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It doesn't matter which side of the pond you're from, fans of The Doctor are everywhere. The BBC have now traveled through space and time to bring their iOS game, The Mazes Of Time to Android. 

The basic plot: The Doctor and his sidekick Amy are racing to save an innocent family attacked by a Dalek and flung into the depths of history. The graphics won't set the world on fire, and neither will the pricing structure. The initial install is free from the market, but via the in app purchasing system further downloadable content packs are available should you not feel satisfied after completing the initial levels. For the more competitive among us, the game also supports Openfeint.

If you're rocking 2.1 and above, and fancy being The Doctor for a while, head on over to the market and pick up your Sonic Screwdriver. Download links are after the break.


Reader comments

Doctor Who brings the Tardis over to Android


Nice game. I can't access the other levels after I purchased them though. I have BBC Games support looking into it.

Fantastic! I've been waiting for them to port this over. Worth downloading for the theme music alone. :) ... Whovian since 1980

I'd love to try it, but the market website says it's not compatible on any of my devices (hacked nook color, Acer Iconia Tablet, and LG Optimus S) and none of them see it in the market. Anyone have an apk?

I wouldn't bother with it. Seems to be force closing faster than Mara Jade's legs @ a Bothan bar on most every phone.

OMG! downloading now! I've heard about on Radio Free Skaro and have been waiting for an Android version!