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Motorola Droid Bionic owners are beginning to receive an official OTA update from Verizon, said to improve Bluetooth volume, Visual Voice Mail, and LTE connectivity. Version 5.9.905 doesn’t bring with it any drastic changes, but maintenance updates are never anything to scoff at. The forums are lighting up with folks who are already seeing the update push to their devices, though as always, it may take longer for some than others. Sit tight and be sure to yell out below when you get your spoonful.  

Source: Verizon Wireless


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Droid Bionic now receiving small OTA maintenance update


Yep, a lot of us do and an overwhelming majority love it.

So trolls are still talking about things they know nothing about?

Yes genius! we still with the Bionic, let me tell you that I come from Nexus, HTC Incredible, Galaxy s2, Thunderbolt and the Bionic FTW in speed, stability, radios, and the only phone owned capable to read in direct sun light. ICS Q3

Not everyone has the time or money to own the latest and greatest. For many of us, our contract was up and we needed a phone badly. This was the latest Android phone of it's time of that mobile dead period in 2011. It's a great phone IMO. Love the ICS roms and battery life all day on LTE w/ the extended. You're no better than a Apple fanboy Troll...

I own the Bionic...and love it!! Waiting for my SD card with NFC built into it..ICS update ...then good to go!

I've been running this one for like 3 Weeks, as it leaked a while ago. Seems to do what it says. Still waiting for our blasted ICS leak :)

Just installed the update in my Bionic and can't tell the difference. It's still the same old Bionic, fast, solid, stable and has great radios. Bummer! LOL

Yep, brother has the Bionic. When first came out it had it's issues but since the updates the Bionic is a very stable phone with very good radios. When you have LTE the radios can make or brake the device. Being a Rezound owner I like the size of the Bionic.

Actually dumped sprint after having them for 10 years, the service in my area was getting worse and worse. I got the Bionic on Launch day. This has been the BEST phone I have ever had. I didn't even root it. I usually would root to be able to do things I see as necessary, but managed to get a work around for everything without having to root. Compared to all my phones in the past, what I love about this phone (for my circumstance anyways..) it's big, bright, only need to do a hard reset about 4 times since I owned it, has 4G on Verizon, and is a lot more responsive. I like HTC stuff, hate Samsung, but right now Motorola + Verizon = WIN for me. I have been waiting for ICS or any OTA updates which is why I was reading this story, but in reality, I don't want to update because it is perfectly fine as it is. As I learned with previous phones/systems .... don't fix what isn't broken. You usually make something worse that way.

I got the update but it killed the ability of the email app to down load gmail and comcast accounts, I am just using the gmail app right now but it all worked before the "update" I don't know how to go back to the previous version and see if reloading will fix it. Motorola says it can't be done (what a "wonderful" support team they have), I know better than that. I like having all my email accounts go to one app.