Droid RAZR HD and MAXX HD owners have started receiving an update for their devices. This latest OTA will bump both versions of the RAZR HD to Android 4.1.2, and comes with security patches from Google and a fix for data roaming.

Multiple software improvements have also been made. Detection of USB cables has been improved, as has the devices' Wifi connectivity. Wallpaper options have been added when selecting home screen icons, and the camera app has had improvements made to its touch-to-focus, notifications, and low light performance. Headset connectivity is better, as is pixelation in video streaming. Media sync problems should also be gone, now that sync more stable.

If you're rocking a Droid RAZR HD or MAXX HD, be sure to hit the forums and let us know how you're getting on..

Source: Droid Life


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Droid RAZR HD and MAXX HD Android 4.1.2 update is live


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Haven't noticed any improvements personally since the update this morning, though I didn't play around with the camera. Phone still lags considerably (like it has since the JB update). Lost SMS delivery confirmation since the update. It tells me msgs have sent, but I never get the green checkmark. Seems like many/all are having this issue if you look in the forums.

My experience has been nothing but positive with this update. SMS and MMS are sent much faster. Camera seems slightly better. Transitions and animations are smooth and snappy. I've seen many talking about delivery reports not working but I've never used them anyways.

Can we please address the fact that text messages and emails are both called "messages"? I hate this since the last update. I get a lot of each and sometimes it is confusing...by sometimes I mean a lot of the time! *By "a lot of the time" I mean ALWAYS!*

This update is pretty dope. Most of the Motorola bloat is gone, other than the Circles clock widget and the contacts widget, both of which are useful. The camera has improved in taking low light pics and the sound seems to have improved. I have a DNA that I have to send back to Verizon and I would say that the Maxx's camera is on a par with the DNA and the sound is pretty close. Good improvements Motorola! Just get rid of the dumb slide lock and go with the stock Android slider.

I just received my update for my Razr Maxx for jelly bean. It seems to be much quicker and slicker.
It also is driving a new router with the push button and pin because my old one that works perfectly well had no button and no ability to accept the pin.
Verizon is sending me a new router that can do these functions. It just hit me that I won't be able to sign into protected networks belonging to friends who have only the capabilities of my old network. Router changes will probably drive connecting all my devices that are hanging to the new or old system again. That part of the transition was not very slick.

I have a major problem with this update on the moto droid 4. Everything works well, except it the shift key on my keyboard doesnt work anymore

I do not like this new update! My pics are not in timeline format anymore, and that is how I prefer them. Texts are harder to read. Hate the black background. Loved my phone prior to this update, now can't stand it. Cannot even perform some of the functions that I always used now....want my phone back to how it was!

On my DROID 4, it's all bad news.

Phone call audio cuts out
Shift key doesn’t work
Map GPS doesn't work - or maybe I haven't found the trick to make it work.

Black background on texts and email is impossible to read
Alarm clock lost graduated volume
Media player sounds awful

I absolutely hate this new release. The Shift key problem is driving all of the Droid 4 owners mad. The phone audio cutting out is a deal killer. I'll be on the phone with support tomorrow.

For the maxx HD anyone else having the freeze then reboot every 3 to 5 mins? My phone was never rooted or unlocked. I did a power cycle and factory reset and still no good. I called vz tech support and they are mailing me a new phone. Anyone know of any fixes for this?