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Looks like we have some confirmation that Walmart will in fact be selling Verizon's Droid Charge, a story we first reported on Sunday. The photo above shows an ad for the Charge in this week's Walmart's circular with a $298.88 price tag, a full $1.11 cheaper than what you'll pay at Verizon. The ad makes no indication of an exact release date, but as we said yesterday, all signs are pointing to May 3 as the big day. Deep breaths, people-- we're almost there!

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Droid Charge to cost $298.88 at Walmart


They think because they put a 32gb SD card in it they can charge 100 more for it. They might sell a few thousand at that price. Then they'll have to lower it to be competitive. Not very many ppl are that stupid. Or are they?

Strange that Walmart would sell for more than on the manufacturer website. Hopefully people will pick up on this and buy elsewhere. Personally I think that 299 for a phone with a 32gb microSD is ridiculous to begin with, but oh well.

That is just wrong to price it that high. As noted there are MANY different phones with "4G". OK, not LTE, but still "4G-ish". And those sell at ~$199. The Thunderbolt is almost exactly alike, spec-wise and it sells for $250. From what I can see it is Verizon just trying to see if it can make some extra $'s (and during a recession, no less). Doubly bad since they did away with the 1 year contracts. And it isn't even dual core! UGH!

I think sales will be a little slow out of the gate, and wouldn't be surprised to see Amazon et al. price the phone around $200 before the end of May to goose sales. They did the same with the TBolt, with a $129 price in mid-April. I'll probably buy one or the other, even though both have their own deep flaws, simply because I don't think we'll see a dual-core LTE phone before mid-to-late summer (and it could be priced at $350 when released) -- and it may well have serious flaws of its own...

Yeah but iPhone has mindshare and all the sheep will overpay for it. And atleast with the iPhone they had the option for 16gb for 200$. I don't know anyone who has a 32gb.

I don't understand why so many people are upset at the $299 price tag. It's not even the real price of the phone! The phone is much more expensive than that!

In a way though this is exactly what cellphone companies want. They want people to focus on the down payment. They don't want you to think about how much you will actually pay for the phone over your contract term, or even if you break the contract. They want to keep that information hidden from the consumer. They just want you to see the amount that isn't subsidized (or loaned to you). In this case it's $299.

I think it's strange to complain about the $299 price tag. You're getting an expensive phone for much less upfront than you would pay for it if Verizon wasn't clandestinely loaning you the rest of the money to buy it.

The phone is outdated before it even hits the shelves. Not sure why anyone will buy this phone, regardless of the price, when dual core is around the corner, I guess a sucker is born every minute..

You'll be saying the same thing in 6 months to people buying dual-core phones. Yes, this price is outrageous IMO but if someone wants a nice smartphone and doesnt want to wait til ssummer, its a nice option.

I actually just got one from my costco. Call auburn hills costco and ask them if they have the DROID charge