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Dolphin Browser HD has long been a favorite on Android with its speed and huge feature list, and it's about to get even better. With the release in beta of the new Dolphin Engine comes the claims that it is the highest performing HTML5 mobile browser out there. Indeed, Dolphin Engine scores higher than both Chrome Beta, and the stock ICS browser as well as Firefox. Impressive. 

So where does all this performance come from? Dolphin Engine is an improved webkit version with extensive canvas enhancement and some pretty serious behind the scenes nuts and bolts that gives it that added boost.  We could nerd out on technology all we want, but for most of us, numbers will tell enough of the story. 

Dolphin Engine's HTML5 rendering is 5 - 10x faster than the stock Android browser, and at times 100% faster than Chrome Beta. Double impressive. With HTML5 the future of the web, Dolphin is certainly shaping up to be a formidable foe in the mobile browser stakes.

For the full rundown on the new Dolphin Engine beta, and to download for yourselves hit the source link below. The usual caveats apply though, it is still in beta, so expect some bugs along the way. 

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Dolphin Engine beta released, touted as highest performing HTML5 mobile browser


I've been using Dolphin for about a year and I love it. I use it because of its awesome features. Nice to know its just getting faster as time goes by.

I ran the same test with Dolphin HD and got a 189, I downloaded Dolphin Engine and got 418. So far it's a pretty quick browser.

have you guys tried Boat Browser?

its like 100x dolphin. Boat Browser is like what dolphin wishes it was when it was good.

its so much faster youl piss your pants, i guarantee it.

get boat browser and never look at this laggy pos dolphin again.

probably some developer of boat browser, and and you weren't good enough to be included in this test!
Stfu and stop advertising

you know?

this is how i heard about boat browser.

a few months ago there was some other dolphin post, and somene said "try boat browser"

and i thought.. wow sounds funny, but why not dolphin has been working worse and worse with every update.

so i tried it.

and now i write that above ^ cuz after having tried i dono, 10+ browers it doesnt compare.

I told my friend to try boat browser, he replied 20 mins later with "dolphin uninstalled"

try it if you dont believe me.

@Brotha I love your passion and brand loyalty for boat. Because of your passionate post I'll have to give it a try and see for myself.

Looks impressive but I just do not understand why they cannot update their browser so it does not show that black bar towards the bottom for menu-less devices :Sigh:

I just switched to Dolphin Mini and I'm digging the speed. Now I've gotta switch back just to see what the buzz is about.

I like Dolphin. I use it on my tablet. But for one, i wish it came with a bookmark widget, like Chrome and the stock browser does. I also wish they would just use the ICS action bar already. I don't want to have to look at that black bar across the screen on my Evo. Lastly, tweek, your interface a bit. You may be faster than Chrome, but Chrome looks so much better.

I used boat browser for a few years, but the new beta is the first time I have seen anything as fast or faster. I am going tip try it for a while but it is looking impressive so far.

Its definitely a beta. Crashed twice on me so far. But I like where its headed. Looks better than chrome.

That was also my experience. It looks like it's going to be great (and yes, fast as hell), but it's not ready for daily use just yet.

The sample pic compares it to Chrome and the stock ICS browser and shows Dolphin running in ICS. The picture is right at the top of the article.

I don't know why no one seems to use Opera Mobile. I've tried them all and this is by far my favorite. I tried the HTML5 test and got two points less than Chrome did in the screenshot above, with the same bonus points. Opera also aces the Acid 3 test and is very competitive on the SunSpider test.

I really like Opera, but the Mobile version is just too simple for my taste. Plus I have Opera Mini installed, I only use that when I'm on EDGE or something.

LOL, downloaded, fired it up, got through the settings, first time I went to open a page, my phone froze and rebooted. Yup, expect bugs!

(Korean Galaxy Note)

Android browsers benchmarks:
Dolphin HD with Dolphin Jetpack:V8:1524;Octane:1355; SunSpyder:1626.9ms

Boat Browser:V8:1442;Octane:1055;SunSpyder:1417.5ms

Stock Browser:V8:1419;Octane:1330;SunSpyder:1426.7ms

Opera Browser:V8:466;Octane:504;SunSpyder:1732.1ms.