Droid X Update

Can't tell you what's changed, but another OTA update (the second in less than a month of pre-release use) has been pushed out to the Motorola Droid X. The 18MB update took just a few minutes to download and install, and we're now working from version 1.13.604.en.US (up from 1.13.516), for whatever that's worth. It's still Android 2.1-update1, so we'll just have to wait some more for Froyo.


Reader comments

Droid X gets another update just days before launch


I am going to get up early Thursday to get this phone as VZW is not doing preorders and I have a feeling that online orders will be 7-10 days even if next day due to supply. My frustration is that this phone which has not even been released has seen more updates than my Motorola Droid. Kinda jealous of all the attention it is getting. I know I know, rumour is is that the Motorola Droid will get 2.2 a few week before Droid X does, but for $99 bucks I'll take the larger screen for my big hands and sell the Droid (tonight) three day Auction on Ebay for a couple hundred bucks and make $100. I just hope they keep up with the updates on this new beast, not like the original that they seem to not care so much about now. I am falling into their trap.

I'm just gonna have to stay awake tonight... I'm hoping that tonight is the night for Froyo... maybe I'll just stay awake until they realease it period :-/

Im not seeing what is the big deal about this phone.... What makes it so much better than say the EVO or the Samsung Galaxy S?

I'm gonna assume u wanted to ask "why is it better than the evo and the incredible" because all three are better than the galaxy s. The answer is Bigger screen, better processor (omap > snapdragon), better battery life.. it's all right here http://www.androidcentral.com/droid-x-specs-battle-royale

it's definitely debatable tho because some people don't want a phone this size, and would prefer the incredible. some would prefer front facing camera and go with the evo. It's really a good comparison though because these three phones are the heavyweights of the smartphone world, and do a fairly good job at putting the iphone to shame.

how do you figure that the incredible and evo are "better" than the galaxy s?

galaxy doesnt have a snapdragon either...

are you referring to just size/features, or are you talking about specs/ability, because the galaxy smokes the evo/incredible in graphics at least.

size/features along with speed memory and battery, along with all four galaxy s's coming with bing maps (which i read are not very good). does the gs have the same processor as the droid x? if so, then my argument pretty much goes to sh**

I thought the Galaxy S was supposed to be the best gaming phone out because of the humingbird processor? The Galaxy S processor is inline with the iPhone 4's processor which is better than the Snapdragon.....