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It's a little early for spring cleaning, but that doesn't mean we can't find a few gems laying around. And that brings us to today's contest, which is only for owners of the Motorola Droid Bionic. We've got a bevy of accessories with someone's name on them, just waiting to be packaged up and sent out. Check the video above for instructions. Good luck!


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Droid Bionic accessories contest!


I was one of the early adopters of the Bionic...I think that in itself puts me toward the top of the list for these GREAT goodies! But to be honest I would just LOVE to win something for a change :-( I haven't won anything in a LONG time! It gets a bit depressing! How about cheering me up a bit Phil? :-)


Phil, come on man i just got my Bionic a week ago ditched the Iphone 4 for it could use the accessories hook a fellow Pensacolian up!!

These are all the things I was gonna buy, but didn't because I was going to get the Nexus - but didn't because it felt too cheap! It would be awesome to win the goodies!


What better way to start the New Year..please make me a winner! I'm tired of being a loser.

( Sent from my Droid Bionic - Seriously )

Hey phil i love the phone would like to have some free stuff from verizon after the major run around they have given me the last couple months

My poor Bionic is in terrible need of accessories. When it hangs out with the other Bionics, it hangs it's screen in shame because it feels so naked. Please don't let my Bionic suffer because of me!

Love keeping up with ur articles. Thanks for the free stuff offer. Please pick me

I've had my bionic since launch day and would love to get the accessories for it. It's a great phone.

Omgg I would really love that docking station for my bionic. It would make it so much more convenient to take my bionic to school and hook it up instead of my laptop. The bionic is a great phone. Performance and lte speed are phenomenal

Pick me cuz I've endured the most pain! I picked up the Bionic on launch day and have lived through all the radio issues! I deserve those accessories!

OMG OMG OMG Phil! Heck yeah cuz I was robbed out of the remote that came with the dock. Verizon store rep never mailed it to me. Plus Otterbox. Oh yeah. This would be a most excellent prize win for us forgotten and un-loved Bionic users.

the HD station is awesome. Could definitely go for the extended battery and other stuffs! Thanks for the great site!

Wow! Could really use the goody bag. Although nearly 1/2 dozen newer phones have been released since I bought my Bionic....its still better tban the iPhone ; )
Thanks for your consideration.

Me me me! I just want my hd dock so I can watch my videos on my tv! Loved the Bionic since its first week! Stepping up from a blackberry was the best thing I ever did!

With a newborn and a 4 year old, the otter box case will definitely keep me protected with the new 2 year contract. Plus the car dock and hd dock would be cool to have too!

Been holding off getting any accessories because of data issues. Latest OTA makes things easier to handle. Love the phone, but not as much as Android Central!

That's an awesome bag full of stuff. I am such a klutz I can use it all... especially at the low cost of free. I am always dropping my bionic so a case would come in handy, especially the otter klutz proof case. And I just leave my bionic on the dash of my car so it's always sliding around the place, the doc would prevent it from falling out the window, plus all the other goodies. Plus, I've never won a contest so I'm giving it one more try.

My bionic is naked without all of that stuff. Please dress my phone.

Thank you.

OK, so this would be AMAZING to receive!!! I switched to Verizon from Sprint (the original Pre!) to get the Pre2 (and eventually, tho never to happen, get the Pre3...) but before HP tanked their ENTIRE BUSINESS I wised up & got Big Red to upgrade me into a Droid X2 (refurb unit tho! BAH!)

After having multiple DX2 swaps due to some hardware snags, I used another line to upgrade & get into the Bionic -HELLO 4G WORLD! ...only to have mediocre 4G in the Boise ID area...BAH AGAIN!

I've even already had to have the Bionic swapped out after 2 days due to a blown-out earpiece...ya, hardware may be my unicorn!! haha

I could use the docks REALLY BAD & I would even consider donating the cases to a more needy person than I -especially the Otterbox if there is a military personnel in need of it! My bro & his roommate swear by their Otterboxes on the base!!

Thanks & I hope to hear from you about my new swag!! WOOHOO!!

Everything in the bag is awesome but the Otterbox Defender would be sweet since my thunderbolt flew off the top of my car while driving..

Oh I'd love to have this, especially the cardock, I've been wanting one since I got my Bionic! This would make dealing with all of the Bionic issues even that much more bearable! Please Phil, I'd love to have this bag of goodies!

