Droid Bionic HD dock


Just off the truck and into the Android Central Store are the HD docks for the Motorola Droid Bionic. You've got two to choose from -- here's the lowdown.

The more basic of the two is the Motorola Standard Dock, seen above and after the break. It's your standard dock, with a 3.5mm headphone jack in the back, along with a microUSB plug for charging. It also comes with the remote control you see here, so you can work the phone without having to touch it. That means slideshows, music and the like.

Then there's the HD Multimedia Dock. It's the same look, but it's got a microHDMI-out port and three full-size USB ports to go along with the 3.5mm headphone jack. This is the one you want if you're going to be doing any Webtop work.

The big point here is to make sure you get the right dock for the right job.

Motorola Droid Bionic dockMotorola Droid Bionic dock

Motorola Droid Bionic dockMotorola Droid Bionic dock

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kamileon says:

I want to hear EW's and AH's here people...EW's and AH's.

dacp283 says:

Like the remote function.

silverkorn says:

I got the Costco package that included the standard dock but I did not get the remote. Did anyone else get a remote with their package?

I thought that was backwards too. If you look at the ad in the post the HD dock has the remote pictured, not the standard. I assume the post will be fixed shortly.

silverkorn says:

yea i just noticed the same thing, i was a little too quick to fire off a comment

silverkorn says:

looks like the article got things a little mixed up, the Multimedia dock ONLY comes with the remote. The standard dock, which was included in the Costco package, does NOT come with a remote.

AnGeLFaCe77 says:

I did

bladerunn3r says:

Yeah I'm guessing the premium dock is the one that comes with the remote. Makes more sense.

UncleMike says:

"The big point here is to make sure you get the right dock for the right job." Oh, the irony.

reabs91 says:

Anyone know why the bionic gets the standard dock but the photon only gets the hd? I really want a dock for my phone but $100 is out of reach right now...

bjn714 says:

My guess would be that was a Verizon requirement. They have had standard docks for all other Moto Droids at that price-point, and people would go crazy if they had to pay $100 for the dock.

lordsld says:

I want to put a thin case on my bionic, but not have to remove it when I dock it. Does anyone know if either one or both of these docks come with inserts that can be taken out so you can dock with the case on?

jaw4bama says:

I have the HD dock and yes it has a insert that you can take out to fit the phone with a case..

I'd like to get something like this for my Motorola Photon, but unfortunately, I'm not stupid.

tronthedon says:

^ this made me laugh

T-LOC107 says:

Can i get a pavkage deal? I need a standard and hdmi. How much shipped? Do you accept paypal? You may wanna email me if you can? Thanks

DWR_31 says:

Can Hulu be watched using these docks?

breitmike says:

The dock and remote work great! I have one for my photon. Connect to my HD tv, and and wow.... Big sharp pictures...... Very cool!

Come on guys this is embarrassing, multiple people have corrected you in comments, the remote comes with the MULTIMEDIA dock not the standard dock. Please fix this ASAP so you're not giving out inaccurate info.