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Well, we knew it was coming eventually. User hksscom on YouTube has posted a video of the Motorola Droid Bionic's bootup sequence. The video shows off the iconic Droid eye winking and moving. After the sequence, the video shows off some new Blur design and runs the phone through a quick speed test. At this point we've seen ad leaks from Best Buy, specs, a since-killed commercial, and possible launch date. So, Verizon, can we just get that official announcement already?

Source: YouTube; via Phandroid

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BasPilot says:

t That is more than a boot up video,but that thing is the sickness

dstack says:

beautiful. the bootup sequence somehow reminds me of the eye of sauron, though...

seymor42 says:

I could see some people being creeped out by the eye and avoiding the phone because of it. :P

rbess1965 says:

Seriously? Well maybe they'll be able to get some help for that here:)

Realist says:

is it me or does it seem a little slow

mjforte says:

It started out slow because it had just booted up but after a little bit it was fast.

durthquake says:

you refering to speed of what he is doing? or the test? cause those #'s are pretty good for only having 1 bar of service!

rbess1965 says:

If your refering to the download speed, could just be the area he's in. Start up speed was good. Better than my Droid Charge.

asghar says:

I noticed the same thing, market loading etc. was slow also.

MacBook says:

Im not feeling the side swipe app tray im glad my photon doesn't have that.

moosc says:

That was just sick two weeks can't Waite those transitions where awesome

rsrwnab says:

looks great to me!! Going to be a great upgrade from my OG Droid

cea1203 says:

To little way to late ( still not even released yet) far far better devices coming on the heals of this epic failure!!!

moosc says:

Really like what? Samsung is a joke htc is bloated with crappy battery

asghar says:

Which other devices you have in mind?

rbess1965 says:

This is the phone I wanted to wait for but needed to secure the unlimited 4g so I went with the Charge. Lately it's been locking up on me and that's getting frustrating. I can't be sure why though. I think it's the low memory, could be slow processing, maybe the Go Launcher I installed. I don't know but hoping these dual core units are more stable but Battery life will always be a deciding factor going forward.

Kronko says:

The more I see these new phone videos, the more I love my Thunderbolt.

Is it me or does that screen look blurry?

IceDree says:

The guy who recorded the video , says
The Camera is blurry (Video shot with a DROID Incredible) , but the screen is very crisp

asghar says:

How much RAM is in this thing?

Grumple says:

1 Gig

Grumple says:

Does the favorite contacts thing come off? I don't like having little faces on my home screen...

IceDree says:

That eye is cool , It looks like that One-eyed monster in Duke Nukam in Play Station 1 , man good times ...

The new M.A.P. UI is looking great

that 4.5MB of download speed is impressive for a Cellphone (with one bar of network) , I wish that this stupid USB modem was just as fast

captain_dl says:

Forget the phone ... I want the wallpaper! lol