Droid X Froyo update

The Droid X Froyo update is now available, folks! Go to Settings>About phone>Check for updates, and it's all yours. It's a hefty 67.6-megabyte update, so pop on your Wifi and pop open a cold one. It's going to take a few minutes.

We've already discussed what's new in Froyo, and what's new for the Droid X specificially. So get your update on, and hit the Droid X forums to discuss what we've got. Thanks to everybody who sent this in!

Update: For those of you who worry about root access, the Droid 2 root method works after this official update. Instructions on that here.

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allyzland says:

OH YEA!!!! Downloading now!!!!!!! I will comment back in about a half when its over!!! Froyo or BUST

cfireguy02 says:

I just wanted this at the top of the page so hopefully someone can help me but mine is screwed up, verizon is already sending me a new phone but after it says verifying update package... it says E:failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (no such file or directory) then E: signature verification failed Installation aborted what can I do???

cfireguy02 says:

I just wanted this at the top of the page so hopefully someone can help me but mine is screwed up, verizon is already sending me a new phone but after it says verifying update package... it says E:failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (no such file or directory) then E: signature verification failed Installation aborted what can I do???

Crimson says:

Woot! Oh wait, I have an EVO.. already have it.. Congrats Droid X'ers though.. :)

BTW - I'm hoping for BUST for the above poster just because I am a sadistic jerk.. ;)

tomg40 says:

Got it! Installing now. Finally!!!

HumanMachine says:

Downloading, here goes nothing.

KeithBlaX07 says:

Confirmed!!! My friend's stock 2.1 Droid X is installing the OTA as we speak.

YEAH!! Got mine installed already and looking for goodies...

Hardyboy001 says:

woohoo Installing right now!!!

johnolesen says:

so heres my question.

say we have the LEAKED FroYo...

could we say..put this version on our card as an update.zip...and install it that way?

ccm435 says:

Finally the wait is over! Downloading the goodness now! Thanks Android Central for keeping me updated.

Tallas says:

Updating my dad's X right now. He has been impatiently waiting for it. Thanks to Everyone who let Phil know Froyo was out.

Installed and working perfect. Now i can go to sleep. My baby is nowready for honeycomb

myersjesse says:

It says that it is downloading but does not show anythingon the phone. Is this normal? How long did the download take?

moosc says:

Glad to see every one getting some froyo. Been running for awhile on my X glad to see you catch up to my X. Itsonky tempory since my X froyo is deox and blur and bloat free.

66racer says:

Mine was installing, left it unattended and now stuck with M symbol!!! Had to make a call and noticed voice command worked! Ugg, this happened also on the beta version to get leaked so i had to reinstall 2.1 at the time. maybe my hardware has issues

New keyboard. like it. So far so good.

locobanana says:

got it succas

BBtoDX says:

Looks good! Swype hasn't looked better!

PhoenixMike says:

Now we all wait for someone to find a way to root 2.2... :)

EDIT: Looks like someone already found a way. Will test for myself.

J T M says:

Just for shits and giggles i figured i'd check for the update, and lo and behold it was available. Came here to shout out the good news, but ya'll beat me to it. Finally, Froyo is here for our X's!!

dacp283 says:


microman999 says:

It awesome seems to be twice as fast at everything even opening websites

Dante8205 says:

i cant update. the system updates tab in about phone is grey and i cant click it. is it because im in extended network?

PhoenixMike says:

My download was complete, phone rebooted and was greeted with a message saying installation failed :\

trypt says:

My installation failed twice also! Did you get it to work yet? I wonder if it's because I'm rooted?

cea1203 says:

Downloading NOW !!!! But doing over 5 bar 3G at work , going pretty fast 93% done in about 10 minutes !!!

Jaredd130 says:

Hook line sinker DONE!

froyoYum says:

Did any of you guys unroot on 2.1, if you were rooted, before you installed the update?

Evo2DroidX says:

I updated while rooted, just lost root everything works pristine. Launcher pro noted back up with asl my previous settings. Go for it

NotoriousNeo says:

Anyone else having issues with wallpaper? Seems to be the only thing that seems..."off." When I scroll back and forth between home screens it seems to flicker. It's pretty noticeable and kind of weird.

