If you're a Droid User (or Nexus One user) eager to give Swype for Android, the purported nifty keyboard replacement, a try, there's a beta that you can download! The downloadable beta only works with WVGA handsets (hence Droid and Nexus One) so those with HTC Heroes and Droid Erises are a little out of luck for the time being. Reports are saying that Swype for Android is actually pretty sweet and works rather well, so go ahead and give yourself a try!

Here's how [via mobilecrunch]:

  1. Download and install the Astro file manager from the Android Marketplace
  2. Download this zip file
  3. Unzip that file, which will give you a file called “[mfhs]Swype-SwypeReference-WVGA854-trial-release.0.35.3959.apk”
  4. Copy the APK file to your handset’s SD card
  5. On your Android handset, go to Settings > Applications > and check the box next to Unknown Sources
  6. Use Astro to browse for the apk file on your SD card, install it.
  7. Go to Settings > Language and Keyboard. Enable the Swype keyboard.
  8. You should now be able to switch between the standard keyboard and the Swype keyboard by tapping-and-holding on any text input field.
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Yes Swype is sweet! Im typing this message with it right now. This is my uncorrected typing you see.No mistakes yet! So swift so easy so natural. I dig it!

ronin1 says:

If you liked the concept you have seen, you should try SlideIT.

I have found SlideIT for Android video:

ronin1 says:

I have Swype on the Nexus One - so I can do comparisons, and it's not even close. SlideIT is quicker, cleaner, more accurate, handles other languages - and uses a much smaller memory footprint.

Anonymous says:

Agreed! This is one of the coolest features on my Droid now. I love it!

cj100570 says:

I've been using this, wait,trying to use this for almost a week and I can't imagine this being the default method of text input on any phone. It's next to useless and it's certainly not easier to use than a standard virtual or hard keyboard.

Actually there is an error in that message. There should have been san apostrophe on "I'm". That was my own mistake. But this message is turning out pretty good. It's an amazing app.My typing is sloppy as heck but Swype usually figures out what I'm trying to say.

Anonymous says:

Punctuation's easy if you follow the tutorial.

Everyone should definitely follow the tutorial before passing judgment on swyping.

theshaz says:

OK, got it running on my DROID. Interesting. Will need to play with it for a few days to make an informed judgement. But it works.

ardoreal says:

Umm, I am seeing this news item for reals right? Wow, thanks!

Bxrider117 says:

As an HTC Eris owner having seen the video of this running on the Eris, I feel cheated that this beta does not work for the Eris. If this is the reflection of leaked apps for the future, I guess I need to trade my Eris for the Moto Droid.

Anonymous says:

Wow- cannot imagine using this as the default. Maybe it grows on you or I'm just a doofus but I am finding it very hard to use.

I cant believe, after IP banning me from the forums, THAT YOU POST IT ON YOUR BLOG.

Different situation right now. This one has been at least unofficially sanctioned by Swype.

Mine was unofficial? Same thing is it worth a IP ban?

herki says:

What was with a mod stating, not half an hour ago, that "we do not allow uploads or references of where to obtain unlicensed copies (warez) of the software in the forums"?

Nechasin says:

Yeah, in reference to my post that I made AFTER I saw this post on this site.

I can tell it's not from Swype because I embedded a tag in the .zip. That is my file hosted on another site, and because it's not me you guys go all. "YAY LETS GO PROMOTE IT ON EVERY SITE WE KNOW!"

Anonymous says:

But you will still get slapped if you mention this post in the forums....Someone else just did.

darreno1 says:

Quick question for you folks before trying this: Can it also be used like a regular keyboard (no swype)? I'm guessing yes.

Anonymous says:

Yes, I'm entering this by tapping on the swype keyboard. The drawback is that there is no error-correction when tapping. In fact you have to tap when entering new and unknown words.

