We're here in New York where Google and Motorola just introduced the first fruits of its collaboration, the brand new RAZR line. The RAZR Maxx HD is the successor to the wildly popular RAZR Maxx, and a worthy one it is: underneath the hood you've got a Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, the same chip powering the GS3 and HTC One X. You've also got the Maxx's famous 3,300 mAh battery, which Moto says will get you through 32 hours of normal usage. Motorola's battery technology is unmatched at this point, and it's not about to let you forget it.

But the true upgrade here is the RAZR line's display-- the HD and Maxx HD both have a stunning 4.7 inch Super-AMOLED display at 720p resolition that is right up there with Samsung and HTC in terms of clarity and vividness. I might even go on record and say it bests the GS3 in terms of color saturation, though my opinion may change after extended usage. it's simply stunning, and I don't have enough nice things to say about it.

Compared to the original Maxx, the second generation is a step up in terms of build quality-- the metal border, the slim bezel, the Kevlar coating, and the Gorilla Glass display all add up to one of the sturdiest smartphones on the market. And compared to the RAZR HD, the Maxx's size is nearly identical. While the Maxx feels just a few hairs heavier than the RAZR HD, thickness and dimensions will only be noticed by the most trained of eyes.


The RAZR Maxx HD (right) is negligibly thicker than the RAZR HD.

The models on-hand at today's launch were packing Jelly Bean, though Motorola says the new RAZR line might launch with ICS, with a 4.1 upgrade "before the end of the year." We hope that's not the case, but we'll take it if we have too-- a small price to pay for some of the best hardware Motorola has ever released. Check out some hands-on shots below.




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Droid RAZR Maxx HD hands-on


Developer version on the best LTE network? Yes, please. I already have unlimited so I'll stick with the maxx developer.

I can't help but laugh at Verizon and this Droid Razr Maxx Hd. Ics and plenty of moto and Verizon bloatware it's pitiful. Verizon sucks rotten eggs..

so they have jb on it but might release it with ics lol thats just lame..come on if samsung can release the note to with jb on board then motorola who is owned by the creators of android can surely make jb available out the box...if they dont then thats a massive fail

NOT the "same phone".

Different and much higher quality display, has Krait onboard (the best mobile CPU out there) which did not exist last year and still has the giant battery. End result is a phone with LTE and unbelievable battery life.

Well bigger screen, HD resolution this time (though should have been HD before), much faster processor and the back is flat, with no bump where the camera is.

I'd love to see a shootout between the Razr Maxx HD, Samsung Galaxy S3, Sony Xperia T and the LG Optimus G. Galaxy Nexus looking old now.

It sure as hell does with JB--it's hardware is still old though.

Lest we forget the RAZR, which was released with hardware from the mid 90's.

You talking about the new Android-based RAZR? What mid-90's hardware? You must mean all the wireless standards that it has to use to work. :P

I have to admit to being a sleek innovation design whore. Im glad they got rid of that Moto camera hump but damn, Its just not sleek looking enough!

in the promo pics, the side BEZELS are thin.
in real pics, the bezel's much thicker... uhh OK moto... you fail.

It really seems Motorola's latest OS skin is about as close to a Nexus OS as I've seen, so much so I would consider this as my next device. Glad they have moved this direction. Now they just need to get their designs on more carriers.

I feel the same way. I'll take a Nexus MAXX HD when I'm due for an upgrade (in May 2014... ugh) as long as it has an unlockable bootloader and decent developer support. I can't really argue against a phone that has sick stock battery life and doesn't require a case for protection.

What was that "Quick Settings" thingy on the left-most screen of the phone in the video? Some app's widget?

Based on what I saw on the Razr HD hands-on, it seems the same settings screen (Wifi, Bluetooth, Autorotate, etc.) that shows when you swipe down on usual Android UI.

It appears to be a feature of Moto's ICS launcher. Swipe past the left most screen and it takes you to the quick settings. Swipe past the right most screen and it takes you to an 'add screen' control.

By the looks of that Iphone like trim ring around it...we may have a lawsuit on our hands. Tis a good looking phone though.

@butane87: total effing lawsuit, i agree. even Andrew said it. sheesh, u think they would have known. Android/Google have made good-looking phones, and they really sent this one back a couple years. the RAZR HD MAXX is thin for having such a beefy battery, but it looks obsolete and the metal band is so iClone. i'm glad they got rid of the weird tapering on the M (though it was distinctive). and a SAMOLED HD? obsolete. everything should come with at least a SLCD2. by far the best mobile screen by far.

