Easy Root for Droid X

We haven't tried this one ourselves just yet, but what you see before you here is an app that purportedly roots the Motorola Droid and Droid X with a single tap, all on the device, no USB sync required. That alone makes it worth the 99 cents you'll shell out for it in the store.  Give it a shot, and sing out in the comments. Download link and barcode after the break. [Unstable Apps] Thanks, Nathan.


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On-device app promises one-click root for the Motorola Droid, Droid X


This is pretty cool, but what's with the tiny font and button in the top left corner? How hard is it to make some slightly attractive buttons and readable font? Or at least in the middle of the screen...

I'm not a dev/programmer though so I shouldn't be complaining.

For one buck looks like the developer might of hit a gold mine. I know many Nexus One owners that would love to be able to use that app. Too bad it's only available on the Droid. Hopefully the developer will get it up and working on the best Android device made, Nexus One. I would say it is well worth a buck.

Gold mine? Considering it's a single-use app I imagine it will have more than it's share of remove & refund. Once people run it, they wont have any further use for it.

If you download it and then use and then return it then that makes you (im not saying you personally) a tool and you should not be allowed to have an android phone. You can find .99 cent around your house somewhere. Be an honest person everyone. :) Im curious if this works though.

I agree. I haven't rooted my phone, so I don't know exactly what's involved, but I would have no reservations in telling someone to either cough up the 99 cents or do it the "hard" way. Refunding an app like this after using it would be a sleazy thing to do, but I have no doubt that there will be some who do it.

I don't know how the uninstall process works or what control developers have over what happens when an app is uninstalled, but I wonder if it would be possible for the developer to cause an uninstall within the refund period to unroot the device.

Hopefully the developer will get it up and working on the best Android device made, Nexus One.

Don't you mean the best short lived Android phone in Android history? Why waste your time on a dead and dying phone? Rest in peace Nexus one!

Its interesting to see the difference here on Android Central, posting about an App you can get RIGHT there in the market, and a similar story on TiPb where Rene is running a story about a web based jail break appeared for the iPhone.


Its almost comical that these two articles are running as the top story at the same time.

Yeah, web is less safe, but only if you download and study and UNDERSTAND the source code for app mentioned in THIS story.

Without doing that you have no real idea what either app does and you have to rely on the protections built into the OS.

And the fact that a drive-by-install is possible on the iPhone suggests much vaunted sandbox that Apple brags about is pretty weak.

I'd like to get this app and root my Droid, but I'd also like to know what exactly needs to be done once I root my phone in order to wifi tether and overclock. I'm aware these apps are available on the market, do I need to install a custom ROM first before working the apps or can I just run them right after rooting? Sorry for the newbish questions, but I can't find the answers anywhere.

Overclocking is a simple one, just grab SetCPU from the market, and run it. Click the "autodetect" button, and it will go to work, giving you the option to OC to 800Mhz. I've been running at least 800 for a good solid 4 months now, with no issues. Give it a try, it's really easy to use.

As for wifi tether, it's a little finicky depending on the kernel that's used. Barnacle tether in the market is pretty good, and a lot of users have had success using it. If I recall right, it's a freebie, so no harm in trying.

Once you're rooted, if you really want wifi tethering, head over to alldroid, and check into Pete's section, there's a stock, untouched froyo ROM that works well with wifi tether.

My username here is the same as my gmail...if you have Q's, email me, I'd be happy to help further.

I can't imagine this will stay up long... but it's nice to have a convenient app like this. Makes me laugh remembering the old days of being scared to brick my year and half old phone.