HTC Droid Incredible

We're getting pinged left and right today that the Gingerbread update for the HTC Droid Incredible is pushing out in earnest following a brief delay. In addition to Android 2.3.4, you can expect:

  • MMS messages will now send correctly
  • Properly save audio files from MMS messages
  • Successfully play audio from MMS messages
  • Internet connection via Bluetooth now enabled
  • VZ Navigator now operates on Wifi
  • Change songs in the music widget by tapping the forward button
  • Camera now functions with an SD card inserted

If you're not in a waiting mood, we've got great manual installation instructions available in the forums. Hit up the link below.

Droid Incredible Gingerbread manual download instructions

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rocktoonz says:

Any word yet on root and s-off for this build?

ricbon says:

yeah got this morning but i'm running skyraider4.0, going to hop on cm7 dont want the update and lose root.

unpaidhelp says:

Angry Birds got uninstalled with my update...

draken says:

Unmount and remount the SD card, see if it shows up again.

unpaidhelp says:

Nope, didn't work...It's listed as a downloaded application installed on the sd card. Try to move it to phone storage and it says 'failed to move application. The application does not exist.'
On all three versions of the game too

draken says:

Hopefully you can just reinstall the apps and not lose your progress.

bbalak says:

If this doesn't fix the low memory error, it's pointless.

Crystalyne says:

Memory error is still there. :( Phone also says that there is a 4.3 display.

I was hoping the same thing, but my "phone storage space is getting low" error messages are now WORSE since I upgraded to Gingerbread. Time for a new phone this holiday season, I'm tired of factory resetting this thing.

technomom says:

rew001 says:

My install was waiting for me this morning.
Still playing around with phone.

does the official gingerbread update stop tethering (w/pdanet)?

I'm tethered via PDANet right now! So I would like to know this too! :-)

Mike_is_Mike says:

The latest GB delay for TB is now only 23 days away!

kline83 says:

Hey I know every phone diff. But just a heads up if you like to root your phone becare with the upgrade I have a g2 and update I had a temp root root not knowing gingerbread is hard to root I had to downgrade to perm root just so you guys know befor updating

kline83 says:

You can get the s-off this wed site talks bout it for the person who asked that question hopfully this helps you

rocktoonz says:

That will root FroYo, but I have not yet heard if it will work with this new GB update.

TylerWilt says:

When will the Over-The-Air update push out? I'm afraid if I do it manually, I'll screw up my phone.

Crystalyne says:

Got mine this morning. Small visual changes. Still playing with it though.

TylerWilt says:

very jealous. I kept restarting my phone during the day to see the update in my notification bar. at least i know it's out, it's just a matter of when it floats my way.

I think the memory error is gone, because now it actually shows you the storage it is using in the applications list. Seems to be a lot faster for me...

kline83 says:

Can't root gb as of yet u can try gingerbreak but I just downgraded and root good luck guys

chrishaney38 says:

Any idea when the update will be pushed to all users?

mkl4466 says:

If you are already rooted use ROM manager and get business gingersense. Looks great and extremely stable.


It took a couple hours of reading and following instructions in the forums last night, but I upgraded my DINC rooted to rooted upgrade. Thanks to the well done guides and tips, I was prepared when only 100 of my apps made it over in the upgrade. 114 had to be restored via Appbrain and 12 move via AmazonApp. Boot up is much faster and phone seems smother.

The upgrade is not quick so have patients when you think your phone has locked up, leave it plugged in and don't just try to reboot it. Eventually it will reboot and you will have Gingerbread installed.

elleirdad says:

My OTA update arrived last night. Installing it now. Boston suburbs.

Hey everyone, I got the update and pressed install now and it said rebooting in 10 seconds, so it counted down and nothing happened. Any ideas?

compcons says:

It stayed on the Android 2 HAL eyeball boot screen for a bit longer than usual but its back. I will see how this works out by leaving all the default apps running all of the time. I usually boot, open Task Killer and kill everything off and have it set to do that regularly. I also had a reboot with Nav while making calls. Time will tell.

agilpwd says:

Eagerly checked my phone this morning, hoping for the update. Nada.

TylerWilt says:

You're not alone

chloriNate says:

My Incredible popped up with the update this morning, but it didn't do anything after an hour so I power cycled it. It then stopped showing that it had an update and it says "your system is up to date" even though it's still running 2.2 so I am trying it manually. We'll see.

TekNiKal says:

Both my wife and I had the update waiting this morning. Besides the clock being animated and a few visual changes to some notifications, what's the big deal? What was all the anticipation for exactly? The enhancements listed above were not issues for me.

Peter95973 says:

So has any verizon customer got the gingerbread ota update on the west coast.

Yes, and now I (and the boyfriend) can no longer send/receive texts or calls. Awesome.

compcons says:

I am not 100% certain, but I am pretty sure that my signal strength meter is consistently lower than it had been. Is it real or am I imagining it? I figure it isn't real, a bug in the display, or their way of extending battery life by crippling the antenna. I currently show 0 bars in a room that I have never had issues before. This is my personal phone and provides a backup to inadequate ATT iphone service for work. I will be pissed!

