Were you one of the many who stayed awake last night to check out the lunar eclipse as it occurred in the early morning hours? Many of us wish we could capture the amazing event on camera, and it appears as though one person was going to go to any extreme to capture a shot. With the use of his Motorola Droid X and a telescope @freshgeardude was able to capture the miraculous shot that is shown above. It's not quite as spectacular as this other moon shot we've seen, but it's still a great example of exactly just what Droid Does! [via @freshgeardude]


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Droid X captures great shot of the Lunar Eclipse last night


I don't want to knock the pic or the pic-taker, because this is an okay pic for a night-shot off a cell phone...but let's be honest, the camera on the DX is borderline terrible.

Will this post work? Something should be done about that spam filter...I just lost a whole post.

Discovered last night that my wifes pics from her DX are horrible compared to my DInc.

Lol, as a DX owner, im not a hater. My iphone took better pictures. My non smartphone before that nearly took better pictures. Im a pretty decent amatuer photographer, so yes, terrible focusing and grain even on pictures taken in broad daylight do piss me off.

Put the koolaid down man. Wake up

My DX takes grainy pictures one minute and then perfectly sharp and in focus the next. I'd say that is borderline horrible. This is my third replacement and all have acted the same. And don't get me started on the barcode scanners on this thing.

Lets be honest,it's a cameraphone not DSLR. So that's a pretty good pic. BTW,how does one connect their telescope with their cameraphone?

That's a good picture, have any of you tried to hold a camera to a telescope, it's darn hard. To get such a great picture with something that was not designed as a camera is a feat.

I have a dx and incredible. Andi have to say, the flash is amazing.I can use it as a strobe light with this app called tesla led. The ac team should review it its so cool

I'm the one who took the picture.

it was pretty difficult to find the best exposure and ISO to get the best picture, but i think this was set at 200 iso and 3 exposure.

To take the pic through the telescope was probably the hardest part, I used the hole that you use to view with your eye, it was pretty small but managed to get the picture.

I know the light sensor on the camera on the DX for night isnt the greatest, but i managed to pull this off. day light pictures are amazing good. I've taken pictures at rocky mountain national park with the DX during daylight and they were simply stunning.

thanks for all the positive comments.

haters gonna hate :P

Well don't know what youre doing wrong but mine take excellent pictures. Def better than any previous phone I've had.

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