Motorola Droid Bionic extended battery


We're knee-deep into our Motorola Droid Bionic review (update: Read our comprehensive Droid Bionic Review!) but wanted to take a quick second to talk about the battery. Specifically, let's talk about the Droid Bionic's extended battery.

We're all in the midst of testing this dual-core LTE phone, hopefully will see better battery life than some of its predecessors. But an extended battery is definitely still an option, and this one bumps you up to 2760 mAh, from the stock 1735 mAh.

And the DB's extended battery doesn't add as much heft or girth to the phone as we'd feared. It does require an bigger batter cover, but it's nicely designed and while it makes the phone thicker, it does so in a pretty stylish manner and still feels pretty good in the hand. The larger battery door is nicely contoured and doesn't have nearly the same sharp lines as the extended battery door on the HTC ThunderBolt.

We've got more pics and hands-on video after the break if you're still on the fence. Check it out.

Motorola Droid Bionic Extended Battery | All Motorola Droid Bionic Batteries

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Motorola Droid ThunderBolt extended batteryMotorola Droid ThunderBolt extended battery

Motorola Droid ThunderBolt extended battery


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Droid Bionic extended battery


I will say that is one good thing about Motorola's design with the "hump"...they can design an extended battery & even with the new door, it doesn't change the form factor much.

HTC's design with an extended battery always looks like someone taped a brick to the back of the phone.

Well I agree if you're talking about the bolt. The dinc2 extended is very nice and maintains the thinness around the edges

I'd be interested in hearing how long the phone will last with LTE turned on, with this battery (compared to with the stock battery).

He's making that up. It's not 4 hours. He just hating cause he bought a Thunderbolt - where battery time is measured in minutes . . .

I have the Thunderbolt with the extra large battery. The Bionic is a good looking phone. I would think after a year with the LTE up and running the companies should come up with better battery life support for the phones. We will see soon enough.

you can only fit so much into a battery without increasing the size.

(comming from a guy who's in electronics and computer repair in college)

I'm still very happy with my Droid X, but my eyes are starting to wander.... LOL.

I do like the looks & specs of the Bionic. I can't wait to see what is coming down the pike next spring when I am due for an upgrade.

compared to the droid x, it's a good upgrade, compared to the x2? not really, then again, the guy was doing quadrant comparrisons on the store display vs his own x2 he had in his hand. i think it's off. the store model has a shit-ton of bloatware on it, so, somthing was slowing that phone down.

This is the first Motorola with MotoBlur that I found to run smoothly stock. Very impressed compared to the Droid X2 and Droid 3. I guess 1GB RAM is what Blur needs to run right.

You know , FroYo's MOTOBLUR runs smoother in my ATRIX , than the Sensation's Sense 3.0 (my due to More RAM)

Its smooth as hot knife on butter, even with 5 home screens felled with Widgets

Actually its faster than my old OG MILESTONE , which had a stock vanilla Froyo

Man can't wait to get the new UI next month

They'll get the battery life straightened out on 4g phones when they announce 5g. Then we'll all be clamoring for 5g phones with bad battery life too...and so the wheel keeps spinning as it always will.

Does anybody know yet if half of the 1GB RAM reserved for the webtop dock? Or is the full Gig available for running processes?

If its like the ATRIX & PHOTON , (except for the Tegra Part)
It will take more than 800 mb for the phone & the remaining MBs will be for the WebTop , until you start it

I love mine, but haven't had it a full day to see how long it lasts. When I picked up my Bionic this morning they had a special, for $60 I got an extended battery, regular dock, car charger, ear buds, and a 3 pack of screen covers! I thought it was a good deal. My friend has a TB and even with my extended battery my Bionic feels the same weight in my hand as hers w/o the extended battery.

Does any one know if you use the extended battery, will the phone fit into the accessories like the docks and the portable laptop?

So, second day with my Bionic, no extended battery. Been off the charger since 8am, and it's 1:43pm now. Still at 70% life, running 4G all day long. Did some surfing, calling, texting, downloading and gaming. Seems like a solid battery to me...

I've had mine running 4G all day long(connected) and made 8-9 hours with mild-moderate use. Battery life is excellent!

So I have had my bionic since the release date, and have loved it so far. Not sure if I think the battery life was that much better than my droid x, but I'm not complaining. Verizon was running a special on the extended battery, so I went in and got one, and I can go from 6:30 in the morning to 11:30 at night now and my battery may get down to 70%, and I am on my phone all the time, talking, texting, downloading and playing music. Am totally happy with it, my only problem is I ordered 4 different covers for my phone, and bought my hubby an otterbox for his, and now with the bigger battery none of the cases will fit! Does anyone know anywhere or any sites I can buy covers that will fit? Hubby needs one badly. Dropped his phone off of the top of an 18 wheeler yesterday at work, and has already dented it in on the corner (still works like a champ though, so we also now will swear they are a tough phone!) Any help would be great!

Thanks for the review. Does anyone know if the phone still fits in the Motorola car dock with the extended battery it?