Verizon is continuing its DROID ad onslaught with this latest spot that claims that the DROID is not a princess but a robot, "a phone that trades hairdo's for can do". It seems to us that Verizon is embracing the hard angles and industrial design and strategically positioning the DROID for the male market. The Princess Phones of the world (which looks strikingly like the iPhone) need not apply because they're clueless devices.

We love all the DROID commercials but don't they seem a little propaganda-ish with the quick cuts, ominous voice, and heavy graphics? Or is that the point? What do you guys think of the new spot?


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DROID Isn't a Princess, It's A Robot


Must buy Robot...Must buy Robot...It's actually refreshing to see VZW pushing a phone for once instead of its service. Why the ads aren't the greatest, it is good to know that Big Red has finally figured out that service is nice, but if you don't have a device to take advantage, whats the point.

Love it. I think that is why the legal battle ended. I think the whole thing was strategic on both sides at least the ceasing of it. The reason is because the new ad wars between AT&T and Verizon has been great for business on both ends. Yeah this commercial is propagandaish. I do think that is the point. The new ad war approach works well because fierce competition polarizes the population and sets the phones up as the two sumos in a sea of brine shrimp which even if it isn't accurate it makes for a fun ad campaign and a loyalty rub it in your face cause my phone is better than yours because all out brawl. Awesome.

I love these ads! And this one is awesome! It's the perfect marketing strategy the way they are pushing the phone. It's great for people who aren't up on today's cell phones, and great for those who are familiar with the iPhone because this sets itself apart from the iPhone and raises great points about our society today with the iPhone. iPhone owners are conformists, Droid isn't.

I think Verizon's ad campaign has been the best thing for Android. What's even better is that for the last 3 years everyone has been claiming they have the next "iPhone killer" and Apple/iPhone-fanboys have been extolling their superiority; finally the iPhone has a legitimate challenger.

Thing is, Android could always hold it's own against iPhone. From a user perspective, the average person couldn't tell the difference between 2.0 and 1.6 aside from the lock screen. But now Android is packaged in a device that gets Android noticed. Once Sony-Ericcson releases the X10, Android will show how outdated iPhone is by iPhone's own standards.

I love 'em. It is refreshing to see Verizon step up and showcase its phone and not its network. And Droid being showcased is good for Android as a whole. I think the commercials are spot on genius. And going after the "top dog" in the cell phone game is exactly what should be done. To be the "best" you have to beat the "best". To use an analogy- It's just like Pro Wrestling. If you're champion you've got a nice target painted on your back. And since the Apple IPhone wants to play champion, then they better get used to the target on their backs.

You obviously know very little about marketing.

Verizon is trying to make itself and the Droid cool and drool-worthy with these ads. Problem is Verizon will NEVER be. Google may be cool…and even Moto could be cool again. But Verizon will always be just a a “dumb pipe”…a cable-tard.

Look at all the money they are spending trying to define their brand and the Driod by calling out and taking on the category leader. In the process, they are reinforcing the leader brand.

Yesterday there were rumors that Verizon might offer the Droid as a buy one, get one free offer to surge sales. I hope the frigtards do that — it will just devalue the brand even quicker.

Verizon doesn’t know how to walk the walk and talk the talk. The Droid may be a great new phone, but theses jackasses are bungling the marketing, appealing only to techies and not the mass market…and trying to be cool and hip when they’re not.

Has anyone ever seen the movie Conspiracy Theory? Remember when Jerry's eyes were forced open and he had to stare at those ever-changing images? That's what this commercial reminds me of.

Meh... I got my the DROID for the network (and because it was $99 with my Upgrade Every Two discount). If iPhone were available on Verizon, I could have easily gone that route.

LOVE the ads. LOVE them. This is exactly where it's at. I haven't been happy with my phone in a long time. I liked my Treos because they were easy to use, but the software was so outdated today and I switched to Blackberry. Couldn't get used to the interface. Wasn't going to AT&T for the iPhone. I just want something that is powerful, works well with the web, integrates all my e-mail accounts and replaces my MP3 player (drag-and-drop to a folder from my media library is fine with me). The Droid, um, DOES.