@nter88: total iClone flop. this should have been the original RAZR. that phone sucks/sucked and is barely on par now; screen sucked, cam sucked, execution of the processor sucks. the RAZR HD is already obsolete. the Vigor kicked that thing's ass and is finally on par with it (save the S4). i wish Verizon/HTC would've pushed the Vigor more, but maybe the "dlx" will be so.


Kinda makes you scratch your head as to why even offer both versions.

So the HD is 2500mah
Did they confirm the new Maxx is still 3300mah?

What size internal storage does this come with?

That's my only gripe with my GNEX as well. The 2100mah battery helps a little, but I have to swap batteries all the time.

The real issue is my connection at work sucks at 1 bar or less all day. I think Motorola is known to have better quality radios but I could be wrong. At home my battery is acceptable.

The very light approach on changing the OS leaves a great feeling to me this device will feel Nexus like in use. I'm sure Verizon will still stink at releasing updates though. I really want this phone on other carriers.

The S4 chip has provided excellent battery life for the other phones using it. 2500mah for the white version should still give stellar battery life.

Yes,I too want a white phone on VZW. The current white RAZR wasn't enough to choose over Gnex, they said the white would be available on both new RAZR versions from the start. I'll look at the Maxx since I'm really not a fan of Ultra Thin phones. Why the S3 doesn't appeal to me even tho it's available in white.

Edit- Went to VZW.com and the white is sexy! No black front, all of phone is white all around! Thanks Moto! White RAZR HD Maxx, developer edition please!

the razr hd comes in black or white and only has 2500mah battery. The maxx hd only comes in black and has 3300mah battery.

First, really nice phone. Too bad already have VZW S3!!!

To bworley go to Play Store and look up One More Clock Widget. Looks like this, have it on GNote 1.

I had a love affair with Motorola phones, right up until the bionic. This makes that old feeling return. Good job moto.

Does anyone besides me realize what Motorola is doing? They have successfully overcome one for Android's major weaknesses. Battery life. The S4 processor SIPS battery as anyone with a GS3, One X, or One S knows. With a 2000 mAh battery, the RaZR M will easily last all day. With it's 2,500 mAh battery, the RAZR HD might last as long as the current RAZR MAXX. And with it's 3,300 mAh battery, the RAZR HD MAXX will make the current RAZR MAXX's battery life look short. This is all of course assuming that they got all the software right but still. Motorola Battery life FTW!!!

I have been a HTC user since I came over from Blackberry a couple years ago. I love their phones except for battery life. Finally a phone that doesn't look like a brick with a huge battery! This phone may make me switch to Motorola, and it may be a little cheaper for me by the time my re-newel is available June. Maybe something else will come out until then to excite me, but I can't see any phone coming out with this kind of battery and specs. I'm over having stylish, phones that can't last more than 2 hrs with heavy use. I want something that has all the right functions, features and is built like a tank. This may be the phone for me! The only thing I don't like about these razr are the width. I'll get over that with these specs.

I think I might want this - I don't know what it is, but I really like the way it looks and "feels" (from a distance) - the hardware checks all the right boxes and the battery size while remaining humpless is just great.

I'll tell you one thing - my desire is NOT HELPED by that wallpaper and homescreen setup. AAAAHHHH who is in charge of that bit of the marketing. It just looks like a neon beer sign puked onto a black slab.

Just got the Razr HD yesterday - came from the Galaxy Nexus. I'm super impressed. The build is the first android device I would say comes close to the iPhone. Solid, dense, not plasticy (like the samsung devices). There is virtually no bloatware what so ever. What is there, I find quite useful (smart actions for example - allow you to set device configurations based on triggers). The battery life is incredible. I unplugged this phone last night at 8:00PM my time, and spent the next 90 minutes configuring all my apps, and then some reading on the kindle app. It is now 1:00PM my time, and I have made several conference calls, lots of emails, listened to slacker while I worked out, and I'm at 52% battery still. My GNex with the extended battery would not have made it through the night without dying. Jelly Bean is cool, was digging it on my GNex, but I can live without it for a couple of months until they release it for these devices. Good chance I'll return this and exchange for the MAXX!!