Motorola Droid Bionic

Get the feeling that the Motorola Droid Bionic -- which is hitting stores sometime next month -- is in the hands of a few few testers? Yeah, us, too. Here's a new pic that was dropped into our forums. (Full disclosure: We've cropped out the beyond-spammy watermark on this pic; you can see the whole thing at the source links below.)

Anyhoo, not a whole lot to see here. Big battery (but will it be big enough?), the 4G LTE SIM card, and a spot for the microSD card.

Source: MyEGarageSale via Droid Bionic Forums


Reader comments

Droid Bionic with its top off


The battery is 1900mah guys... But the screen in pentile, it's out of the running for me. That screen is god awful and pixel prone.

Why would they not put the mAh on the battery? XD Damn you Motorola...probably the part that's in Chinese (or Japanese or whatever, I can't tell) would say the mAh on the battery.

Ummm if you look closer there is a micro sd card in the slot and verizon runs on a cdma network there wouldn't be a sim card slot for this phone.