Motorola Droid 2 Global

The as-yet unannounced Droid 2 Global has sneaked onto Motorola's website. If the specs are correct, we're looking at the fastest official processor an Android phone has seen thus far. 

From Motorola's website:

The Droid 2 Global is the latest work/play phone powered by Android 2.2. A 1.2 GHz processor and Quad Band capabilities allow calls to over 200 countries, and texting  on a redesigned QWERTY keyboard. Business ready security lets you cross the globe with confidence and speed.

This device is very likely to be sporting the same hardware as the Droid 2 (and Droid X), just with global options and a 1.2GHz processor and 5MP camera an dual flash.  Android 2.2 is also there (natch), as is Swype, a 1420 mAh battery, Wifi b/g/n.

Note that this preview page could very well be a placeholder and the specs could change. Needless-to-say though, this device excites us and travelers who have been longing for a high-end world phone on Verizon. [Motorola, Phone Scoop] Thanks, Cesar!

Update: Yeah. These are pretty much the same specs as the recently announced Motorola Droid Pro. See for yourself here. It's possible that it's really a 3.1-inch device with a 320x480 touchscreen, but we're not betting on it. Still, that's a pretty good sign that the Droid 2 Global is coming, folks.

Update 2: And ... the Droid 2 Global page is down. Again, we're pretty sure this was just a quickie placeholder that nobody was meant to see, thus the confusion in screen size. But let's hope that processor is still real.


Reader comments

Droid 2 Global placeholder page goes up, uses Droid Pro specs (updated)


Actually, this processor isn't the fastest even at 1.2GHz! It may feature the fastest clock, but that doesn't translate to overall performance for users.

That crown (for now) should go to phones with Qualcomm's MSM8x55 processor (that's HTC Desire HD and MyTouch HD). A 1GHz second generation Snapdragon processor will outperform a 1.2GHz OMAP3 based processors.

In fact, its in here already:

Motorola will have to move on to OMAP4 or Tegra 2 to compete.

You say "doesn't translate to overall performance for users" then you go on to use a site that uses quadrant in its testing. I'm sorry but quadrant is the very definition of doesn't always translate to real world usage. I would like to see a real source saying that these new snapdragons at 1ghz is faster than a 1.2ghz omap or 1ghz hummingbird. They all use the more efficient 45nm processor and the only real difference is between the adreno 205 gpu and the omap and hummingbird powerVR chip and from what I have read numerous times that the hummingbird has the fastest powerVR and no other mobile gpu that exists in a phone even comes close. Also I have read in many places that these new snapdragon scorpion processor are just playing catch up to hummingbird and omap. I hope I am wrong as I love HTC and want to believe that these are faster and better I guess we will see but as for the sake of this conversation I would love to see a more credible source than some quadrant benchmarks that's can made to say whatever and some of the tests they run have nothing to do with the processor or gpu.

You can't take the overall Quadrant numbers as a bible but look closer into those numbers. CPU, Memory, IO, 2D and 3D performance numbers. Then you determine which ones are important to you. Then extrapolate the numbers again.

Benchmark apps have existed for as long as I remember since my university days in the 80s. They always had values IF you know how to interpret them properly. Don't dismiss Quadrant that easily.

You are correct, PowerVR SGX540(in Hummingbird) will likely be more powerful than Adreno 205 in MSM7x30 and MSM8x55. It is also more powerful than PowerVR SGX530 in this phone. But that's just 3D aspect of it.

CPU will be similar in all cases since they are all based on ARM Cortex A8 design.

Things like Memory and IO are important too. Think of desktop PC with powerful CPU but really slow HD or slow RAM.

We need to look at overall package. Yes, it is easy to fool Quadrant to report bad numbers. But if you interpret individual components, they indeed are more valuable than just comparing CPU core and GPU cores.

"Also I have read in many places that these new snapdragon scorpion processor are just playing catch up to hummingbird and omap"

Remember, the 1st gen Snapdragon appeared on the market before them. OMAP3 is better than 1st gen Snapdragons but not 2nd gen. Don't judge it just based on "45nm". I will admit that Hummingbird was way ahead of everyone else when it was released but somewhat crippled by Samsung's implementation. Hummingbird is superior to OMAP 3 - those two are not in the same basket either.

It sounds like you know your stuff and like you said the Quadrants don't mean everything, but how can you still make the assumption that these 1ghz Snapdragons are faster than 1.2 ghz OMAP? It is nothing more than an assumption cause you and I have not seen or used either. You based your claims that these new Snapdragon processors are the top processors in the Android world and then you turn around and say that the Hummingbird is better. I agree I had the Captivate since launch and I wanted to love it I really did, but Samsung really ruined their processor with their buggy implementation of TouchWiz (same as Motorola did with Motoblur or whatever you want to call it) I have owned the X, 2, and Dinc and to tell you the truth I sold the X and 2 as I couldn't stand the skin and especially the fact that I can't use my phone the way I want to (as in flashing ROMs and such). The two best phones I have ever owned is the Nexus One and the Droid Inc in that order and I am waiting for the first HTC 4G phone on Verizon.

I wrote to see how you can use a source like you did and state that the new Snapdragons are the best processors on the market because they are not. I do agree with you that CPU and GPU isn't even close to everything and the UI, RAM, IO etc have a lot to do with it. You spent all this time trying to explain it to me, but I still don't see how you can call it the best processor on the market especially since you and I have never used it and then you state in your OP that the 1ghz Snapdragon will be faster than the 1.2 OMAP when there isn't a 1.2ghz OMAP that exists as of yet. I am a big fan of HTC and the Snapdragon and Scorpion core, but you are making big claims and are using sources that tell nothing more than a number on a variety of different phones.

Nice. The only thing I love by Motorola are the Droids. And If motorola is on the ball I'm pretty sure htc will get with making faster processors in there phones too

This doesn't have the same specs as the Droid Pro. The Droid Pro is a 1 GHz processor the Droid 2 Global has a 1.2 GHz processor. The Droid 2 Global also seems very similar to the rumored Droid 2 World Edition that's been talked about.

Hopefully it is a different phone, because I like the larger screen. I have been waiting for a Android World Phone from Verizon and now it looks there might be three coming soon. Droid Pro, Droid 2 Global and the HTC Merge. I have to say that the HTC Merge looks the best, but the Bing thing rubs me the wrong way. I'll probably wait to see how easy it is to root.

I'd really like to see real world performance and battery comparisons between the Droid 2 Global (if it's real) and the HTC Merge.