Peter95973 says:

My phone still has not been sent the update and when I check it states my system is currently up to date. Any ideas to when the update will hit most people.

TylerWilt says:

Hopefully soon. My says the same thing yours does.

mandy_pants says:

Help! I received the update this morning, and now my screen just spins with the word "Loading..." and then gives me the error message, "Sorry! The application HTC Sense ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again"

I cannot access Settings to try and change anything. Have tried Restarting/Powering Off/ removing the battery. Any thoughts?

mandy_pants says:

OK - after trying to fix all is what happened:

Luckily, I received the "low memory" error in the notification bar, and was able to access the "Manage Applications" setting. Under "All," I scrolled down to HTC Sense and selected it. Then hit "Clear data," okay-ed the warning message, and then hit "Clear defaults." All my home page icons are gone now, but I can actually utilize the phone...

Stone23 says:

Does your phone have to be rooted in order to manually download the update??

I rebooted my incredible because it never rebooted itself, and now there is no update. It says my system is up to date, when I'm running Froyo. Ideas?

Peter95973 says:

So does verison send the OTA or does HTC

TylerWilt says:

Anyone still haven't gotten it yet? I'm about to do the manual update.

KJL487 says:

Still no Gingerbread in South Central Pennsylvania.

vxaxv17 says:

Nothing here in NY either. wtf? im about to do manual update myself

quacker24 says:

Any News if the rooted S-off will receive it over the air?

warrenjmeyer says:

No Gingerbread for me yet! WTF?!

teffects says:

Its 1.20 am on Monday, September 12 in Philadelphia. No update on my Droid Incredible yet.

BMcBride81 says:

No update for me in OR yet.

bhappycattle says:

Nothing yet here in Western Kansas!?!

brad419 says:

Nothing here in Middle Georgia! Maybe this is just BS!

Somaone says:

North GA - got it late last week.

BBaker82 says:

Nothing in Baltimore!

Peter95973 says:

Still nothing in northern california

mpinter says:

Nothing in Milwaukee yet. This is a slooooooooooow rolling rollout, eh?

cefairley says:

Still nothing in DC... This is beyond lame.

teffects says:

I wonder if this delay has anything to do with how I installed Froyo.. I hadn't waited for the OTA update, but installed through instructions here on AndroidCentral. Of course Verizon had later flashed a message on my phone about 2 weeks later about how I'd been updated to the new Android OS, so they know I'm on it.

But I still wonder if OTA updates go first to people who previously updated OTA.

Philly on Tuesday evening, and no Gingerbread on my phone.

Btw, why exactly am I waiting for it? What changes? As far as I can gather, the bootup is faster. That would be a welcome improvement because the bootup on this is VERY slow. What else, significantly? Does the random restart when the phone warms up (after a long time on GPS or charging while on speaker phone) problem go away? What about visually?

TylerWilt says:

A little faster processing and I think very minor changes with notifications. The flip clock animation will actually flip now; which is my most favorite part. Other than that, nothing else.

jimbl says:

Still nothing in Michigan. Strange thing is, my wife and I have stock phones under the same (shared) plan and she got her update the morning after it started rolling out. Here it is 8 days later and still nothing for me. It's probably been delayed again.

actvesna says:

Still nothing here in Northern Cali. Very tempted to update manually.

teffects says:

Saturday, September 17 6 pm in Philadelphia, PA. No update.

TylerWilt says:

I contacted Verizon saying my Incredible still hasn't received the update and he told me to soft reset it (take the battery out and wait 10 seconds and put it back in). He said that would work, but it didn't. He said he didn't know why because I should have received it, but he said that because my phone is still under warranty, they're shipping out a replacement phone with the update installed. So if you're in my situation, e-mail Verizon and see what they can do.

Peter95973 says:

I will try the soft reset on my phone. Mine is also under warranty. But I dont want to have to purchase a new zagg screen protector or loose all my Data. I'm just going to upgrade my phone to the charge and give the incredible to my daughter.

teffects says:

Thanks Tyler, tried that. No luck. And unfortunately I'm no longer under warranty. I bought this on the day it released.

TylerWilt says:

You're welcome. And I'm sorry to hear that you're not under warranty. I'd be kinda scared but there is always the manual update.

jimbl says:

Still nothing here in West Michigan. Starting to believe I won't be getting the OTA update.

abetalerman says:

I did the Manual download from above. Worked fine. Downloaded the file, Renamed it. Put in on the card, Hbooted, and updated fine. no data loss however, after reset i noted some weird quirks. Did a factory erase device only. SDCARD stayed as is. so far;

I noticed unit is faster, Has a restart device option. Runs well.. Still has issues with random reboots like froyo did tho.

teffects says:

I haven't received the OTA update yet, and am not entirely comfortable with the manual download process.

