Nexus 7

Because if you can't trust the source of yesterday's anonymously sourced $99 Nexus rumor to accurately report the denial of a $99 Nexus 7, who can you trust in this crazy world?

Never mind that the actual quote Digitimes has today doesn't actually refute anything. Here 'tis:

With Nexus 7's strong sales, rumor have circulated that Google is looking to push forward and will cooperate with Asustek to release a US$99 entry-level model and a US$199 ultra-thin upgraded model to counter Amazon and Apple's new tablet devices.

So, yeah. There's that. Ain't nothing official till it's official, folks.


Reader comments

Digitimes says ASUS says Digitimes doesn't know what the hell it's talking about


I'm confused, is that the whole quote from ASUS? It doesn't sound like a denial at all, just an acknowledgement of the rumors.

Google bought Motorola. Not the other way around. There will not be a Nexus 7 MAXX two months after the initial release.