Motorola Droid X2 soak test

Hot on the heels of word that the Motorola Atrix 4G is about to get its Gingerbread "soak" test, we've now learned that the Motorola Droid X is about to get a soak of its own. Motorola's asking for a few thousand testers. MFN members are being contacted and asked to complete a survey, after which they may be accepted into the beta. We're not sure if it's going to be the Gingerbread update, but we've got a feeling that it will be. Here's the survey intro:

Several thousand Droid X2 owners will receive the update. Only a percentage will be Motorola Feedback Network (MFN) members. If you sign up, your phone will be included.

This is what we call a "pre-launch soak." We'll watch what happens for about two days, just to make sure there is nothing wrong with the update or the update process.

You will be trialing FINAL software. This is not a beta test. In most cases, this is the software that will be released, unless we find an extremely serious issue. Your feedback will help us identify issues that may require a later fix, and help us prepare others for getting used to the new software. Your feedback will be extremely valuable and we do hope you will take part!

When you receive the update, we would appreciate your quick feedback. You will be provided a link to a private community. All of your comments and questions should be posted there, and that's where we'll provide more information.

We will also distribute one or more surveys to get your evaluation of the process and the software.

So it looks like we'll be seeing this update -- whatever it is -- in the coming weeks. Huzzah!

Thanks, anon!


Reader comments

Droid X2 about to soak itself in some sort of update


Good Deal... maybe it'll fix the random reset issue or the Youtube app from locking up my phone. Otherwise I'm extremely happy with the phone as is.

Gingerbread for my X2, my Asus Transformer testing Honeycomb 3.2, life doesn't get any better. So happy since I got rid of the Samsung Fascinate.

Noob question here. Does anybody know about how long these soak tests typically take and what the timeframe usually is before a release?

I'd give it around a week. The Atrix should be receiving it's GB update by the end of this week, unless it turns out that there are major bugs that need to be fixed. However, about 95% of the time when the OS makes it to the Soak phase, it's been finalized.

Do they usually do Soak runs for small updates? I was under the impression these were usually for upGRADES, i.e. Gingerbread (as Motorola is doing with the Atrix right now). I'd guess this is Gingerbread, all the way--especially because it's already on the OG X--but I could be wrong.

Have noticed up"grade" - thus far no issues (bad issues) speed seems increased, icons nice update. My X2 is still @ 2.3.3 according to the "About Phone" and the kernal is Really havent seen anything like the 4. something mentioned on the x forum. so far, is so far. . .//doghouse3438

i had a droid x and sunk it in the lake so they sent me the x2 and honestly i feel the x is a better phone. the 2 is not any faster tha n the x was as far as i can notice. and the compas is not calibratable so my dishfinder pro satellite app wont work on really fed up with these issues and just orderd the droid x razr. if anyone has any feedback i wld appreciate it.