Droid X Otterbox Commuter Case

The Motorola Droid X is synonymous with awesome smartphone, and Otterbox is synonymous with awesome smartphone protection. And with the Otterbox Commuter Series case for the Droid X ... you see where this is going. It's one solid case for your Droid X.

The Commuter Series case actually comes in two parts. There's a rubber skin that wraps around your phone, and then a plastic shell you slide on top. You might be tempted to only use the rubber skin, but it's a little too loose to use alone.

Every part of the phone save for the touchscreen is protected by the case. The buttons are all covered by the rubber skin yet remain completely accessible. The 3.5mm headphone jack and HDMI and microUSB ports have little rubber flaps that fit inside for protection. It can take a little finagling to get everything in place just so.

The plastic shell covers the back, top and sides of the Droid X. You'll likely need to work on the HDMI-microUSB cover a little bit to get it to fit right. And once it's in place, you have one solid case. It's important to note that the Droid X's secondary microphones are completely uncovered, so their performance isn't attenuated. Same goes for the camera.

The Commuter Series case adds a little bit of thickness to the Droid X. But the phone is so thin to begin with (despite being tall and wide thanks to its 4.3-inch screen), it really doesn't bother us much. It's also just thick enough to keep the screen from touching when left face-down.

We've got more pics after the break. The Otterbox Commuter Series case for the Motorola Droid X is available in the Android Central Store for $24.95.

Motorola Droid X Otterbox Commuter Series CaseMotorola Droid X Otterbox Commuter Series Case

Motorola Droid X Otterbox Commuter Series CaseMotorola Droid X Otterbox Commuter Series Case

Motorola Droid X Otterbox Commuter Series CaseMotorola Droid X Otterbox Commuter Series Case

Motorola Droid X Otterbox Commuter Series CaseMotorola Droid X Otterbox Commuter Series Case

There are 11 comments

berkisho#AC says:

Will the phone in the case fit in the Motorola car dock w/o modifying the car dock?

nemesis099 says:

I highly doubt it as the dock just fits the phone itself.

funkyreuben says:

No, you have to modify the dock for it to fit.

netposer says:

I like the Otterbox line for toughness but unless you are clumsy or work in construction they are way to big and bulky for my taste.

I have one for an iPad here at work that we check out. It's bulky but we don't have to worry about someone dropping the iPad and breaking it.

That's a healthy dose of protection.

deercreek says:

I've been debating about buying the Defender for when my super glue job on my Case/Holster combo fails. I carry the phone in my pocket and like the idea of the Otterbox. I wish I could find one locally to check out. All I usually see are ones for the iPhone, although Verizon did have the Commuter for the X.

bright2018 says:

Great addition to my X! With the hard plastic on the outside it slides in and out of my pockets with ease!

Does anyone know if the extended battery still fits with this case?

El Jefe says:

Yes it does. I have this case & the Motorola extended battery.

TheNinja says:

Best case there is man. I messed around with some cheapo cases initially, but once I got this one for my EVO, it's never come off. Quality is excellent. Worth the extra cash, and doesn't really add that much bulk, to be honest.

rustyboy717 says:

I got one from Verizon store and it does not have the HDMI/charger port cover. I took it back and they said that is the way all of theirs are. I emailed Otterbox and they said that that is the way Verizon "spect them out". Disappointed as I work in construction and the port covers are the reason I bought the Otterbox. Not sure if I should be mad at Verizon or Otterbox. Other thann that if you would buy a normal one they're great.

TRD says:

i would love to try the otter box on my X!!