I love my bionic and wouldn't trade it in for any other phone until the next powerhouse from motorola. And no matter what i have not had any of these mystery issues people keep saying they get with the bionic

PLEASE PICK ME! I've bought accessories for both my wife and I for two Fascinates... Two Droid Charges... And now I have these two Bionic's that I'm finally satisfied with.

Verizon keeps sending me out different phones to resolve issues I've been having, and like an idiot I keep buying 2x of all the accessories I need thinking "THIS HAS TO BE THE ONE!" Only to find that the money spent on those accessories was wasted because they switched me to a different model phone.

The two Bionics we have are pretty great actually. Nowhere near as many problems as the Droid Charge and Samsung Fascinate had. I haven't bought accessories yet for the Bionic's, and maybe it's a sign that I could win them from my favorite source of all things Android... ANDROID CENTRAL! <3

Hay, I can use the accessories. My bionic and associated data plan are my every-occassion-that-may-warrant gifts for the next two years. I can take one accessory out for each of my birthdays, Christmas, and Kwanzaa over the contract time.

Well if you can look in that bag and see if there is a 4G data connection, then I am in. :).

Seriously though, do you need my address. . .

pick me pretty please. My Bionic is feeling unloved and would like to cover up in an otter box. Plus the extra battery would give my bionic some extra juice! thanks!

Please...I want, nay, I NEED the car dock! My daughter is a hockey and soccer player and I use Google nav a LOT to find fields and ice arenas! This would make my day, if it's not too late...Nothing fancy or clever...just being honest.

Was a diehard Blackberry fan. Was super skeptical about touch screen only, potential laggi-ness, non-BB email, yadah yadah yadah... Waited, made the jump to the Bionic, and now I'm F-ing thrilled. Best phone ever. I am officially an Android convert. The problem: I would never spend money on those accessories. The solution: You, Phil, help make me an accessory convert.

Please let me win this accessory pack!! Show my Bionic some love!!

Love what you're doing AC!!

I definitely could use the extended battery amongst the other goodies there for a late Christmas present to my girlfriend. Our car broke down in the beginning of December and all of our money was tied into fixing it and getting it back on the road again. But obviously because of that this years Christmas and New Years was lacking in the gift and fun department. Winning this would help greatly in putting a smile on her face. All the same, Happy New Year to everyone out there and hopefully this next year will be better for everyone.

The HD dock and the case would be great!! I would re-gift the car dock for one other lucky person!! Heck I will even pay shipping to you within the mainland US. so pick me...and you will have two winners!!

oh ya, and I could use that extended battery to go along with my two slim batteries!!

While I loved the yet another homemade sweater I got this Christmas... This would make a great holiday gift!

If I won, i'd get over my nexus-razr-rezound-next cooler phone coming soon least for a day

Better late to the party than not showing at all, love to be a winner of all the goodies but not going to leave Android Central if I don't.

YO! All those accessories are awesome! I love my Bionic and that would make it that much better. Thanks for the chance.

I would love that bag of goodies. I have had the Bionic for awhile and I love it. I haven't been able to afford any accessories for it. Would be great to win this stuff for a phone I love from a website that I cant seem to stay away from. Always on here to see what new news there is.

finally some love for Bionic owners (lord knows we need it lol)

pleas AC, give me some help during my current two year sentence!

One of my fav memories of picking up the Bionic was watching all the videos from bworley50 back a few months ago when he got one. I would have never have known as much about the phone if I didn't check out the forums. Really good stuff. Truth be told, after the new update we just had, I'm really happy with the Bionic, even though there have been a bajillion phones since it was released. It's pretty fast, and does everything I need it to do, and having 4G is great.

Thanks for having the contest!

Hope it's not too late. I would love the car dock... The Otterbox would come in handy the next time I lose data. I've always wanted to test one of those out by chucking my phone at a brick wall. ;)

I can't believe I may have missed this awesome giveaway! Hopefully I still have a chance. I was a 10+ year BlackBerry user and switched to the Bionic. I totally love the Android o/s and will soon be moving my department (IT) to it! Having the accessories would help me show the group all of the awesomeness available!


Like the Bionic itself, did Phil forget about this contest and to announce a winner? Joking of course. Who win the sweet bag of goodies?

Would love to win some accessories for my Bionic. I really enjoy the phone, despite a few issues that 4.0 should resolve

AWWWWW, I think I missed the deadline!!! Darn, I took the day of to spend with my 4 year old on her birthday!! Congrats to who ever won

Yes Please Please Please. My Phone keeps me up at night asking for these, i need sleep, please make my phone happy.

This would be cool...could use the battery, case, and pretty much everything! Sorli...

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