Motorola Droid 3 

There's still be little more fanfare than the odd Twitter reply and Facebook post, but the Motorola Droid 3 is now live on Verizon's Droid Does website. Fire it up and you'll be taken through the litany of new specs, including five-row keyboard, dual-core processor and 4-inch qHD display.

You've still got a week to go before you can buy the Droid 3 in stores, but it's available now through telesales, and other indirect methods.

Source: Droid Does


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Droid 3 quietly assumes its place at Droid Does website


well 4G isn't everywhere yet so it makes sense to still have 3G phones. not everyone is on the 4G bandwagon and 3G would suit some just fine.

3G suits me just fine considering I live in a rural area and I'd have to drive a minimum of 3 hrs to be in 4G coverage. I do not expect 4G coverage in my area for years and, therefore, prefer a wide selection of 3G phones rather than paying for tech I can't use.

I do! its called the desire to trap you into picking something off that expensive new tiered menu their rolling out which will be in full effect by the time any verizon 4g phones come out...

We've known the D3 wouldn't have LTE for quite a long time and you're just now becoming aware of it? If LTE is that important to you, wait a month and get the Bionic.

I was particularly excited about the D3 because it's the first Verizon phone with a large screen, a slide-out keyboard, dual core proc, and front facing camera. The Bionic doesn't have a keyboard.

Well, you also have to remember this is a world phone. So, to put a LTE radio along with the CDMA and GSM radios that are already in there would be fairly unlikely.

No LTE, full bloatware and light on the Blur. VZ's going to have to do better than that to get me to sign a new 2 year contract.

I really like the looks of this phone. Can't wait to see it in person. I told myself I'd wait to get a 4g phone because of the changes to the new every 2 policy, but I believe I can still upgrade every year being I'm on the government employee contract. So since 4g isn't available yet in my area anyways and I want a world capable phone I will probably get this! Or I may be switching to Sprint for the Photon after I go talk to them and figure if I'm going to save any money by going there.

I really hate how they fail to mention to measly 512MB of RAM. But I guess the average Joe doesn't care, so...

Whenever I see this comment, I have to wonder if the author of the comment is confusing RAM with app storage space. Is there any reason to think that 512 MB of DDR2 RAM would be an issue based on experience with currently available devices that have the same?


Why would anyone buy a primitive phone like this on the most expensive data plan in the country - cripple phone and cripple service - Fail

Even though it doesn't have LTE, I've still been considering getting the D3 over the Bionic. Just like Payne78, I've been holding out for an LTE phone since this will be my last NE2 upgrade and I probably won't be in a position, in the future, to afford to upgrade my phone every year or so (like I've done in recent years). On the other hand, the battery life of the currently-available LTE devices has been too poor for my usage because of those big, power-hungry, first-gen LTE radio components.

I'll probably wait until the Bionic comes out and then compare the two, or I'll grow impatient and just get the D3.