DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket requires no satellite dish

In a bold move supporting cord cutters, satellite provider DirecTV is allowing users to stream NFL Sunday Ticket games to their personal devices without requiring a satellite dish in the process. Streaming will work on compatible Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad, Macs and PCs, as well as Microsoft's Xbox gaming console depending on the package you sign up for.

On its site, DirecTV lists its Max package for $329.99, which brings streaming to all the mentioned devices so you'll have robust access to Red Zone Channel, Fantasy Zone, and access to all your out of market games.

There are cheaper packages like the entry level $199.99 Digital only that works with PCs, phones, and tablets. That package doesn't include Fantasy Zone package or Red Zone Channel though. There is also a similar Console package that works only with the Xbox and is priced at $239.99.

Before attempting to subscribe to these digital-only packages, be sure to visit the DirecTV site in the source link below to see if your device will be compatible.

Are you ready to ditch the dish this NFL season and tailgate in the backyard with your favorite tablet or phone?

Source: DirecTV


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DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket on Android phones, tablets requires no satellite dish


So am I understanding this can subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket without begin a DTV customer that pays for monthly satellite service? You simply pay the package fee and get access to the games, without having the sign up for DTV service?

From the source link: "Now you can access live, out-of-market NFL games without a DIRECTV satellite TV account—no matter what team you follow! "

I didn't take time to read the link..obviously. This should be interesting if we can find a way to get the games from my 5" phone to my 65" TV on the wall.

I cut the cord several months ago and ditched DirecTV. My only despair in doing so was losing NFL Ticket...but it sounds like I may be able to get it back after all.

Yup...that's what I got n I plan on paying the $199.99 price tag for NFL Sunday Ticket...U can't beat that honestly

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Yeah thats a decent price especially if your team is out of market. I will be getting it myself

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It DOES work really well! Normally Betas arent that solid...

However, the Play To Chromecast app is even better IMO. It allows casting of anything that you choose, and can then be minimized. The advantage here is that you can launch something like this app, click the cast icon, then minimize the app and perform other functions on your phone, all while continuing your game stream!

The top three Mirror apps are still a bit buggy though. I have Videos in Google Drive that I cast and it can be a little slow to start and select other videos with mirror apps. Odd Google doesn't allow Drive to connect to Chromecast.

I would think they would get chromecast support quickly though.

That's because ALL Sunday 1 and 4 pm games are on fox or CBS. Night games on Sunday and Monday are nationally televised... Thursday too if you have NFL channel. Hence the name Sunday ticket. In market games will be on your TV already.

Not if you have a PS3/PS4 ... no more Sunday ticket via those devices!

*Update: it appears I was wrong? I could have sworn I read somewhere that they were doing away with the PS3 option.

That was the greatest deal ever. If they don't do it again, though, I'll jump on this. Still pricier than I like, but I got very used to getting the games this way last year.

Hopefully, but unlikely. I'd expect the app to prevent that. I used a converter for the mobile version of NBA's league pass so there's always a workaround

I think it will if you use the PC with Google Chrome.. I currenlty Chromecast alot of stuff thru Chrome.

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm hoping that's the case. I'm just a little skeptical when it comes to Sunday Ticket now essentially owned by ATT. I never trust carriers allowing us to have such "freedom" to stream

Did anyone do this last season? If so, how was it?

also, I see on the site that there's a university package, is that discounted?

I did it 2 years ago. It worked great on my Droid Bionic so I'd imagine it would be even better on a newer phone. I would've done it last year but it was $100 more than it is now. I'll probably give it a look this year.

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I signed up for their digital NBA League Pass and it was terrible. Lots of buffering. They would not even answer my emails about the problem.

Never mind this wasnt a DIrecTV problem, it was a problem.

I had the Madden package with the digital subscription-- most of the time, I hooked a PC up to the tv to watch, and that was very good-- minor issues with buffering, dropped connections, and the stream being delayed behind my phone sending me notifications of scoring, but in general, it worked.

I did hook my phone up via MHL, and it worked, but it was simpler to grab the laptop and go that way.

I also did watch a couple games on my phone while out, and that worked great.

I filled out the form and am not eligible. Not sure why, it didn't say. I live in a house that is eligible for DirecTV satellite service.

That article appears to be spot on, I just checked eligibility with an address at an apartment complex 3 miles from my house and it is eligible. So basically this is only available to those that live in apartments or condos.

This was a terrible article. Did he or anyone else read the requirements from the link?

Now you can stream live, out-of-market NFL games on your favorite device without a DIRECTV satellite TV subscription if you live in an apartment building where DIRECTV service is not available, attend one of these universities, or live in the following metro areas: New York City, Philadelphia, or San Francisco. Check your eligibility.

I wish they would like you subscribe to just one football team. NBA league pass, they have a package for like 3 teams you can watch.

They've had this for years. It's cheaper now then it used to be, but this isn't new.

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What's there to understand? Their numbers guys say they can make more money selling the package exclusively to Directv than they can by doing team specific streams.
Every single thing the NFL does comes down to what can make the most money. That is the only motivation for any and everything they do. There is absolutely no exception to this.

IDK I think some serious number crunching would need to go into this. Not everyone will cough up $200 to watch all the games, especially when most people, when it comes down to it, only care about 1 team. With 32 teams in the NFL...think about all the people that would pay, say $59 or $69 per year to watch only "their team". I bet they would make just as much money. Still offer the $199 package+ for all the people that want all the games....but also allow a la carte

I'm quite certain a lot of number crunching needs to go into this. I have this strange feeling in my gut though, that a multi-billion dollar organization whose sole purpose is to make money has access to some very intelligent people who do that sort of thing for a living. I haven't been to NFL HQ though, so that's just a guess on my part.

Because I'm willing to bet there are more people willing to cough up $100 for one team, than there are those willing to cough up $200+ for a bunch of other teams they don't care about.

So it cost $40 more to watch it on a xbox then it does on any PC, tablet, or phone?!?! Totally makes sense!!

Not true I can get Direct TV at my home and I am still eligible. I even called customer support and they confirmed this

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It is supported the Note 3 but call them up to make sure your device and computer is supported before making a purchase. Their list is not updated
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Yes it does support newer devices. I questioned this also and they just haven't updated their list of supported devices yet. But call customer support anyway to make sure your computer, tablet and smart phone is supported. I questioned this myself because the Note 1 & 2 was on the list but not the Note 3. But when I called customer support they confirmed that it was supported and that their supported device list is not updated. So just call customer support to make sure your computer, tablet and smart phone is supported before you purchase. I hate Direct TV but I am glad they offer this

If you look at it, it says HTC One(OS 4.1.2) and given that the M8 never had that version, they couldn't be referring to it. However, as mentioned earlier, that list isn't updated. If you want to know if your phone is supported, contact customer service.

Hey Chuong - this entire article is completely off-base. This has nothing to do with cord-cutters because the ONLY WAY YOU CAN GET THIS WITHOUT A DTV ACCOUNT IS IF YOU LIVE IN AN APT AND CAN'T PUT UP A DISH, thus your write-up is wholly wrong.

Looks like you got sucked in to the DirecTV marketing machine; they WANT you to publish write-ups like this so that they can get more publicity.

Just read this elsewhere...what a shame.

If you're eligible for DTV satellite service, you do not qualify for the streaming service. Talk about shooting themselves in the foot.