Anonymous says:

I have the droid and its working good except for that its not putting in a space after a word. any ideas on why? once auto capitalization and apostrophes in words is added this will be pretty sweet.

thanks for any help too

whoisdan says:

This thing is really cool. Easy to learn and getting better at it as I go. No major problems yet. take the tutorial located in the Swype options tab in settings. Really helped me alot. Great App.

Flyguide83 says:

Swype works great. I type horribly and this makes typing on the virtual keyboard a cakewalk! make sure to watch the tutorial though..It will speed the learning curve substantially.

simp_10 says:

Does anyone know if this is a different version (updated) than was preiviously offered for download a few weeks ago? I have used that version and its growing on me...you really just have to trust that it will drop the right word in.

Its exactly the same, because It was stolen because it was stolen from me.

Its exactly the same, because It was stolen because it was stolen from me.

Nechasin says:

If you look up the page some, it is claimed to be the exact same file.

Anonymous says:

That's pretty cold if you banned Tedstien and then posted this link to the same file he got banned for. I don't know Tedstien but I think you should reinstate him and apologize.

Anonymous says:

its the exact same file as I still have his original apk.Way to support Warez.

tkfox007 says:

How do you install it? I got everything needed but I don't know how to install it what's the file needed?

myriad46 says:

You need a file manager. They mentioned the program, Astro, which can be downloaded from the marketplace. Once you have it and you find the file, tap on it, choose open with file manager, and there will be an install button.

Concerning Swype in general. Very good interpretation of regular text, although a manual mode would be nice for obscure string sof characters such as a website name. Also, I can see how this would be very difficult if you were a hunt-and-peck typer, because in Portrait mode, you relly can't see beyond your finger. If you know the keyboard, it works great.

tkfox007 says:

What's the name of the file that I need to install? I'm browsing the swipe folder and not sure which file to choose.

tkfox007 says:

When i tap on it I get "open app manager" then it does nothing, under details it says that it can't open it as an apk file

tkfox007 says:

Nevermind I got it, I just came here on my phone, downloaded the zip file and installed it from there instead of using my computer to do it.

Anonymous says:

But there IS a manual mode. The Swype keyboard supports tapping just like the regular onscreen keyboard.

I agree if you don't know the qwerty keyboard layout blindly this might be the wrong way to go. But if you're a reasonably adept typist I can't imagine NOT loving Swype.

Ripjames says:

so I am assuming that this isn't going to work on the hero, when I go to use it, after installing it it says that the keyboard dosen't match the screen size

Anonymous says:

Why would you have to assume it doesn't work on the hero when the article clearly says it doesn't work on the hero? :/

NOOB says:

I have the same problem. I also have a mac, copied [mfhs]Swype-SwypeReference-WVGA854-trial-release.0.35.3959 on my G1's SD card and ASTROS could not open it. Please HELP!!!

Anonymous says:

sorry i'm a n00b (just got my droid yesterday)...but i unzipped the file and didn't get an apk file, just got a folder. i have a mac, so i dont' know if that makes a difference. i added the extension ".apk" to the end of the folder name, but astro still couldn't extract or open it. thanks!

Anonymous says:

yeah.. its free in a (SUCKY) trial version.. but i think ill take my chances with swype..

Anonymous says:

Unfortunately, the Mac recognizes it as an archive and "unzips" it -- that is why you see the directory of the contents. You can get around this by using firefox and telling it to simply save the file. Or, you can use wget if you have that installed.

Anonymous says:

shapewriter keyboard is the same thing and is now free until the end of jan on the market. only thing is that the landscape version of shapewriter's keyboard suxxx

Anonymous says:

I copied [mfhs]Swype-SwypeReference-WVGA854-trial-release.0.35.3959 file on my SD card and using Astros file manager, I was not able to install it on my g1. How do u install the above file on my g1?