But my question is: do you get the random reboots when the phone is heated up? Over the last 1.5 years that I've had the phone, I've narrowed down to that situation when the phone starts rebooting. Its really heated up, usually after using Google Maps Navigation in my car for really long, or talking on the phone for a really long time while it is still charging, or playing games on it for ~1 hour. At that point, it randomly reboots and then keeps doing it several several times.

abetalerman says:

YEs it seems it still happends when the phone gets hot. I don't use the phone for GPS all that often. I do leave BT on all the time tho. Maybee it has todo with the battery, i'm using the Sedeio 1750 battery. It seems thos as i'm thinking about it that its not rebooting alot these last few days.

pandeykaji says:

After waiting and waiting and not seeing the OTA I went ahead and did the manual update on Sunday. I want to thank Muddyml for the very clearly stated instuctions.

It was a fairly easy process and the Dinc is working great. I like all the new features of Gingerbread. The bootup time is insanely fast compared to before.

No major issues at all so far. Under the Hardware Information it says my phone has a 4.3 inc WVGA resolution but as long as I do not have issues with the phone I don't care what it says. It feels like my phone got a new life.

teffects says:

I could finally wait no longer, so I went ahead and downloaded and installed the update a few minutes ago. I'm on a Mac, so the instructions were pretty short for me. At one point after a couple of reboots when the phone was on the Droid Eye screen for 5 minutes, I got a bit nervous, but it went smoothly overall.

First impressions:

The restarting problem is acute. The phone has restarted on its own AFTER the whole update process was completed 5 times in the 5 minutes following the update.

That has of course given me the opportunity to see if the booting process is indeed faster, as everybody has been claiming it is. No such luck on my phone. It still takes a very long time

The status bar is marginally wider, miniscule difference really but visible to me. The "3G" font has changed slightly - it looks more like 4G does in some of the adverts on Verizon's website.

Some people said that "Network name" is Sprint for them - for me it is Verizon Wireless as it should be.

I get the impression some apps are missing, but I use 20% of the apps on my phone in any case, so I won't miss them for a while.

I use Beautiful Widgets, SwiftKey X keyboard, Handscent SMS, and LauncherPro. So I won't be able to see in any case, the changes that Gingerbread makes to the flipclock, keyboard, texting software and theme.

producthope says:

I updated manually and it works well. Love the new fast boot option, speed and the flip clock actually flips!!!! My only complaint would be the low on memory error hasn't gone away.

producthope says:

I updated manually and it works well. Love the new fast boot option, speed and the flip clock actually flips!!!! My only complaint would be the low on memory error hasn't gone away.

tallyviperz says:

i live in florida and i haven't gotten my update yet? whats the deal? how much longer am i gonna have to wait?

bjgdal says:

I don't think I'm going to upgrade when it finally comes. From what y'all are saying, it doesn't sound like the benefits are going to outweigh the risks for me. I haven't had a frequent problem with random reboots and don't want to possibly make it worse. I do have the low memory issue and still haven't figured out what causes it. Seems like every time I've cleared it, it's a different app that is the offender though FB mobile is frequently the bad guy. I use alternative keyboard so won't see any changes there. I'm really not seeing the benefits of the update other than a faster boot. I don't reboot that often.. so probably not a good enough reason. And, I don't want to end up having to FR. Bought my unit pre release and it arrived the day before they hit stores.. in all that time I've not had to FR. So.. that's my thoughts. Oh, and I will probably be upgrading in February or so anyway.

jazzfreek says:

Low memory errors are caused by trying to put to much data into the data/data partition. The partition is mounted with a 150 MB limit. Just about everything on your phone adds to this directory, some more than others. IF you use Facebook and have all of your contacts pictures, etc. loaded, it takes a lot of room in this directory. Also gmail addresses, contacts, etc. You can look in this directory, see what is taking up the most room, and try to trim it. (I think you have to be rooted to see this directory). Gingerbread cut my data in this directory down to about half, I think it is storing some of the data elsewhere. Also, the apps that were moved to remote storage (SD card) are not stored on the SD card anymore, but on local (phone) memory /emmc/.androidsecure. This is that aux memory that really was not used before. Since I loaded GB, I have not had one out of memory error, and things are much better all around. The only problem I have is that the remotely stored apps icons (only in folders) don't update after a boot. For this, I just kill the HTC Sense process, it restarts automatically, and I'm good to go. I didn't do the Verizon over the air update, but the one posted in the XDA developers forum by Wildstang85. It worked great.

droid64 says:

I still have not received gingerbread, Anyone out there still waiting like me. I live in Rhode Island.. Any tips in getting it soon. I have gone to settings and check update and also the soft reset, and nothing.

Mychal11 says:

I still have not received the gingerbread update either :-( I am in York, PA. I too have gone to settings to check for the update and it just tells me I have the current OS.

mgloss says:

Its 2 months since the update has been pushed out and I still don't have it. I live near Seattle. However, from what I keep reading, it might not be a bad thing considering alot of people are having problems!

nycieje says:

It is now 11:37pm, Nov. 14, 2011 and I just got notified to upgrade my HTC Incredible 1 to android 2.3.4.

Should I do it?

katqtie26 says:

I received the update last night but now my car charger and regular phone charger are not working. I plug in the charger and it automatically shuts down the phone and I have to take out the battery and then power on again. I am unable to charge. Any ideas?