droid incredible internals

We know that the Droid Incredible has been rather hyped up, getting some killer reviews, and loved by nearly everyone who was lucky enough to get one. After hearing about the Snapdragon processor, and the internal memory, and all the other fancy features of the device, did it leave you wondering what it all looked like inside? You weren't the only one. The guys over at TechRestore had the same idea, and wanting to share their findings with everyone, so they put together a rather creative unboxing and disassembly video for all of us. Do the internals look asirresistible  as the external does? Check the video after the jump to find out for yourself! [TechRestore (Youtube) via Engadget]  


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sjcea says:

Not for nothing but that was a pretty cool video !

d3xn2o says:

HAHA that was a fun Video... I wanna do something like that... Wish i would of saw this before i did my Guitar Rewire project

Qazme says:

Pretty neat. I don't think I'll be taking mine apart anytime soon, I have thought about taking my Storm apart though, just not as easily as that video..... :)

xWiggy18x says:

They should have said "kids don't try this at home" Because now alot of people are going to try and take it apart and end up messing it up(if so, please record and then post your video) :-)

makya53 says:

Now that was (wait for it) INCREDIBLE!

nkwebb140 says:

Very neat video!

threepio says:

Very Cool vid!

fupamobile says:

so how hard would it be to just add frequencies to this phone(or any phone) so it would work on all networks?? people customize computers from in all sorts of ways, it HAS to be possible. im tired of the cell phone industries dishonest ways of marketing. i want more freedom. someone hack these phones already!!

Chaos5 says:

ESN number still have to be available on the system you are moving it to i.e. Sprint to VZW, vise versa. So pretty sure that wont happen until ATT and VZW both go LTE then you can interchange phones between those too.