month and buying the international version for it. Can't wait.

Samsung probably knows that quad-core + LTE will make battery life a living hell for users. You want thin phones, you can't but huge batteries in very thin phones, so they made a trade off. HTC is offering the LTE One X with dual-core, maybe realizing the same thing.

Well, there's the fact that Tegra 3 doesn't support LTE, that probably heavily affected HTC's One X cpu decision.

Personally, I'm not too worried about utmost performance. I want an LTE device with really good battery life.

Thus I'd rather have a 2 core chip with LTE baked in instead of a 4 core with a separate LTE chip.


Oh Magic 8-ball, will the GS3's camera be better than the One X?

Doh! "Try again after May 3rd!"

Shi*! Stupid Magic 8-Ball never works.

I'd say usually between $550-650 which will still be less than buying a One XL on contract or whatever people are thinking is a better idea.

Why are so many people upset? We don't really know for certain what's going on with the GS3 yet, and it's not like the S4 is a terrible chip. At this point, high-end processors are very capable for the vast majority of users. I'd much rather have LTE capability than be concerned about benchmark scores.

To that end, it's like the Android community is all about benchmarks, just like HS/College students (and unfortunately, some adults) "magazine" race cars using published 0-60 times. Even my OMAP dual-core Galaxy Nexus serves my needs just fine, and I use my phone far more/push it harder than most people I know IRL.

The quadcore Exynos was what had the enthusiast community salivating. Everyone knows the S4 can perform but the anticipated performance of the Exynos was/is palpable. It's a better combo of cpu and gpu and to not have access is disappointing to some.

Although one thing that trumps LTE and Quadcore - PENTABAND HSPA+. Freedom to use ANY GSM carrier in the USA, including most MVNOs like Straight Talk.

Maybe not a big deal w/dual core S4 instead of quad Exynos, BUT..
the sgs3 is suppossed to be the next big thing. Sammy is pushing it with the cryptic website anagrams and teaser videos.
Don't tell me its a whole new universe when other phones are already being released with the same processor. Hogwash...

Already experiencing the lower specs with Skyrocket to get the LTE.
NOT going to do it this time. SGS3 will NOT stand out from the oneX in US, let alone steal customers from APPLE.

Now this I agree with!

From the information available so far, the Samsung Galaxy S# will NOT be a "game changer"; whether the "international" version with the quad-core A9 Exynos processor or the "US" version with the Qualcomm S4 Krait processor. It sounds like a good, high-end phone but 9at least so far from what I've read) it really isn't anything special.

Me, I'd rather have an HTC Evo 4G LTE if I was on Sprint or even a Samsung Galaxy Note if on AT&T.

Indeed, my perfect phone would be a upgrade/updated Samsung Galaxy Note with an A15 processor (a Qualcomm S4 Krait now, since it's the only thing currently available but, yes, a Samsung Exynos 5250 would [should] be even better), Bluetooth 4.0 and an HD Super Amoled Plus screen with the same 1280x800 resolution. And it goes without saying that it should have the latest version of Android. Very, very doable.

Just get the HSPA+ version of the S3 and get a sim card from Straight Talk.. S3 with a $45/mo unlimited plan sounds like a winner to me!!! And really... I get around 6-8 mbps; and it's plenty fast for mobile speeds.

Yea, I live in Reno and we just last week got our very first LTE service from Big Red. AT&T might get LTE over here in another year.

Not the least bit disappointed!

Or surprised, for that matter.

In fact, I would much rather have an A15 class dual-core processor than a quad-core A9 one. Truth be known, 99.9% of smartphone users simply do not need nor will they ever use a quad-core processor in their cellphone. It's all marketing hype.

Indeed, I remember reading just yesterday when the news first broke that Samsung decided to go with a quad-core A9 chip instead of pushing up their Exynos 5250 for the "Galaxy Next" because most potential consumers would (erroneously) assume that the quad-core is a better chip.

Now please don't get me wrong. The Exynos chips based on the Cortex A9 are great chips: the best of the A9 class chips, in my opinion, but the ARM A15 architecture is still much better than the A9 architecture, regardless of whoever is actually pressing the silicon. And while I may miss the superior graphics of the Mali GPU, the Adreno 225 in the Qualcomm S4 is no slouch. Indeed, some benchmarks show it beating the Mali 400 that reportedly will still be used in this "new" Samsung Exynos chip in the "Galaxy Next."

