Droid 2 Global Men's Fitness

Hey, look at that. There's another mention of the as-yet-unannounced Droid 2 Global, in a print ad that graces the last page of the December edition of Men's Fitness magazine (for those of you wondering, Phil and I both subscribe).  Also note the insane image of World of Warcraft on the screen, possibly teasing us of gaming goodness of Christmas yet to come. 

If you're listening, Santa, I know what I want.  I'm pretty sure it will fit just fine, too.  Thanks, Austin!

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Sploinkin says:

Just for reference, the World of Warcraft showing on the X there is the Remote Auction House which has been around for a while now.

Cthugha says:

Insane? It looks like the WoW Remote Auction House app that has been available since this summer...

Btw, WoW sucks these days. Try LOTRO free-to-play instead :)

morkuma says:

anyone else find it funny choosing a wow app for a fitness magazine?