That OTA for the Droid 2 Global we talked about the other day looks to be rolling out right on schedule, as we just got a report from a reader who is now running version 2.4.330 on his world enabled flavor of Droid goodness.  It's a bit too soon to see if all the fixes work as intended, but we've got out fingers crossed.

If you have a D2G and are waiting patiently, or already got the update and have some thoughts to share, get into the forums and discussThanks Mike for the tip!


Reader comments

Droid 2 Global update begins rolling out


No, the DX got 2.3.340, this is 2.4.330 but it probably is the D2G's version of 2.2.1

Is the original Droid 2 going to be getting updated to 2.2.1 anytime soon?

My wife's D2G updated last night...even though I had her phone rooted w/SetCPU, trying to get the battery life to improve. Lost root, but z4root got it back again.


Are you kidding me?! I realize the fascinate isn't officially labeled a "Droid" phone but come on we are dying for an update!@& this is killing me...

After seeing this article, I just searched for an update on my Droid Pro and VOILA! There is one. It's 2.26.60.en.US (15.9MB).

interesting.... I wonder if this means that gingerbread is around the corner...

But it is always nice to see that phones are being upgraded :)