Because the One X and One S already have that chip. The expectation was that Samsung would be the King again performance-wise. Samsung is also pushing that hype too. They've established their ability in smartphone sales and device performance and they're using that notariaty to push the SIII. The Exynos is announced and then it's all, "you're not getting it US, try this fine alternative." Consumers already have an S4 equipped phone. What else makes it a must buy?

The disappointment is understandable.

The disappointment still seems misplaced.

If you were saying that you are disappointed that it does not contain a quad-core A15 Exynos processor, or even a dual-core A15 Exynos processor, I could understand. Indeed, I would agree with you. I do think that Samsung gets the best performance from each ARM architecture.

But that is not the case. The difference is between a dual-core A15 class processor and a quad-core A9 architecture. So what if there are other smartphones with the Qualcomm S4 Krait, it is still the best processor available today. I would not be surprised if the S4-based Galaxy S3 outperforms the Exynos-based one. Especially since there are still very, very, very few use-cases (and even fewer applications) that can take advantage of more than two cores.

You keep dreaming that the S4 will outperform the exynos. Qualcomm is notorious for over claiming their performance. I was never impressed with any snapdragon chip. In fact I think they tie with Nvidia for making the crappiest chip sets. I will hold out the final judgement until I see them being compared simultaneously but based on history, any snapdragon powered phone gets smoked. I don't care even if there is a single generation gap. The nexus S with a single core hummingbird was a pretty damn close match for the snapdragon S3 chip.

And you keep hallucinating that the Cortex A9 architecture is a match for the A15 architecture that Qualcomm Krait is based upon. It is silly and simplistic to think that just because it has four cores it is better; especially when there are very, very few use-cases and even fewer application that can in any way take advantage of a quad-core processor.

Look, for the record, I think the Samsung Exynos 5520 -- Samsung's forthcoming dual-core Cortex A15 ARM CPU -- will blow the doors off the Qualcomm Krait S4. But, unfortunately, it's not here yet. Unfortunately, the current Samsung Exynos chips are all A9-based; and while they may be the best Cortex A9 chips out there (and in my opinion, they are) they still are a generation behind the Cortex A15 generation of chips, the first and so far only example of which is the Qualcomm Krait S4. It will most likely change in a few months but, right now, the Qualcomm Krait S4 is probably the best chip available.

Fair enough, but as I mentioned earlier I will hold my final judgement when they compare the international version of the GS3 vs the us spec one x.


And for the record, I'm holding final judgement, too. My thinking is simply that because the international version is using an A9 architecture, although quad-core, the "US" version, while only dual-core, *MAY* offer similar and in some respects even better performance because it is based on an A15-class architecture. I'm not saying it definitely will: like you, I'm saying let's wait and see. We're probably coming to the same conclusion -- let's wait and see -- although we may be coming to the same conclusion from different directions.

In fact, me personally, I wish Samsung had waited and used their forthcoming Exynos 5250. Truthfully, as it is now, I'm not that excited about the Samsung Galaxy 3 regardless of what version we're talking about. It seems like it will be a very good phone but it doesn't seem "revolutionary" at all.

Disappointed to say the least. My GS2 Exynos is a beast was hoping for quad core exynos don't think I'll be getting the GS3 with out the quad core processor.

Honestly i dont care about LTE. I think LTE is cool but not necessary. I mean the times that i actually sit down and use my phone heavily im no where near an LTE network. Give me my G.. D... quard core

Looks like my interest in the SGS3 has decreased significantly with this latest news........EVO LTE Super LCD 2 here I come!!!!!

There is only one reason why I'll probably get the Galaxy S III over the HTC One XL, simply it has an expandable micro SD card slot.

When are people thinking the carrier-based LTE versions of this phone will be released in the US? I can't see it happening for months at least. The One X seems to be the king of carrier-based Android in America for the foreseeable future, just like the Galaxy Nexus has been king since its release.

no doubt this is due to qualcomm's patent monopoly the us mobile space... i'm so sick of them