LOVE the industrial design. A phone is a device. It's a machine. I want it to do what I want it to do, not what someone TELLS me it should do. This latest "princess" ad is perfect. You can take your pretty phones and computers and stuff 'em. I'm busy. I need a robot. ;)

this ad is the best one by far, this is exactly what i feel the Iphone is...its just a pretty phone...none the less its a great phone but its not something for me, i don't think big red has ever been behind one of their devices like with Droid not even with the storm. i would switch to VZ just for this phone but unfortunately I'm still under contract with Tmo, its ok though i can always flash an android 2.0 rom on my g1 =]

I am a self described Apple fan-girl. I love the ads. Love the styling. Time somebody kicked sand in the bully's face. I got my Droid.

Great ads.
"It seems to us that Verizon is embracing the hard angles and industrial design and strategically positioning the DROID for the male market."

Exactly. I did without a do-it-all handheld for years until the droid came along. All other devices, iphone included, seemed too prissy.

"It's not a princess, it's a robot." This is exactly how I feel about the droid. The pitchman delivers this line in a shove-it-down-your-throat sort of way, which I like.


Well industrial design doesn't have to be ugly, just check out the Zune HD or the original Hero (minus the chin). Mmmmmm... Zune HD hardware + Android 2.1 + a mixed Xperia and Zune HD UI + HTC keyboard + multitouch + Snapdragon + Pre multi-task cards and notifications + iPhone OS smoothness & App Store + front facing camera = pure Heaven.

If the Droid sells as well as the rumors claim it too, then it's due to the ads because there isn't much else to make it a special phone IMO. Yeah it has 2.0 but so will others and at any given moment someone else will release an Android 2.0 phone with slide out keyboard and better specs and a killer design! Then what? Is it game over for Verizon? Of course not but it sure does seem like they are building up this particular model an awful lot. Eventually Android will be running on so many phones that it will ultimately come down to beauty queen looks. The irony! LOL. I love Droids screen but prefer the HTC Sense UI phones. If HTC released a Touch Pro 2 styled Android phone with better specs and a slimmer body the Motorola Droid would be dead.

So, you think there is some 'ultimate design' that will appeal to everybody in the world, huh?

If there is a world everybody has the phone with one ultimate design, I can say old 1980's design will make a hit there.

It's not just how it looks. It's also how it stands out among them.

And I can say Droid made a hit in a world of rounds.

I have loved the previous Verizon there's a map for that commercials because they were so true and made fun of AT&T's lousy service.

This ad is offensive and blatantly untrue. Horse duct taped to a scud rocket kind of fast?
Hello. The iPhone 3GS has been shown to be much FASTER than the Droid.

iPhone clueless? It has defined a new computing category that Android is still trying to reach. Again baseless insult.

Over impression they're saying the Droid with its fragile slide out keyboard is more rugged than an iPhone? I don't think so.

When a company says untrue things, they lose credibility. You then doubt anything they say, even if its true.

This commercial alienates anyone other than teenage to college boys.

That post hit it squarely on the head.

BAD marketing message even if it was true -- which it obviously is not.

The only people who could love this commercial are Droid fanboys ('cause after this there won't be any fangirls) and the people who got paid to produce the commercial.

I own a Droid. Absolutely loving it so far. I also, however, own an iPod touch (which is basically the iPhone minus the phone). I can say, hands down, the iPhone/iPod touch UI is much better implemented than Android is on the Droid. The Droid no doubt is easy to use, but it has a ways to go before it becomes as intuitive as the iPhone.

Two more things...I own a Droid not just for the look (it is a very hard-edged industrial looking device, but has class to it as touches here and there...matte surfaces...metal and glass...very classy), but for the network. I know it's cliché and old hat by now to say that Verizon thrashes AT&T(Consumer Reports just did an article on cell providers in the US and AT&T came out last in all but 2 categories), but it's true!

2nd, the ads, as clever as they may seem, are definitely not right. This one in particular is full of misogynistic crap, if you ask me. The bananas being sawn in half? And the "money shot" with the banana on the camera? Going a little far there.

Like I said, I love my Droid. But Motorola, Big Red, and Google have a ways to go before they topple Apple's throne.