Droid X2

Most recently we caught up with the Motorola Droid X2 in a video where it was shown off and subsequently benchmarked. Here we are now -- a couple of weeks later and the dummy units have started to arrive at Costco locations. Yes, it still looks like a Droid X and no, Verizon hasn't announced it as of yet but dummy units arriving at retail locations is a pretty darn good sign we're close to going all official like here. One more pic, next to it's brother, can be found after the break.

Thanks, Mike D!

 Droid X 2


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Blurry Droid X2 dummy units have arrived at Costco


idk i honestly think its going to b an ok phone since all these news ones came out droid charge and samsung droid so yeah

Will it be compatible with the lapdock? Motorola said that all high end smartphones would be able to run Webtop and that they would release more lapdock models. This one's got a Tegra 2 so....

I agree. I can't remember the last time my Droid X rebooted itself. Must have been before the Froyo OTA. I have the leaked GB on it now and it is very stable, faster and smoother than when I first got it.

I just talked to a moto rep today at work and he said most phones coming out in the fture are going to be compatible with a lappy dock. Like he bionic, he said.

The MileStone X is actually a CDMA phone
Its basically a Droid X with the standard MOTOBLUR & NO Verzion branding
Its the same as MOTORI X in Mexico & the Chinese version (which a numeric name)

I have the original X and it really is a nice phone but much like the Incredible 2 this sequel doesn't offer enough to make an upgrade worthwhile. I could use my last annual upgrade in August but it wouldn't be for the X2. I would want the Bionic in its new form or some flavor of the Galaxy S 2 which looks lime the device to beat.

With Galaxy S2, HTC Sensation, Evo 3D, LG Optimus 3D & G2X coming out or already out, this one will be one those devices nobody really gives a s*** about. The only people that will want this are the ones who don't know much about Android or smartphones in general.

Kinda disappointed in how little the phone has changed physically. The D2 was a complete overhaul. The Incredible 2 made some big changes, I like the bigger screen but really miss the unique red appointments. This is just blah. New OS, new version of BlurTurd, but just about exact same physically. At least the dock can be re-used.