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At this point it's just a matter of time before the Motorola Droid Bionic turns up for sale and available to all -- however, Verizon still appears to be swaying on the side of caution and maintaining as much secrecy as humanly possible. What you see above is a new Verizon display unit that is clearly missing a unit. That space, looks like a like it could house a device with a 4.3-inch display much like the Droid Bionic has doesn't it? In any event, we're still stuck in "wait and see mode" here.

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Droid Bionic ... 'Coming soon'


If its in october you might want to wait for the Dinara. It'll have a few upgrades from the Bionic. Don't let that deter you from getting the Bionic because it'll be one HELL of a phone!

Now didn't I read that the Dinara was actually an AT&T phone and someone mistook it for VZW at first or was that something else?

We've waited sooooo long for this - Will this be another cookie cut phone!?...... I hope not. Don't let me down Bionic.

I agree. The pentile screen on my DX2 is much worse than the DX. Its a deal killer for me. The closest comparison is to my old 2008 BB Curve - that's how bad it is. I can see it on a phone that's free on contract - but not a $299 phone.

I was hoping to replace my D1 with the D3, but after seeing the screen in person, I'll pass. It wasn't bad at first look, but compared side-by-side with screen on the Droid Charge, it looks awful.

so this is a DroidX without hard key and added lte and has same style back with thae hump. crazy world

Yep exactly. Oh and Dual core proc (1 or 1.2 depending on who you ask) , 1 GB RAM (webtop if you care), and a better 8 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera, qHD screen (though not sure how good that will be by these comments).

Other than that, exactly like the X

According to rumors at least.

Same as the X2 - dual core, 512 MB for phone (512 of for webtop), same rear camera, same crappy pentile screen.

So they added a cheap front camera that cannot be used on Skype anyway, and LTE that will kill both your datacap and battery.


512 MB for phone, 512 MB for webtop, 512+512= 1024mb that is bigger than 1gb if your going to add do it right.

This is actually a common misconception. It's 1024MiB = 1GiB, not 1024MB = 1GB Megabyte and Gigabyte are measured in base 10 whereas MiB and GiB are measured in base 2. This is all according to NIST standards.

Omg how do y'all guys keep loving these droid phones??? They're all alike and so ugly especially with that moto blur on top. Sorry Verizon you can keep your droid phones I'm good lol

Droid Bionic will definitely get delayed. Found out from a friend who works with Verizon directly that they are having a problem with LTE and Dual-Core in the phone itself.