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The only reason why I would even consider an iPhone - at least with the latest release of that device, you have the best device FOR THAT OPERATING SYSTEM for 6 to 12 months. Also, you get device support through software updates for most, if not all, of the 2 year contract life.

DInc? One year and done. No ICS. Yeah, I got the sads :(.

Get the Nexus line then. They are supported much more long term. I just went from the Incredible to Galaxy Nexus. I loved the Incredible, but I am absolutely floored by the Nexus.

I'd love to. However, unlike many here, I actually need to be able to make and receive phone calls. All 3 people I know who have bought a Gnex say it's not a very good phone. Ring volume, in call volume, radio reception, etc, etc. Hopefully it's fixable via update, but I'm not risking it until I know.

I went from an DInc to the Nexus and I am not having any of those problems. Better call quality, ring volume not an issue as it depends on what you want as your ringer, radio reception is just as good but the visual bars shows a truer understanding of how much signal your phone is getting.

Odd. Myself and everyone I know has had no issues with any sort of reception. Including myself, that's 4.

I feel like it's just internet hyperbole just like when must major phones come out, iPhone included.

It's really the best phone I've ever had, call quality, data speed, display, etc.

I don't get the ringer thing. Mine is plenty loud. Scared the crap out of me in the car this morning.

And the in-call volume - I haven't seen ANYONE bitch about that. One of my batteries was causing interference that made a loud screech every time a call connected -- it was deafening! I had to hold the phone away from my head...

The nexus one, which was the latest android nexus when I got my phone on contract (a two year contract that isn't up) is not getting ICS either. The iPhone 3GS, which was released earlier, has iOS5, or most of it.

Second, it takes google weeks to months to get the older nexus devices to the newer OS. Also kind of disappointing.

Just an observation. If you're into flashing roms, like me, you probably don't really care about all that.

In fairness, the same can be said for the Nexus line of phones. It's not ideal but think of it like buying a PC. Microsoft writes the OS but it's up to nVidia or Intel or CreativeLabs or whoever to write drivers for the hardware. If you buy a computer with components made by a company known for not releasing updated drivers you won't be able to install newer versions of Windows when they come out.

With Android phones it is similar. Anyone can install a free open source copy of Android for their device but until a handset manufacturer releases or open sources their updated drivers, nobody can build your nice free updated OS. Some manufacturers/handset lines are better at this than others. HTC open sourced most of their software for past versions of Android on my Evo so I've always had no problem installing the latest version of Gingerbread as soon as someone takes the time to build it. Right now I'm stuck waiting for them to release ICS drivers for my phone hardware because until they cover the proprietary hardware in my phone, nobody can build a complete port for me. There are ICS ports for my phone but they are missing camera and 4G drivers until HTC releases them or some talented developer writes their own (not easy to do).

Still, it's over a year and a half old so I've had an OK run. If I had picked up a Nexus instead I would have a much easier time getting ICS running since they use reference hardware for the most part. Yeah, Apple does make it easier by only putting out a single model per year so you should be able to install the latest OS version if you have a reasonably new model. I just think you can have the best of both worlds if you buy hardware from companies that are good about providing drivers for newer OS versions. Unfortunately, just like on a PC, once a company licenses the OS, they aren't obligated to keep releasing updated drivers for every new version of Windows that comes out. You just need to support companies that do. Same with Android.

Yeah, but I still think it smokes the GN hardware spec wise (GPU). Give my O2X some piece of action in that pic!

yeah right the galaxy s2 smokes the nexus. only thing good about it is ics. nexus has its shortcomings

This is one of the main things that drives me crazy about Android. Way too many damn phones. New releases (when you include all US carriers) is several phones / month. But I still love my Galaxy S II (I9100) and am waiting on some ICS love.

This is a great comic, showing the real failure of this phone os. I know there will always be people who don't mind buying phones out of contract for the latest. But when your phone is "new", you shouldn't get shunned so quickly. In this case, iphone and windows excel.

Fact is having so many devices gives people options based on specs, pricing and manufacturers. If there was only one you'd all still be complaining. Having competition is what leads us to innovation. If you want ICS root your phone or get a new one its that simple.

Shouldn't the bionic be complaining about the Razr? Maybe they should have switched it out for the Rezound or something.

Still, funny because it's often true.

The Razr I would say is still the best even with the Nexus. Better camera, it'll have an update to 4.0 soon, Gorilla Glass, Kevlar, thinner, same processor speed, same RAM I believe. Only real difference is the screen. Nexus is HD and the Razr is basically HD. Razr any day.

Razr smokes the nexus. I had both bought the Razr for the gf. Took back the nexus as it felt like a toy and it's cheap plastic case is junk. I gladly went back to my DX. SAMSUNG =fail.