LauncherPro seems to correct it, but anyone running the stock Motorola shiz notice it too?

Baldy#AC says:

Anyone on the east coast getting the update? All I get from check for system updates is "Check for update was not available at this time. Try again later." I've tried through 3G, WiFi, and the Motorola Site and nothing.

dtlorman#AC says:

Downloaded and installed! Seems to be working well. Biggest thing I noticed was N generation support on wi-fi - big boost in download and upload speeds!Seems very responsive. Quadrant benchmark test scores ranging between 1350 and 1450. Was getting about 1240 on 2.1. I like the updated Gmail with the floating reply bar - that was always a pain to have to scroll down to the bottom of the message to reply. Ability to now use Google Voice Actions will be huge!

revdrdroidx says:

Just finished the download OTA and installing now...FINALLY, etcetc!!

Evo2DroidX says:

Been playing with it rather than working. Lol not a fan of lill extra bloatware added like vz navigator. But it seems a little more crisp, and flash is cool. Finally got it out. Now, to ROOT!
Tomorrow, I may root my evo

What the heck, am I the only one who can't get my phone to pull in the update. All it says is "Check for updates not available at this time. Try again later." Frustrating.

Baldy#AC says:

No update available yet for east coast? Can't update here in North FL either.

Which regions have been able to update so far? Sounds like the moutains and pacific zones have been doing fine so far. Why did it get released over there first?

wilsonbilson says:

East coast here (NYC). Just dl'ed and installed.
Using a LP update shortcut on my homescreen didn't work at all. Going into Settings > About > System Update instantly pulled it!

Baldy#AC says:

Good to hear there is some update activity on the east coast. Still not able to DL the update yet for some reason. Anyone in FL take the update yet? I'm in the Jacksonville area. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with geographical locations...just guessing. I just noticed that the first comments seemed to come from mainly the west coast or moutains area.

I had my DX rooted, so decided to try unrooting it to take the update.....no joy. Anyway, at least its on the network now...hopfully not too long now for me.

Salooned says:

Weird, I'm not getting the update yet. It keeps saying unavailable when I go to phone settings/updates. Am in NYC. When I have WiFi on, it just keeps searching (10 mins plus and nothing). Have turned off and on.. nothing. Anyone else getting this delay?

scummybear says:

4:48pm here in NJ and it still saying "Checking for available update. Please wait..." I am getting a little mad.

scummybear says:

Don't know if you got it to work yet, but I read post on another forum, said to remove battery and put back in. So I did, and as I type this very statement, I am downloading froyo! =)

OptimusGlen says:

Midwest here, unavailable for me. Booooooooo.

judasmachine says:

I am in central FL, and I got the update @ midnight. St Pete to be exact.

josuearisty says:

Congrats to DX owners and welcome to Froyo World

davidnc says:

Just downloaded it , all seems good , ,,,Just if I could find my ".com" button now, lol looks like the moved it :)

dacp283 says:

Wtf I can't get root to work. It wring push super user says no such file or directory.

ChrisX#AC says:

1437 quadrant! Eat that eclair!

revwill says:

This is awesome, but what are we going to talk about on the forum now?

ChrisX#AC says:


About time, lame Verizon.

rfmike says:

I don't think Verizon is lame. look at all those poor bastards on t-mobile, there just now starting to get the froyo update, half there androids are still on 1.6. not all of them are on 2.1.......I think we are Lucky Verizon customers.

When my wife gets up i'll have to ask here what she thinks of Froyo on her DroidX?? I left for work with her update downloading.

Thank Everyone at AndroidCentral for keeping me in the loop.

Sent from the HTC Incredible running 2.2

Bobman2000 says:

I couldn't wait for the update either. I update and now my X has locked up 6 times in the last hour. Any ideas, it did come back once with an error on laucher pro so I uninstalled it and it lasted longer but still locked up. Arggh. Any help!

