HTC Desire HD

The Desire HD. File this one under "things we'd love to see in the United States," which is another way of saying "We'd like to see AT&T offer some seriously high-end Android smartphones not called Samsung Captivate." You probably heard of the Desire HD as the "EVO 4G for Europe" and while that's not far from the truth, the addition of the Sense 2.0 Cloud features as well as the subtle updates throughout Sense (like a most-recently-used list of apps in the notification dropdown) add up to a new package that surpasses the EVO 4G experience by a slim margin.

Also surpassing the EVO 4G by a slim margin: the overall design and feel of the Sense HD. It feels just a bit more solid and the subtle touches on the back of the phone show that HTC often does a better job presenting a unique package before they make deals with carriers.

In any case, while the FCC has approved the Desire HD for US shores, the lack of US-compatible 3G makes it hard to justify the import. US Citizens have to settle for looking forward to this kind of hardware and software design in the future - assuming of course that if the Sprint ID, carrier-based skin strategy for Android doesn't take over.

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Desire HD Hands On


That is spot on exactly what I was thinking (and hoping) would happen. A couple months ago we saw a device that looks like the EVO, but with Verizon branding and ever since I have been waiting for it. I am hoping it will be the Droid Incredible 2 or like you said the Droid Incredible HD. In my opinion, the Droid Incredible is still my fav phone on Android. I have had the Droid 2 and Droid X, but I sold them and kept my Incredible. HTC makes the best phones and the Incredible is perfect, but a bigger screen and the new gen Snapdragon 1ghz (like what is found in the Desire HD) would make it the phone to beat, oh yeah make it 4G too and I will wait! I guess we will see, but I am done with Motorola and their locked bootloaders. HTC supports the community and knows that we bought these devices with our hard earned money and we should be able to do as we please with them.

Where in that article states that there isn't a rootkit? Maybe, I don't undertstand what a rootkit is, but from what I read there is definately something in the phone that prevents us from flashing ROMS. Hopefully this isn't true as HTC has always embraced the community and if we don't have that then Android's so called "openness" is no longer open. I have faith in the wonderful and talented devs at XDA tho and they never cease to amaze me.

you guys know what im talking about?

is this phone ROOTABLE, the G2 has some type of thing in it where if you restart your phone, the rooted files are deleted and the stock files are put back in place,

get it?

i think the poster of the article doesnt realize this phone has the new Snapdragon processor, with a GPU two times faster than the EVO.

Any 411 from HTC on when Sense 2.0 will be avaiable on the EVO? I have to imagine America is one of HTC's bigger markets... How about some love for the folks you make you so profitable this year??

The good thing about this phone is that it's GSM available in the US. I have T-mobile US and I don't even have the data service added to my plan because I'm mainly in a wifi zone anyways throughout the day. I can always use the prepaid data card they have available now for those times where I have a nice vacation :p

Overall this phone is amazing and I don't mind it being 2g.

Same here. I already pre-ordered mine. Can't wait! Even with 2G it should get speeds of 500KBPS which isn't bad for what I use it for, but like you said, and it goes for me too, I'm always in a Wi-Fi spot, so no worries.

an Incredible HD on Verizon would interest me enough to hold off on the DX...But they gotta announce it before next Friday...

@chuck and anger, +3! I am so hoping for an Incredible HD as well. Love my Incredible. I do not want the X or Motos, but would like a larger display ala EVO. The IncrHD would totally fill that spot. The pics of that device if its real looks more durable than the Dinc. I love the brushed metal look, that reminds of the N1. If it does come out I will upgrade without hesitation.

Dieter, how about the speed as the Evo is Qualcomm QSD8650 (at 65nm) whereas Desire HD is a MSM8255 (at 45nm) and has 256Mo more RAM?

Any idea of the battery usage, as it's a smaller one (1230 mAh) than in Evo's (1500 mAh)?

I'm in Europe and wait for Desire Z or HD to be available, but I can't decide which one is better.
I come from an iPhone 3GS.
I like the look of the Z and I'm afraid the HD will be a little too big (I prefere the 4" size). I like the idea of having a trackpad. Keybord not necessary (especially when BlidType will be available).

As for the HD, i like the fact that the screen is bigger (but worse quality as only LCD on HD and not SLCD), I like the faster proc speed and more RAM.

I bet one of the Canadian carriers will pick this up in a 850/1900 UMTS version, most likely Telus.

Bell is getting the Desire Z (850/1900 G2), btw.

If that happens I *might* consider selling my N1 for it. The Desire Z not so much, but this phone looks dead sexy.

We'll just have to see how long XDA and Google keep supporting the N1 as well as they have. If everybody starts jumping ship, I might consider another device.

Yes...AT&T definitely needs this phone. It is above all the others, the worst carrier for Android. :(

Why does all non-CDMA HTC phones (running Android)come in this color ?
I mean look at Desire , Desire HD , Desire Z , WildFire & even the Nexus one , i think the Aria is the only Android GSM phone came in black
then you got the CDMA HTC phones such as Droid Eris , Droid Incredible & Evo 4G , all of them are Black !!!

for some reason the color of phone is really important to me
at first i thought , hey finally a GSM version of Evo 4G , since Motorola said they have no plans of making GSM Droid X , But the Desire HD is way like the Evo 4G
I backed down from the Desire , Nexus one & the upcoming MileStone 2 because of their color , currently i have a MileStone

you guys know what im talking about?

is this phone ROOTABLE, the G2 has some type of thing in it where if you restart your phone, the rooted files are deleted and the stock files are put back in place,

get it?

the droid x is a joke, serious quality issues, and a locked bootloader, why anyone buys that phone is beyond me.

my cousin went through 6 Xs from verizon before he went to the inc, he said the inc has had no issues, he had issues with the X from screen issues(3x), sound quality problems,wifi problems, and something else.

AVOID the X like its a plague.

What's the fracking point. Seriously. Sprint still can't keep the damn EVO in stock anywhere so why even talk about a revamped version....yes I'm a bit bitter. I'm probably going to have the funds to go Sprint\EVO by the end of the month and won't have the damn phone when I go on vacation Mid November because they STILL can't ramp up production. GRRRRR.