Anonymous says:

its says my screen size is not supported its and HTC Hero(sprint) 320x480 any ideas

Unicorn56 says:

Wow, this is great! I will definitely be happy to buy the full version for Droid when it is released. I have always had trouble typing with one thumb in portrait mode, this just solved my problems.

kastein says:

Is there anyway to enable it only to work in portrait mode?????

fobrob102#AC says:

for mac users, you have to use a a third-party app to extract the zip file on your computer. I used "The Unarchiver" which you can download on macupdate.com - it's free. After using it though, I prefer Shapewriter Keyboard - a lot easier to use. the landscape keyboard is kinda ugly, but it makes sense that it doesn't take up the whole screen because then it becomes easier to reach all the letters with one hand...imho

tkfox007 says:

I got it running and have been using it almost all day, I like it now. I tried it on a Samsung Omnia 2 a few days ago and it pissed me off because it was a pain in the butt to use, but that's because it's on a Windows Mobile OS and we all know how bad Windows Mobile is.

Was slow with it at first because I was thinking of each letter of the word, but then typed a message without even thinking and it was so fast I didn't even notice it. I think it's best to not think as you're writing with it and just go with your thought.

Anonymous says:

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Anonymous says:

yeah.. thats all well and good for you droid owners, but what about the cliq?? i followed the directions to the letter, but it said "screen size not supported"..

LoveDoc143 says:

Did you people who are crying it's not working on your Cliq or HTC even read the damn post?

It's only for Motorola Droid and Nexus One users. Didn't think it was so hard to actually comprehend that part of the directions.

Happy new year ... >.>

MountainX says:

actually, it does't even work correctly on the Nexus One because the app is made for the Droid's screen size. The N1 screen is about 48 pixels smaller. So the swype app gives an error.

But it works great on the Droid. It seems to be slow for the first couple minutes, but if you use it a little, it gets really fast. I love it. I'm not even very proficient with it yet, but I already find it easier than normal typing.

rothenbj says:

Any the first nomination for app of the year 2010 is.........

Anyone working with this beta really needs to start out going through the tutorial that's built into the keyboard. I was having problems with punctuation until I went through it.

The point about CAPs after a sentence makes sense. I'm still having problems going above the keyboard and back down to get the first letter to capitalize. Plus, it ruins the subconscious thought process that allows your finger to head to the approximate place where each letter will be found.

When I say approximate, I mean approximate. Anyone trying to be precise on catching the right keys is missing the brilliance of this app. You really don't need that much accuracy for the spelling engine to find your word, but don't get ridiculous.

The hardest thing for me at this point is not knowing where the punctuation is without looking at the keyboard. That may take some time to become fluent.

As a side note, I think the fellow that posted this and got banned should be re-instated. The original Un-official leak was certainly not a hacked leak, unless Swypes developers on paid testers put it out there. Where else would un-released software come from. I believe this was marketing and nothing more. Don't shoot the messenger.

using it right now on my droid and it feels pretty good, but slightly unresponsive or slow, but very accurate. not too bad, definitely better than I was expecting. gotta get more used to it though if I would use it more regularly.

Anonymous says:

This is really great! Very natural and intuitive! Unbelievably accurate and error tolerant. Super-intelligent corrective functions. I find this WAY easier than regular typing on my Droid.Would gladly PAY for this.

Anonymous says:

What a shame they are talking about only working with OEMs and not putting it on Android Market. I suppose that means the only way I'll have it on my Droid -- since it's too late to put it in as OEM software -- is if I keep using this "unofficial beta" version (which is pretty damn complete if you ask me). I don't see the business logic in NOT offering it a-la-carte via the Market.

Hi everyone,

We would like to provide an update regarding the unauthorized distribution of our Swype software for the Android platform. We realize that many sites are now distributing this software and several are providing installation instructions.

We are glad that you like Swype, but we did not release or leak it for distribution and do not support any downloadable versions . More specifically, any current versions of the Swype software for the Android platform were distributed to business partners or journalists and were done so under Non-Disclosure Agreements or a EULA, and with a time-out feature.