Bobman2000 says:

Looks like I figure out it was a free virus software called Media Clean. I removed it and the phone is working like a champ. Going to re-install Launcher pro and see if it still works.

Dragoneer says:

I updated mine the minute 2.2 was released early this morning. No more laggy app drawer. Loving the flash player and new keyboard design. Froyo FTW!!

GQ50 says:

Congrads X owners. Hope the Samsung Captvte gets the Froyo luv, some day... :-(

vindogg80 says:

Agree'd.... Someone needs to post the update file.

quickly please

jg1319 says:

Any thoughts on when the update.zip file may be available for the new update. I'm going to wait for that to surface rather than flashing from the leaked 2.2 to 2.1 then using OTA to reupgrade to the "real" 2.2. I'd rather not lose everything and have to start from scratch. Congrats fellow DX owners!

Blaxing says:

I have been trying to update since last night it dowloads fine but i keep getting install failed error.

ikes_droidx says:

Sigh....i still get check update I'd unavailable at this time.....WHY WHY!!!!

juanito101 says:

Disable "autosync with wifi only" for your social apps

Spectre says:

East coast install here (Georgia) at 1:00 am. Only issue I have is the battery manager will crash and force close if I select the battery to get usage statistics.

Edit: Now that the phone has been up and running for 11+ hours, the battery manager properly displays the usage statistics. Odd, but now I have no problems with 2.2.

judasmachine says:

Ha. The same thing happened to me, and sure enough, right after I posted in the forums, I tried it one more time. And it worked....


tduffysd says:

still says update unavailable

trpttrooper says:

Congrats on froyo X users! I have a question that I'm curious about though. When 2.2 hit the Dinc, doing settings/about phone/system update did nothing. What's the difference? Is it a HTC/Motorola difference?

jellyelly says:

I just woke up and im downloading it now.....i live in Jersey so its definitely on the east coast but its been downloading for almost 10 mins and its only on 36% and its not even using 3g for some strange reason. Any answers anyone?

Its a feature of motoblur, it has the ability to pull updates once they are released so you don't have to wait for them to roll it out to you. I like motoblur/philblur

juanito101 says:

Speaker still blows.

mottspj says:

11:25 am upstate ny still getting check for updates not available. Anyone near me still not getting update?? This is killing me!

mottspj says:

Sorry hostage ny should be upstate ny

damnyankees says:

I'm in CT and manually downloaded the update this morning at 6:00 with no problem. I still have issues with Backup Assistant not working...are others? I thought the update was supposed to address that bug. Was pretty bummed to see I'm still having issues sending email from a POP account, too. I was hoping that would be fixed. Otherwise, all seems good, it's running well. Didn't expect a new Swype keyboard, but it works just fine!

damnyankees says:

hmm, just rebooted my phone because it was acting sorta funny/slow, and now it won't get past the Motorola logo when it's booting up. Ruh-roh.

ikes_droidx says:

East coast georgia no update

aergern says:

Moto still hasn't had Google update the market so that it sees the DX and 2.2 correctly. If you wipe data and cache ... you WILL not be able to download anything that has DRM attached to it such as Documents to Go keys or Fandango ... etc. You'll have to hunt down the hacked build.prop that was going around when the DX 2.2 first leaked. It fools the market into thinking you are on a Droid 2 ... then all the software YOU paid for will show up.

Epic FAIL Motorola. :/

smiller49 says:

Am I the only one who hates the new keyboard? They remove the .com button and the option to double tap the period button to get a comma. Those were very useful tools for typing. Horrible omission.

judasmachine says:

I'm a little annoyed at that, but I can live with it.

watejaso says:

Live on West coast. Got my 2.2 last night at 9:30. Took about 30 mins to download and install. LOVE IT! No problems so far. (Knock on wood)

damnyankees says:

Holy freaking crap is my phone running slowly. I called Verizon and they said a lot of people have complained similarly. Anyone here noticing the uber sluggishness?

judasmachine says:

How long has it been sluggish? Mine was a bit laggy for about an hour, then holy smokes it flew. It has a lot of stuff to restore, and it takes a while.

damnyankees says:

It was actually fine this morning after the update (which I did at about 7:00). Then it got progressively slower over the course of the morning, until I called Verizon at noon time. I can't even load my gmail accounts - maybe it'd load if I gave it more time, but last time I tried I waited about 30 minutes and no conversations appeared. Maybe I'll try another battery pull? Or I'll just be more patient, I guess, and maybe mine will wake up like yours did. The Verizon rep I spoke to said a lot of people were calling in about the sluggishness.

steevereeno says:

Cincinnati, OH here...update "not available at this time"...grrrrr!

