dell streak rooted

That was quick!  Paul over at MoDaCo announced that he has rooted the Dell Streak (aka the Dell Mini 5).  Seems like these new devices are getting cracked as fast as manufacturers can push them out.  Not a lot of details yet, but you can bet this is another thing we're all keeping our eye on.  Thanks for the hard work Paul, now go have that beverage at your BBQ -- you deserve it.  [MoDaCo]


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Dell Streak rooted -- now we just need them here


Dell needs to release the T-Mobile that cleared the fcc. ATT killed any chance of this being successful on their network with their new data plans. T-Mobile 10gb cap might not be unlimited but 10gb is plenty. Hell I blew through 400mb with my Evo last night and the Evo is promoted as a phone. This thing is being promoted as a tablet for media consumption which will burn through data like a California wildfire does trees