One might ask why we don't just release it ourselves and save everyone the hassle? The reason is that we have spent seven years building Swype and we want to try to make a living selling our software. Our current business model is OEM licensing. We do plan to get to direct-to-consumer distribution but it is a different sort of business with unique challenges and thus it is hard to say when.
So far we have released Swype on the Samsung Omnia II on the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform and we have a number of Android device launches as well as some additional mobile OS launches coming up soon. Because our partners are highly sensitive about their product releases we really cannot say anything further.

Stay tuned at www.swype.com and look for a better, more feature complete, and legal version coming soon to a phone near you.


The Swype Team

PS. Our lawyer has asked us to remind everyone that Swype does not explicitly or implicitly condone the unauthorized copying and distribution of the Swype software and to inform you that the Swype software is proprietary to Swype, Inc., is the copyrighted work of Swype, Inc., and Swype, Inc. has and always will reserve all of its rights.

Anonymous says:

It is all fine and dandy that it will be coming soon to an android phone, but I will not be buying that android phone for 2 years since I'm locked into a contract for 2 years. Your software is very complete and works excellent. However, it is by no means a must have and there are other programs that are or will soon be available to direct download that work. Good luck with your business model and I hope it works for you.

Dear Swype team

Blow me


Happy Android Swype user

tdawgui says:

Is this actually 'The Swype Team' or just some fuddy duddy trying to 'be cool on teh intarnetz' or is it both???

Just a few questions:

- Why is the website linked to your 'submitted by' www.swype.inc... does the swype team actually know how to make super crazy alien technology, but can't remember their own website?

- If you want to "make a living selling [your] software", why don't you try selling it on the android market now?

(Psst... You could even require payment for updates later. I'd pay for it. I love the program, but am really being turned off by the crappy method you are treating potential customers. I might just betaZ)


PS. It's not very classy to bring up lawyers in a 'PS.'

droid_does says:

so can you still download this?

Anonymous says:

im on a nexus and when i tilt the phone the keyboard does not load, it gives me a resolution error..anyone else having this problem?

N1 Erock says:

Yes, having the same problem with the resolution error, so I turned of auto rotate..which sucks, but it keeps that error away most of the time. I don't think there is a cure for it anytime soon for us NexusOne users

showson1 says:

Doesn't work on Nexus One.

Swirlman says:

Im am using on a nexus 1 with no issues. I got the resolution error one time and then i never saw it again. It will not work in landscape mode but works great in portrait mode. Its scarey how good the text prediction is.

Josh N says:

Just got Swype running tonight, and I played with it for like 1/2 an hour. It's so cool to see it figure out what I'm trying to type. I would not like this to be the default on any device, but it it so cool to have the option. Got it running on my Nexus One, despite a picky error message.

Steve says:

Why does it say I downloaded the wrong version for my screen size ? I have a Nexus One ??? And it does not work in landscape mode at all ???

Anonymous says:

This is incorrect. It does work on the HTC Eris. The only thing that I've noticed that doesn't work is double-clicking on a word to correct it (but with swype I don't make errors :-)

lenoxef says:

dos´nt work on resolution 480*320

Anonymous says:

Hm. I downloaded the .zip file (before reading the response thread), and the application has expired. That's fine and all - after reading the message from "The Swype Team", I understand why - but in so doing, it has rendered my Astro File Manager program inaccessible for 2 minutes, after which I have about 5 seconds to make a move, or the lockout timer restarts. That's annoying.

marissa says:

i tried it on the mytouch and it doesnt not work i got a error message about the resolution 480x320 not capable of swype. has ANYONE found a way around this or something i need to tweek or whatever, i want it SO bad on my phone.

Anonymous says:

Works great on Nexus. I got the resolution error message too but I just selected the Swype input again and all was well.

Now, if it just didn't collect all the things I type...

