Motorola Droid 2

Perhaps you just saw our rundown of the Verizon Motorola Droid 3 specs. Did you catch the Easter egg? According to our leak, it appears that the Motorola Droid 2 Global (and presumably its CDMA-only cousin) -- which has seen its Gingerbread update apparently delayed -- will finally get Android 2.3 after the launch of the Droid 3.

That's a tad interesting given that Verizon first appeared to have the update ready to go, and then Motorola came back a few days later, saying things were on hold. Makes you wonder a little about who's calling the shots there. Also makes you wonder about the accuracy of the rumors that any Droid 2 update has been held back for more bugfixing. It makes sense that you'd want to launch the new hotness Droid 3 first, with the better hardware and newer OS, to better differentiate it from the old and busted Droid 2.

So what's that mean for the rumored launch dates for the Droid 3? You know these launch dates go -- any window bigger than a month is likely to be slammed on your fingers, and the Droid 3 hasn't yet been publicly announced by Verizon. But if we had to bet at this point, we'll likely see the Droid 3 sooner rather than later, lest Verizon and Motorola feel the wrath of those whose phones have been left behind.

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radgatt says:

Well it seems that maybe they fixed those bugs after all?? I'm sniffing just another rumor...

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obdchina3 says:

Motorola Droid 2 is good

darrylmendo says:

Why no mention of droid2's ota update? Will the d2 and the d2g official update be released at the same time?

"Old and busted","new hotness" who do you think you are Will Smith?

Droid 3 does look pretty good though. Might look into it.

Daisy2011 says:

wish we could get gingerbread already! droid 3 is out, where is my gingerbread?