Baldy#AC says:

On the phone right now with Verizon. Got a cust service rep that took 5 mins to talk me through the update procedures on the phone. Then finally got to tech support and they gave me the run around and told be that the phone should automaticly update on its own....haha! So, I originally waited a month to get my Dx, and now am still waiting a month later and no update available to me. I'm really starting to resent getting this phone. Verizon needs to step up their efforts.

!!!!!I had to do a factory reset on my phone to take the update!!!!!

edit: Finally done with the update and talking to Verizon. Like stated above I had to factory reset my phone. After that the update hung once at 42%, I rebooted the phone and when it came back on it finished downloading the update and continued to the install screen. After the install was done and the phone rebooted I had no 3G service available, and I could not reach any cust service through my phone. I called from my other phone and talked with a few reps before I was sent to the tech support person. He was awsome! He knew what was wrong and how to fix it. After reactivating the phone all services were restored to normal.

Glad to have the new update. Just wish it wasn't such a pain.

Oh, well I'll be setting up my phone and checking out the new features on Froyo!!

adamweish says:

HEEEELP!!! So I tryed to update about 4 times fails every time gets to the android with box and goes maybe 1/3 then stops and kicks out and reboots and says failed to update. So i then proceeded to do a factory rest, did so and same story... What else can I do???

chargerman65 says:

Live in EST zone and when got up this morning at 5 am I thought what the heck and tried the update process and it was there. Yes it took about 10 to 15 minutes to download but then loaded fine and updated fine. No problems. Works great! Like the new stuff. I have the Dinc also and waited and waited and finally found the OTA online and loaded it myself. It too works fantastic of course the Dinc has always been fast and smooth. Now even faster. Only thing having trouble with on X is the lasted update for Dropbox. Keeps saying "download unsuccessful" but old version works fine.

kanostic says:

I cannot update my phone, I download it click to install and it reboots and fails about 1/3 of the way and boots back up into the desktop without any error message. It just says failed to update, anyone find a fix for this?

noel8743 says:

Has anyone tried using the one button root method?

In in Los Angeles. No Froyo Yet. Keeps saying no update avail. Help...

Still no Froyo yet in Houston. Have tried all the tricks to get it from the server and nada. This sucks.

Works like a charm. One thing I dont understand is now my newest text no longer stays at the top of the list. WEIRD! Battery life is better, speaker is a little better, keyboard is better, and I love the new loaded apps..

Rclthms says:

Rooted 2.1 but didn't delete SU, updated to froyo and I still have SU in my app drawer. Does anyone know if that means I still have root? I'm asking instead of trying just in case.

deranger#AC says:

Southern Alabama has the update for sure, two of my friends got it last night at midnight. I had to remove the battery and disable Sync over WiFi Only to get my phone to pull the update.

Blaxing says:

I still have not been able to install the update.
Update downloads fine but the install fails a 1/4 of the way through then restarts.
I spoke with a Verizon tech this afternoon and was told that this is a known issue that has been reported on and that the a fix is being worked on but was unable to give me any sort of timeline.

harryj says:

Installed 2.3.15
phone running hot
intermittently stuck on M" screen
Sluggish feeling, albeit Quadrant is 1300-1500... looks good on "paper" anyway

Never rooted
Did however have a task killer
Had DX for 2 weeks

Today, Verizon said to take it to a V store to get 2.1 back on
They are aware of the bugs in this version and are patching it

I plan on reverting to 2.1, then rooting, and installing Birdman's versions. I came from the Storm 1 world and quickly found that the dev community supported the phone far better than Verizon or phone vendor