Rey says:

i just installed swype keyboard on my mtouch and i keep getting a resolution error "the swype package you installed does not match the screen size of thisdevice. please contact swype about this issuse. Screen Size: 320x480". also keyboard doesnt show when i want to txt.

GadgetMomma says:

Mine is working great on my Nexus - only in portrait mode, though. But like others have said, it's scary how well it predicts, that I don't miss the landscape mode at all. Awesome.

Doesn't work on Sprint HTC Hero says Swype doesn't support screen size 320* 480

Butch350 says:

I installed the App on my Motorola Droid and, it is worth its hefty 9mb file size.

Some say it's a nice App if your experienced at typing. I disagree.

All you need is the ability to read or recognize the letters in the alphabet.

Read the included tutorial and then practice.

You'll get the hang of it quickly. READ THE INCLUDED TUTORIAL.

Anonymous says:

It isnt workin at all idk wats rong. It is pulled up an working jus cnt get the word to read after i swype it say trial period

Jmaes says:

I love the app, it is truly amazing when it is working. The only problem I am running into is if I change out my battery or sometimes just go to text it won't allow me to. The application ends up making a sound and putting a blue box around the keyboard not allowing me to type anything. Anyone know how to fix this? I have to keep uninstalling and installing but the problem keeps coming. Sometimes it is good for a day or two.

Ronan says:

It's not work in N1 anymore... beta period end already... resolution error 480*800?!

yeah i noticed that too darn it i tried to reinstall which is what swype said to do no go either

EddieB says:

I've been using Swype for a few months and I'm hooked!! Unfortunately, it won't work now. Keep getting a message that the trial version is over and I need to upgrade. I'm running release 0.35.3959. I've uninstalled, reloaded and re-installed twice, still no Swype. Anybody know if there is a newer version available and some way to get around this? Since I got Swype, I don't bother typing anymore, best app on my phone. Thanks in advance.

Haggie says:

Uninstalled. The beta was timed (which they didn't warn us about) and now the official beta program is closed. So all of the people that installed Swype are now screwed.

Great way to ruin a wonderful product. It is a shame to see a product as well written as Swype ruined by someone who doesn't know the first thing about keeping customers happy.

bjab says:

Found the download tonight and installed it. Was able to install it and select Swype as the keyboard input. The swipe keyboard comes up and I can see the blue swype lines as I "type" but the letters do not show up...then shortly after that I get "the trial period is over...please upgrade". message. What's this all about? I thought once it's installed on your phone..it's there and should work. Can someone explain it to me? Thanks

Sam says:

NOOOOOO i didn't read the 1st part, i went through all the steps, got it, and then realized its the wrong size for my mytouch, now I'm sad....

Cam says:

I've been using the Lite version of SlideIt...and I like it. The keyboard isn't as nice looking as Swype's, but it works. I have yet to even find a working trial of Swype.

Jowens says:

My buddy can't use swpye with his T-Mobile my touch. He gets a error about the resoultion 320x480.

I downloaded and installed on N1 and I can type normally but when I try to "SWYPE" it beeps with no actual typing. Any other N1 users or recent swype users having this issue?

bbui4 says:

Does this file have the recent update? (since it was posted in 2009 I'm assuming it doesn't)

mugen says:

loaded software, but couldnt get keyboard up, only in tutorial, then it said trail version is over.

makotosan says:

I have been using ShapeWriter for the EVO and have been very happy with it. It seems just like Swype, but has been around since the early days of the iPhone. Also, it's free!

I'm wondering why ShapeWriter hasn't had much attention.

mistaray says:

i downloaded it on my nexus one but it keeps telling me that the installed swype doesnt match my screen size... what should i do

wildkido says:

I download it too and got an error msg. screen resolution doesn't match sreen size or so. What's going on??

I did try ShapeWriter. Downloaded and boom! wahla.. It works great!

kuxxfame says:

When I click on the "this zip file", it takes me to a whole different website? What am I doing wrong?

Es de lo mejor

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