Update: Well, looks like the YouTube account that uploaded the videos has been closed. That's the way it goes with leaks sometimes. 

A few video tutorials have leaked out, very similar to ones we've seen before for other Motorola devices, showing basic functions of using what we presume is the Droid RAZR HD. Although the device isn't actually properly called out as such, it's a pretty safe bet at this point given the design, Verizon branding and timing. Leaks like this line up with what we're assuming will be the launch of the device at a Verizon and Motorola event on September 5th.

The videos are pretty run of the mill, showing off basic functions of the latest Motorola UI over Ice Cream Sandwich -- which looks extremely similar to what we've seen on the Atrix HD. Unfortunately they don't give away much in the way of specs or a look at the rest of the device, but we'll know soon enough. Take a gander after the break at the rest of the videos.

Source: Droid Life


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Droid RAZR HD video tutorials leaked (update - and now they're gone)


For alot of people this phone is going to be to little to late. Not for me though, this is the phone I've been waiting on all summer. The stock feel is what I want; but I couldn't stand my Nexus with its radio issues, and the horrible battery life. This phone will give me that stock feel, with Moto's build quality and radios. Along with a great screen and processor, and of course the battery, I figure I will get 15 hours+ easily with a 2530mAh battery especially with the S4 processor, it may get close to Maxx battery life...