Wondering if the Droid Multimedia Station / Dock is worth it? If you're the sort that likes to make your phone double as a nightstand alarm clock, the answer is clearly yes. Motorola does us a solid by including wall charger and cable (we've seen plenty of other docks omit them).

Then again, if you're hoping to focus more on the "multimedia" than the "dock" part of it, you'll be disappointed to know that the only port on this thing is the USB charging plug, no audio or video-out.


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Droid Dock Unboxing and Walkthrough


So why does the Motorola site say the car mount comes with a car charger when the one at Verizon Doesn't?

That last one is in reference to the car mount not the dock obviously. I was watching one of your unboxing videos.

Hmm, not to be an a** or anything, but couldn't you just plug your 3.5mm jack into the phone, hence making one on the dock moot?

Yes I agree the reason why they didnt put a 3.5mm jack on the dock is because the damn PHONE already has it on the top right. Now for video out, ehh its not really needed but would be nice.

It would be nice to see one of the Android blogs have a discussion on a dock connector. There is no 3.5 (or video) jack on this dock because there is no dock connector on the Droid.

I think people underestimate how influential the "ecosystem" is for products. If you buy an iPhone, there are a million accessories you can buy, and they all work because of Apple's de-facto iPod dock connector standard. With millions of devices that all use this, suddenly car companies have iPhone dock connectors in their cars.

Even if/when Android overtakes iPhone in market share, a similar thing won't happen our OS. There will be dozens of different Android phones, most without a dock, and for those that do, they will be proprietary. It's wonderful that the makers have generally settled on micro-USB for charging and data, but there should be some type of "OpenDock" standard so people could make universal accessories.


There already is an "OpenDock" standard - it's called "USB" and it doesn't require anyone to pay royalties to Apple. That Apple dock connector is completely proprietary and is exactly the opposite direction of where Android should be going.

I agree, no need for an additional audio out. Now, built in speakers would be nice. All in good time, all in good time.

At first, I thought that there was really no need for a 3.5 jack on the dock because there's one on the phone. But, now that I've had it for a few days, I do think that it would be nice to just have the speakers connected to the dock and have the music and a louder alarm be available just by putting the phone in the dock.

As a matter of fact, you don't need the dock at all. Just put a small magnet on the back, just at the slot at the top of the battery door, and it will switch to Docked mode. North pole brings up one type, and South the other (car / bedside). I forget which is which.

If you don't want to fool with magnets, download "Dockrunner" from the Android Market and run that. It will stay in bedside mode until you run it a second time, or respond to it in the notification bar.

I believe the Zagg full-body protectors (thin stick-on plastic shields) with work with any dock. Any other body case (BodyGlove, gel, etc.) make the phone too thick and it will NOT work.

So what protection cover can I buy for the phone that will allow for me to use the dock?

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